How to quit smoking and not get fat?

I’ve managed to stop smoking without any extra pounds on my weight. Nevertheless, I have met (and continue to meet) many people in my environment who, after throwing cigarettes out of their lives, have clearly gained weight. There is a significant link between nicotine withdrawal and weight gain, but by taking appropriate measures, this can be prevented. Learn how to quit smoking and not get fat.

Quitting smoking and your daddy – how about that weight gain?

Have you decided to quit smoking? If so, realize that you’re very vulnerable to weight gain. But don’t let it be a disincentive for you. Quitting smoking without any weight is possible! All you need to do is to keep a few rules (especially those related to your diet), about which I will tell you in the next part of the fast. First of all, however, it is worth mentioning a few words about the very causes of such a frequently observed phenomenon, which is fast gaining weight after quitting smoking. It has its origin in the addiction itself and the abstinence syndrome that occurs in its course.

When you stop smoking, your body starts to demand nicotine, which has a negative impact on your well-being. You walk around annoyed, you get easily upset, you constantly fight the intrusive thoughts about cigarettes. So you start looking for some kind of “replacement stuff”, something to relieve the nicotine hunger. You usually make sweets, sandwiches, fast food and all sorts of snacks. In this way, it is not difficult to find the calorie surpluses that arise with the consumption of over-calorie food and which unfortunately result in most people becoming fat.

How to quit smoking and not get fat?

Do you want to quit smoking effectively and protect yourself from being overweight? Modify your daily schedule so as not to leave too much free time. When we don’t do anything, there’s an increased desire to smoke. So try to keep your head (and hands) busy with something else at all times. Find yourself a highly absorbing activity that will accompany you in your free time. Vacuum off your forgotten hobby or come up with something new. Sometimes even smartphone games can help, the ground to take care of something. It really works. If you get carried away by an absorbing activity, you won’t think about cigarettes or constant snacking.

The second thing that will help you quit smoking while significantly reducing the risk of putting on weight is regular physical activity. I was very much helped by running in the park and its surroundings, which, by the way, accompany me to this day. Sport is an extremely helpful cure for nicotine hunger and all the inconveniences that arise when throwing up cigarettes, for example, for mood swings. Its additional advantage is, of course, the active burning of excess calories.

Quitting smoking – diet

The last thing you could do while quitting smoking is to force yourself not to eat in order to keep your weight. Such double catching may be counterproductive. Eat a few meals a day, preferably every 2-3 hours. Try to eat lightly, dietally, but also tasty. If you feel the need to reach for something to eat between meals, do it, but in a way that does not endanger your weight. Here is a list of products that you can eat without much risk of getting fat:

  • unsweetened lozenges
  • vegetable crisps (e.g. carrot, beetroot, kale)
  • fruit crisps (e.g. apple, banana)
  • fresh fruit and vegetables (e.g. carrots cut into poles)
  • dried fruits
  • Nuts (no salt, caramel, topping)
  • grains (e.g. sunflower, pumpkin)
  • cornflakes, muesli mixtures
  • wafers
  • light vegetable and fruit salads
  • Dietary oatmeal cakes, light cakes
  • yoghurts, jellies, fruit mousse, sorbets

Snacks, however, while quitting smoking it is also worthwhile to help with a good dietary supplement that inhibits nicotine hunger and speeds up detoxification. I was helped by the Nicorix, which I highly recommend to everyone.

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