How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight – 5 simple tips

The tendency to weight loss is closely related to slow metabolism. The body uses less energy than it is supplied with food, and fats and carbohydrates from food turn faster into hated body fat. Fortunately, there are methods by which you can improve the “lazy” metabolism. Here are tips on how to effectively speed up your metabolism to start burning fat much faster than before.

Enter a short session of exercises in the morning schedule!

For many people the morning is a very lazy or very busy time of the day, so exercises are the last activity they think about then. If you have a problem with slow metabolism, you may want a light strain. Save yourself at least 15 minutes of physical activity every day. It doesn’t have to be a breakneck, just a simple gymnastics, a short session on a treadmill or stepper, a few hantline exercises, or jumping on a jumping hill. Morning training is an excellent method of stimulating metabolism throughout the day, resulting in an increase in the rate of fat burning.

Composite special breakfasts to speed up your metabolism!

Just like morning training, a morning meal also influences the rate of metabolic processes throughout the day. Make sure your breakfast is made up of protein products and complex carbohydrates. This set should be accompanied by a portion of fresh vegetables or fruits, which also stimulate metabolism. Examples of kits are:

  • wholemeal bread sandwiches with hard eggs and tomatoes;
  • Grahamka, country cheese, a large handful of strawberries;
  • lean natural yoghurt with sunflower seeds, oat flakes and dried plums;
  • cottage cheese with chives, wholegrain bread, cucumber, radish;
  • A wholemeal bread sandwich with white cheese, a glass of buttermilk and fruit cocktail.

Take advantage of traditional aerobic and interval training!

If your goal is to lose body fat quickly, you should exercise several times a week. The interweaving of interval training (with variable intensity) and classic aerobics (with medium intensity) gives great results. Remember, however, not to impose too exhaustive an exercise plan.

4. implement a metabolism-friendly nutrition plan!

If you eat too little, eat too little calorie, eat too little, eat irregularly, eat a poorly balanced menu – all of this can cause metabolic disorders. If you want your metabolism to be constantly at a high level, you need to level the frequency and content of meals well.

Use a light, calorie-reduced diet, but without exaggeration (1000 or 1200 kcal per day is not enough!). Eat regularly every 2-3 hours, don’t skip meals. Try to make sure that the diet is dominated by: lean dairy products, lean meat and fish, vegetables, fruits. The meals should also include complex carbohydrates (wholegrain products, bran, cereal flakes, seeds and seeds) and a portion of healthy fats (nuts, oil, vegetable oils). Drink plenty of water, enter the green tea menu. Do not forget about spices accelerating metabolism (e.g. chilli, ginger).

5. use dietary supplements to improve metabolism!

Supplementation with preparations containing concentrated extracts from plants accelerating metabolism is an excellent addition to the above tips. If you manage to put them all into practice, you will surely start to lose weight at a satisfactory pace. Which tablets to speed up metabolism to choose? For my part I particularly recommend dietary supplements containing such ingredients as green tea, acai berries, garcinia cambogia, cayenne, guarana, green coffee, green barley, piperine.

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