Is it only smoking that causes discoloration?

Since I’ve been using iBright, I don’t think about whitening teeth at the dentist anymore. I just don’t need it. If I’m not happy with their color again, I’ll just go to a tartar photo and use iBright again. And it will happen sooner or later – even if I don’t smoke anymore. Unfortunately, no treatment – whether done at home using available supplements or done in the office by a dentist – is once and for all.

What’s more! The final result of such whitening depends on many things – regardless of whether we do it at home or at a professional. One of them is the initial, “natural” colour of our teeth. Regardless of the discoloration, the bone may have a congenital yellowish colour. Besides, a lot depends on the age – the older the person, the whitening may (but of course does not have to) require more effort. Well, we don’t have any influence on innate qualities and the passage of time. However, there are things that depend only on us, and have a huge impact on the condition of our teeth – both their condition and color. Thanks to them, bleaching treatments may be needed less often or may be less intense. What’s that? What’s that? Of course, our lifestyle – eating habits, addictions, care standards.

Cigarette smoking is an addiction that is harmful to many aspects of our health – including our teeth. I’ve learned this very well and I’m not going to reach for it anymore. But what we eat and drink also matters. Tea, coffee, red wine – this is the first cause of discoloration. Citrus fruits, on the other hand, cause enamel erosion and increase tooth translucency (this means that the yellow dentine is simply visible through them). Adding to this not very careful care – brushing your teeth quickly and simply, not using dental floss – we get a mixture that is a threat to the whiteness of our teeth.

It’s great that we have midfielders like iBright, but it’s still good to know how we can help it work.

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