How to reduce appetite – proven and effective methods

One of the most common causes of overweight, sometimes even leading to morbid obesity, is excessive appetite, constant feeling of hunger, sometimes even uncontrollable. The consequence of such a state of affairs becomes a large increase in weight, and the most important at such a moment is the proper diagnosis of our eating, which may mean even serious medical conditions. A visit to at least a dietitian, or sometimes even a doctor, who most often orders a comprehensive examination, will not be possible without a visit.

Appetite or hunger – what exactly is wrong with us?

For most of us the words appetite and hunger are the same and we usually do not realize the significant differences between them, the fact that they are in fact two diametrically different states of our body. Hunger, also known as hunger, occurs when we lack important nutrients, especially energy-giving carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but when we provide them in the required amount, the feeling goes away almost immediately. It is relatively easy to notice its symptoms, and the most characteristic are:

  • no need to satisfy it immediately, even though it may take many hours and, in extreme cases, days;
  • gradual build-up;
  • physical symptoms, feeling of “sucking” in the stomach, pain in the abdominal cavity, feeling of anxiety and irritability.

Appetite, on the other hand, can be safely described as a craving, which is often caused by the state of mind, occurs e.g. in moments of nervousness or under the influence of strong stress. Most often it results in uncontrolled eating, even in states of compulsive eating, i.e. internal compulsion to consume large amounts of food, which is unfortunately the easiest way to quickly gain weight. The symptoms here are completely different:

  • lack of feeling of satiety even after eating an exceptionally rich and high-calorie meal;
  • constant feeling of hunger, which appears suddenly, e.g. under the influence of olfactory stimuli, and does not give way until we eat something;
  • feeling a great deal of guilt immediately after eating.

Excessive food – consequences for health

Regardless of what causes our eating, hunger or uncontrollable appetite, both of these states, with no control over them, have serious health consequences. Contrary to appearances, this is not only an increasing layer of fat on the abdomen or hips, but also an increase in body weight will have a negative impact on the whole body. The first thing we should do is to properly diagnose the cause, which, as I said, may be due to unrecognised medical conditions, and the body is giving us warning signs in this specific way. The reasons why we have this proverbial wolf appetite can be many and it is worth paying attention to, among other things:

  • blood glucose levels and related diseases such as diabetes. Insulin deficiency causes an inadequate supply of glucose to cells, which, if undernourished all the time, give rise to a growing feeling of hunger;
  • the level of hormones, such as leptin, secreted by fat cells, thus informing the nervous system about our body mass. Leptin deficiency is immediately misinterpreted as a feeling of hunger and is an incentive to eat more;
  • thyroid disease, especially its hypothyroidism, causing serious metabolic problems. In such a situation, we simply feel constant hunger, and by satisfying it, we lead to increasing obesity;
  • proper rest, especially recommended daily sleep standard. Continuous falling asleep also disturbs the proper secretion of hormones responsible for appetite and the feeling of satiety;
  • parasites, most commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract, feeding mainly on carbohydrates and causing an increased demand for sweets.

How to reduce appetite – proven home methods

The appearance of any of the above symptoms should force us to act immediately, and the first thing to do is to use proven, home-made methods, so that we can quickly manage unbridled eating:

  • The most important thing is regular breaks between meals, at least 4-5 hours, which must be strictly observed. Eating in such intervals of time does not allow for the appearance of a feeling of a strong hunger, which finishes with eating too much, too much, too much digestible food. Eat small quantities, chewing every bite thoroughly and eliminate from the diet not only what is unhealthy and high-calorie, but also spices and excess salt, significantly increasing the appetite. Instead of greasy cream, it is better to use light yoghurt, avoid fried meats and replace the red ones with poultry. Other appetite enhancing products include sweets, cakes and sweets, which only provide empty, worthless calories. It is also recommended to drink plenty of liquids, including clean, mineral, still water, which also fills the stomach and flushes out dangerous toxins;
  • Another thing worth remembering is breakfast, a meal that gives us energy for most of the day, and often neglected due to constant lack of time. Eating a valuable, balanced meal in the morning with the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats will help you to control your weight better and reduce the risk of eating throughout the day;
  • providing the body with valuable nutrients, the most important of which are dietary fiber, protein and chromium. Fibre is an ideal filler for the stomach, it swells and makes us feel full for many hours. Additionally, it has a good influence on metabolism, accelerating and facilitating digestion, and the easiest to assimilate can be found in fruits, vegetables and some cereal products, bran or oat flakes. Protein, especially that contained in eggs, dairy and meat, helps burn fat tissue and gives the feeling of satiety, and chromium improves all metabolic processes in the body, regulating the lipid and carbohydrate metabolism of the body.

How to reduce your appetite – dietary supplements

A good solution to reduce appetite and at the same time to get rid of excess weight are modern dietary supplements, used in weight loss treatments, based on natural plant ingredients. They show high effectiveness thanks to the content of such substances as green tea extract, acai or goji berries, guarana, black pepper, caffeine or the so popular yerba mate. All of them accelerate metabolism, alleviate digestive disorders, thoroughly cleanse the body of toxins deposited in it and, above all, inhibit appetite. What we choose depends on our individual preferences, but their health effects will be felt for sure.

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