Hydrominum? I do not recommend it! My opinion

Until a certain moment, my figure was about school, studies – there was still something going on, I was constantly running, there was no time to gain weight. Then came my professional work, admittedly “behind the desk”, but I still found time to be active. Together with a friend we were able to do bicycle trips, walks, cross-country skiing, we went to the ground to the bass, to the gym. Until. A friend went abroad and with time all forms of activity went into oblivion. I didn’t want to run around the fitness clubs and swimming pools anymore, and I didn’t want to take part in lonely walks on my bike. Sometimes I only practiced at home, but it slowly began to take a back seat. In addition to this came a professional promotion, more responsibilities, extra hours at work, irregular, unhealthy food, stress and eating sweets…. Before I looked at it, I had weight of almost 15 kg.

I knew that my figure was very different from the ideal, but my everyday life absorbed me so much that I always pushed taking care of myself to the background. Until one day, when I was once again feeling sluggish and bad, I decided to start slimming! All the more so as I was planning a holiday at the seaside, I wanted to feel good and look the same! So I started to save time to always be able to practice about 3-4 times a week. I also changed my diet to a healthier and lighter one. Unfortunately, my metabolism has slowed down so much over the last few years that, despite increased activity and changes in diet, weight inexorably stood still.

I found that I had to help myself with a slimming supplement. A friend recommended Hydrominum to me. She said that after this specificity she became much lighter, which was reflected in her weight – a few kilos down. Also the opinions about Hydrominum found on portals were good. The product is cheap and available at the pharmacy without a prescription, so I bought it the same day.

Hydrominum contains extracts from medicinal plants, including nettle, dandelion, cactus pear, green tea and grape seeds. Looking at this content, I had a lot of doubts as to whether herbs would really be able to help lose weight with as much excess weight as I had. And I was not mistaken. Hydrominum had an appreciable and diuretic effect, causing the effect of losing unnecessary amount of water from the body. Initially, it did result in a reduction in weight, but the basic problem, i.e. accumulated adipose tissue, remained unchanged.

My satisfied Hydrominum friend didn’t have as many overweight problems as I did. The feeling of body swelling and heaviness were the result of water retention in the body, which is why this specificity turned out to be effective for her. For me the problem was fat, not water, so Hydrominum did not help me. Still my metabolism did not accelerate, folds and over-programmed centimeters remained, the weight dropped by only 2-3 kg and it stopped falling further. My opinion about Hydrominum – it is not a slimming and fat burning preparation. If you want to use Hydrominum for the loss of accumulated water in the body – yes, it will be useful for you, but as a remedy for overclocking the metabolism and reducing fat – certainly not.

African MangoI looked for a good weight loss support on the web and came across a series of fat burners, which, of course, are considered to be effective, but they have one disadvantage – they only work out with a long and intensive workout. Meanwhile, I was doing short and rather light sessions of exercise or cycling recreation, so fat burners for athletes were certainly not what I was looking for. I found something else – the African Mango preparation. After reading the description of the product I found that it looks the best in comparison to others and it is for me – it accelerates the burning of accumulated fat, reduces the feeling of hunger, enhances metabolism, is natural, does not contain any harmful substances.

Seed extracts from this well-known tropical fruit can surprise you positively. That’s how it was with me. African Mango started working almost immediately. Taking these capsules, I finally stopped eating. I no longer wanted sweets or other snacks. I was practically not hungry, I ate 5 small meals a day, every 3 hours. I felt much better, lighter, and most importantly, the fat from the abdomen, thighs, shoulders, began to disappear!

I will also mention that I did not add any advanced training to my daily activities. I moved as before – a few times a week some short bike trip, a light run or half an hour on a stepper, etc. I was able to do that. With African Mango I lost 6 kg in the first month, in the second month another 5 kg, the third month passes and I still lose weight. I’ve almost returned to my old weight and I can’t look at myself in the mirror. It’s a great feeling. I recommend.


Ask me where to buy African Mango I recommend buying from the official website of the manufacturer – click here. Don’t take the risk of buying cheap counterfeits!

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