Insomnia – causes, symptoms, effects and treatment methods

It would be difficult to find a person who sometimes does not tip over a bed, looks into a ceiling or window and cannot sleep for hours. While such a condition occurs relatively rarely, once in a few nights, there is usually no reason to worry. However, if this is a permanent phenomenon that we encounter practically every day, it may mean that we are suffering from insomnia, one of the diseases that is already recognised as a civilisation and is affecting an increasing proportion of the population. At the same time, it is a disease so serious that we should not underestimate it under any circumstances, because if untreated, it can cause many other ailments that have a negative impact on our overall health. Continuous sleep deprivation will affect not only our psyche, but also our physical condition, and its total lack for a long time constitutes a threat to life. So it’s worth knowing what causes insomnia, what are its characteristic symptoms, effects and how to treat it most often.

Insomnia – what is it actually?

If we look for a simple and understandable definition of insomnia, e.g. on the Internet, we can read that it is not enough sleep per day or its poor quality. To put it a little more scientifically, we say that insomnia, also known as insomnia in Latin, is a disturbance to our natural daily rhythm, the time we spend working and resting, and the depth and duration of sleep. However, regardless of the definition, such a condition can have an extremely adverse effect on the entire body, especially when it lasts for many weeks or months. Interestingly, until recently such disorders were considered normal, especially in middle-aged and elderly people. Everyone has certainly heard the saying that the old man does not need much sleep, although in reality he needs it just as much as a teenager, the best recommended 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, the way we live our lives means that even young people, who are stressed, busy and not taught to rest properly, are already affected by insomnia. Statistics are merciless, saying that as many as one third of Poles complain about sleep problems, and doctors diagnose the most severe chronic insomnia in most of them. The only positive thing about this is that medicine has also changed its approach to this issue, and sleep problems are no longer treated as a symptom of a disease, but as a separate disease that often requires specialist treatment. It has even been classified separately and, in addition to the typical insomnia, we can also come across it:

  • sudden, uncontrolled sleepiness attacks during the day, called narcolepsy, which cannot be controlled without an appropriate treatment;
  • snoring, which is also extremely burdensome for the rest of the household;
  • sleep apnea;
  • a constant feeling of sleepiness, which can have various causes and be caused not only by lack of sleep, is often also a symptom of a serious illness, which we should not underestimate;
  • sleep disturbances such as anxiety, chickens and involuntary movements of the lower limbs, i.e. anxious leg syndrome or sleepwalking.

Insomnia – the causes of this disease

As with many other diseases, insomnia can also have different faces and be caused by many causes. Our vulnerability changes over time and is more likely to affect women than men. It also affects people belonging to so-called risk groups more frequently, such as people who have undergone various mental illnesses, especially depression or who are in menopause, women or menopause. It usually starts with innocent, small but gradually growing problems with falling asleep or shifting the time when you go to bed. It can also be the other way around, we lie down and get up earlier and earlier. As we have already mentioned, the reasons for this are varied and can be divided into two separate groups. The first is that we actually have any influence over it, because insomnia is often our fault. The second are causes that are independent from our will, resulting from developing in the body illnesses, about which we may not know at present.

The causes of insomnia, which we owe ourselves

We are often guilty of sleep disturbances that we encounter ourselves, neglecting many important factors that significantly affect the quality of sleep. So before we go to a doctor, let us check whether something in our bedroom, or even in our diet or lifestyle, is not a reason that we sleep badly. The most common causes of insomnia that we can influence are..:

  • an uncomfortable bed with a poorly selected mattress which makes our body lie in the wrong position, which may cause, among other things, painful ailments which make it difficult for us to fall asleep. When buying a mattress or bedding, choose only those made of natural, breathable materials;
  • the wrong temperature in the bedroom, too low or too high. Experts point out that the optimal one, allowing us to fall asleep quickly as possible and at the same time have a good rest, ranges from 18 to 22 degrees. It is also worth eliminating all stimuli that make it difficult to fall asleep. When going to bed, turn off your TV, laptop and do not take your smartphone or tablet to bed;
  • difficult to digest, fatty diet, excessively burdensome before sleep our digestive system, which can cause nightly digestive problems and instead of in bed we can spend the night in the bathroom. Doctors also do not recommend going to bed with an empty stomach, but the last meal should be an easily digestible dinner, preferably eaten about 2 -3 hours before going to bed. We should also avoid any stimulating nutrients, containing caffeine, coffee and above all alcohol, after which our sleep will certainly not be healthy and pleasant;
  • no physical activity of any kind during the day, especially in the open air. A sedentary lifestyle may cause problems with hypoxia, which also adversely affects the quality of sleep and makes it difficult to fall asleep. It is a good idea to go for a short walk in the evening, after which we will sleep peacefully until the morning;
  • going to bed at different times causing practically immediate disruption of our natural daily rhythm of rest and activity. It is better to set a fixed time to go to bed and strictly observe it.

Causes of insomnia resulting from other diseases

While all the above mentioned insomnia-related factors can be changed immediately, those independent of our will often require a professional diagnosis, which can usually only be done by a doctor. The constant, repeated daily lack of proper sleep is also caused by:

  • psychotic diseases, especially severe stress, which is becoming more and more difficult for us to avoid. Insomnia is also a symptom of neurosis, anxiety, hallucinations, hallucinations, hallucinations and depression;
  • damage to the nervous system that interferes with its proper functioning;
  • hypertension and other diseases of the heart and the whole circulatory system. These diseases include severe pain and shortness of breath, often to such an extent that they make it difficult to breathe normally, which automatically affects the quality of sleep and problems with falling asleep;
  • respiratory diseases, complications after pneumonia and, above all, asthma, which manifests itself also at night in dyspnoea attacks requiring immediate medication;
  • urinary tract problems, kidney disease or bladder inflammation, which makes it necessary to pass urine frequently, also at night. In men, prostate hypertrophy is a common cause of insomnia;
  • the aforementioned menopause in women causing serious hormonal imbalances in the body and inadequate estrogen secretion can significantly prolong the REM sleep phase;
  • thyroid diseases, especially its hyperthyroidism, giving symptoms disturbing sleep, such as nervousness, excessive sweating, accelerated heart rate, dyspnea;
  • disturbances in the secretion of melatonin, a hormone whose inappropriate, too low a level is one of the most frequent causes of insomnia.

This is only part of the reason for our problems with falling asleep and sleeping. We may also come across the so-called primary insomnia, the reasons for which have not been fully recognized until now, which makes it the most difficult to cure.

Insomnia – effects and treatment methods used

Whatever the cause, insomnia is a disease that requires immediate treatment. If we do not do this, it will deepen, gradually leading the body to a state of complete physical and mental destruction. Lack of sleep leads to the development of many dangerous ailments, especially such as:

  • concentration and memory deficits leading even to cognitive impairment and problems with logical speech and correct sentence formulation;
  • a constant feeling of fatigue, which causes increasing discouragement to perform even the most simple everyday activities;
  • problems with proper digestion, which leads to increasing overweight and obesity. At the same time, the appetite increases, which does not allow to control the excessive appetite;
  • too high a blood sugar level leading to the development of stage I or II diabetes;
  • heart disease and the entire circulatory system, especially the above-mentioned hypertension, and in many people the risk of heart rhythm disorders or life-threatening infarction or stroke increases as well;
  • disorders of potency and, in many cases, almost total inhibition of the sexual drive resulting from fatigue or even from the extreme exhaustion of the organism caused by just too little sleep;
  • Cancers, associated with the reduction of our natural immunity threatening the development of prostate cancer in men, ovary and uterus cancer in women or breast or colon cancer;
  • mental illnesses, such as severe neurosis, which can sometimes lead to increased levels of aggression, or depression, which often requires hospital treatment.

The effects of insomnia can be truly tragic. Therefore, as soon as we notice the first worrying symptoms and the number of sleepless nights is growing at an alarming rate, it is time to start counteracting them effectively. There are many ways of treating this disease, but most specialists try to avoid giving their patients strong pharmacological agents, such as sleeping pills. Their effectiveness is certainly high, but by taking them, we must also take into account serious side effects in many cases. These include, but are not limited to, the immune system described above, concentration problems, drowsiness, mood swings, varying degrees of cognitive impairment and even addiction. It is better to use natural methods, use the help of a psychologist who will show us how to take proper care of the recommended sleep hygiene. You can also choose to use preparations based on popular herbs with a relaxing, calming and facilitating sleep, or to supplement the deficiency of melatonin. The latter show efficacy sometimes comparable to that of pharmaceuticals, and one of the most frequently recommended by specialists is Melatolin Plus.

Melatolin Plus – a supplement that makes it easier to fall asleep

It is a modern and completely safe dietary supplement, composed of ingredients carefully selected to support the treatment of insomnia. It contains only natural substances, mostly of plant origin, and we can find there, among other things:

  • melatonin, called a sleep hormone by specialists, allows you to re-adjust our biological, internal clock;
  • Common chamomile, with calming and reducing the negative effects of physical and mental fatigue;
  • extract from hop cones, full of lupulin, also allowing you to calm down even after the toughest and most nervous day;
  • Ginseng root, which in turn removes stress effects most effectively, which also has a significant impact on the quality of our sleep, also helps in rapid regeneration of the body.
Melatolin Plus

If you use Melatolin Plus regularly, you will be able to relax in the evening, calm down and relax. We will get rid of all the negative emotions that have made it difficult for us to fall asleep so far, and our dream will finally be strong, so that in the morning we will feel fully rested. The supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer by placing an order through his website, with a guarantee of not only effectiveness but also the lowest promotional price.

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