Is it worth using slimming teas?

The first idea I came up with when I decided to shed my 15 kg excess weight was to buy tea for slimming. The treatment did not last too long. Unfortunately, this type of specificity is not entirely safe and it is worth to learn a little bit about it before you start drinking it every day.

Tea to help slimming can be found on the shelves of the store a whole lot. Some of them are safe for health, because they contain herbs that slightly stimulate metabolism, while others have a very large impact on the digestive system, so be careful. The greatest caution should be maintained when using Figura 1 teas and all other teas composed of senes or crumble. Both of these herbs have a strong laxative effect. Daily diarrhoea is certainly not the right way to lose weight. In this way you can easily lead your body to dehydration and, at the same time, rinse all important minerals out of yourself.

By drinking laxative teas regularly, we regulate the digestive system, which is still artificially stimulated to work harder. The effect of stopping such teas can be strong constipation – the intestines, which have become accustomed to helpers, start to work much slower and less efficiently.

The conclusion is therefore one thing – it is better to avoid laxative teas. This is certainly not the right direction to lose weight. They can be used occasionally, for example, if we temporarily struggle with constipation. Regular drinking of such specifics may have very uninteresting complications.

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