Idealica – are the new slimming drops worth their price? Opinions, composition, effects.

Idealica is a dietary supplement, which as the name suggests, directs us towards the ideal figure. With a drop of Idealica not only will the rate of fat burning accelerate, but also cellulite will be reduced, our body will be cleansed of toxins and rejuvenated comprehensively – at least this is what the manufacturer declares. What ingredients are supposed to bring us such spectacular effects and is it really possible to lose 15 kg in a month with Idealica drops, as we read on the product website?

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Idealica – composition with a high dose of exoticism

If we decide to buy Idealica, we will receive a small bottle (20 ml) filled with a mixture of plant extracts with properties accelerating the loss of unnecessary kilograms.

In addition to popular ingredients, which are quite commonly used in supplements for weight loss, Idealica also contains a few sophisticated components with a slightly exotic origin. Can they cope well with the task of speeding up weight loss? We will find out later, first let’s have a look at the properties of the individual components of the Idealica drops:

1. Rambutan

Behind this exotic-sounding name hides a small, round, red fruit covered with characteristic hairs. It is distinguished by its juiciness and refreshing, sweet and sour taste. However, it is not the taste qualities that we will be talking about, but the properties of rambutan, which make it a useful fruit in the process of weight loss.

Extract from rambutan contains substances that support the process of reducing the fat stored in adipose tissue. Thanks to rambutan, our body burns more calories and as a result we lose weight faster. What is more, rambutan extract provides us with many vitamins and minerals, which we need much more during weight loss and a calorie-reduced diet.

2. Kiwano (Cucumis metuliferus)

Although it is a cucumber species, it has little in common with a typical cucumber. Kiwano is an oval, medium-sized fruit with orange and yellow peel and characteristic spikes on the outside. It has a specific taste, which can be described as a fusion of the taste of kiwi, cucumber and melon.

Kiwano is rich in many vitamins, including A, B and C and minerals (including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc). It does not lack properties essential for the weight loss process – it positively influences metabolism, helps to cleanse the body of toxins, has a diuretic effect (eliminates excess water from the body and contributes to weight loss) and a slight laxative effect (reduces problems with constipation and flatulence).

3. Cherimola (Cherimoya)

Another slightly exotic ingredient of the Idealica drops is the extract from the fruits of the Cherimoya, i.e. the Peruvian cherimoya. Cherimoya fruits, popular in South American countries, are very rarely found in our country. Extract from these extraordinary fruits was contained in the drops as one of the substances with a purifying, revitalizing and rejuvenating effect.

The composition of Idealica drops is complemented by:

  • Green tea extract “Shambala” and Tibetan green coffee extract, which accelerate metabolism and allow to get rid of excess weight faster;
  • Bitter orange extract, which adds energy and increases the rate of calorie burning;
  • L-carnitine, which accelerates fat burning during longer physical activity;
  • Chromium, which suppresses appetite and prevents snacking.

What effects can be achieved with Idealica drops?

Idealica drops is a liquid composition of many plant extracts, enriched with L-carnitine and chromium. The preparation stimulates metabolism, accelerates the decomposition of adipose tissue, suppresses hunger, supports the process of cleansing the body of harmful substances, has a beneficial effect on digestion, revitalizes the body and improves the body shape. Thanks to its multifunctional action, the product helps the body “switch to the combustion mode of excess kilograms”. Helping, but effective? One could argue here.

On the website of the product manufacturer promises to lose weight within 14 kg per month, which is a lot. The effect is unlikely to be achieved by drops alone without the support of a low-calorie diet and physical activity.

Idealica – dosage and efficiency of the preparation

Dissolve 25 drops in a glass of water or fruit juice and drink twice a day before meals. The treatment should not last less than 28 days. Unfortunately, one bottle may not be enough to be used twice a day for a period of 4 weeks. Admittedly, we can take smaller amounts of the preparation, but with lower doses its effectiveness will also decrease.

Efficiency is undoubtedly not the strength of the Idealica drops – after just a few days we may simply run out of them. The most sensible thing to do is to buy a few bottles of Idealica at once. However, given that this dietary supplement is not the cheapest (78 € at a regular price, 39 € at a promotional price), a monthly treatment can heavily burden our budget.

Idealica – opinions

For the most part, opinions about Idealica are average. People using these drops usually say that the preparation has the effect of eliminating digestive problems, suppressing appetite and faster drops in weight, but no revelations can be noticed. The monthly treatment of Idealica drops “slimmed down” a person on average by 3-5 kg, and at the same time significantly reduced the content of their wallets.

Is it worth investing in Idealica drops?

Idealica is an interesting preparation created on the basis of several exotic fruits with a cleansing effect on the body and accelerating weight loss. Additional presence of valuable extracts from green tea, green coffee, bitter oranges, as well as L-carnitine and chromium strengthen the effect of the product. Undoubtedly it is worth trying it out, but we must remember that it is an inefficient and expensive agent, so it may not fully satisfy us.

For the price of one bottle of Idealica liquid we can buy other high quality dietary supplements for slimming, which are enough for a full month and which often exceed the effectiveness of this supplement. A good type is at least Green Barley Plus.

Green Barley Plus – your own way to a perfect silhouette

What if you reach for a preparation that costs as much as one bottle of Idealica, is enough for a month of treatment and will bring great slimming results? We recommend Green Barley Plus – one of the leading dietary supplements accelerating the reduction of excess weight. It is recommended by nutritionists, doctors, as well as people who have decided to treat themselves with this preparation.

In the composition of Green Barley Plus you will find an ingredient, about which a lot has been said recently in the context of regaining a slim figure, thorough detoxification of the body and general health support. Green Barley Plus is a guarantee of the highest quality components with a strong bioactive effect. This is a very good, and most importantly, proven way to lose weight.

What does Green Barley Plus contain?

In the composition of Green Barley Plus you will find a very accurate combination of two components that fight overweight with doubled strength.

The first ingredient is young green barley – a rich source of precious chlorophyll, many vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber. Green barley stimulates the removal of toxins from the body, restores the acid-base balance, speeds up metabolic processes, supports the decomposition of stored body fat. With the help of it you will lose weight faster and more efficiently.

In addition, it significantly improves digestion – you stop feeling constipation, flatulence and intestinal problems, the feeling of heaviness disappears, you start to defecate regularly, and the fat ceases to accumulate by your body. If you take capsules containing green barley, you will feel light and vital and your weight will be regularly dropping.

Thanks to the second ingredient of Green Barley Plus, i.e. the extract with Garcinia cambogia, you will have no problem with limiting the amount of food you eat and you will achieve success in weight loss. This is one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants to help you control your calories. What’s more, the extract with Garcinia cambogia accelerates fat burning, so you can count on faster results in slimming your silhouette.

Green Barley Plus – price

The cost of the Green Barley Plus is average – it is not a low-budget dietary supplement with zero or an insignificant effect, nor is it a product overpriced in relation to efficiency or quality. It costs as much as an effective dietary supplement based on high quality ingredients.

For one package of Green Barley Plus you will pay 49 €, but take notice that the manufacturer also provides promotional packages, which will give you free packages of the supplement, which will significantly save you money.

Click here to go to the manufacturer’s website Green Barley Plus, where you can order the capsules.

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