iWhite opinion – first choice is not always the best

I wasn’t here for a while, but today I’m coming back to you with a description of my next transitions connected with the search for a way to get white teeth. And I’ll tell you about the two supplements I’ve tried. At one point I was sure I was doomed to spend millions at the dentist’s, but eventually… All right, but one by one: )

Although most of the preparations have completely contradictory opinions and it is hard to choose something just GOOD, I decided first to use a product called iWhite.

iWhite – the first choice is not always the best

I ordered it on the manufacturer’s website (cost 29 €). I saw in price comparison engines that it is possible to buy cheaper in other places, but somehow I think it is safest to buy directly, and not from some online sellers. In any case, the set includes 10 overlays for teeth already containing whitening gel. These are overlays for upper and lower teeth, so they are used for five treatments. It is nice that the gel is spread on them in such a way that it acts on both the external and external surface of the teeth. And you don’t have to do anything big with these overlays. As the leaflet says, I brushed my teeth, put on my overlays and waited 20 minutes. And so for the next five days.

My impressions? When it comes to just using iWhite overlays, it’s really easy to use. A little… problematic for another reason – during these 20 minutes I had a strange salivation and it was difficult to swallow saliva normally. I had to sit with handkerchiefs all the time. Secondly, probably the length of my teeth exceeds some norms, because they simply did not fit into this overlay. I was a little afraid that my teeth would bleach, and the gums would become discolored, creating the effect of unwashed teeth…. Unfortunately, the problem disappeared, because I didn’t really notice any effect of using iWhite for those few days. And the final test was the meeting with my friend. I told Monica some time ago that I was planning to apply something whitening to my teeth. And now, when we saw each other at dinner and I was already after Iwhit’s treatment, after an hour of conversation she asked me when I actually wanted to buy something for my teeth, because maybe she would buy something for herself… She’s my friend, but I was embarrassed to admit that I had already applied something… Well, you had to accept that. The first shot in one product is a misfire. But it wasn’t the end of my rehearsals!

iBright – how positively surprised I was

This time I found a product with a quite similar name – iBright – on my target. I think one of you wrote something about him in your comments. And the Internet says it works. I was, I admit, skeptical, disappointed with such a great Iwhit, but I had to keep trying. Besides, a friend of mine (I finally told her about the last treatment) said that she would try the next product with me.

I also ordered iBright on the manufacturer’s website. The price was higher (55 € per pack) but they have such a cool promotion that you can order two packs for 95 €. I shared the costs with Monika in half and thanks to that we got even better at it: )

We have an appointment with me to try this product for the first time. You can opt for a 5-day or 7-day treatment. We both chose the longer one, although in my opinion Monika has nothing to complain about when it comes to teeth. Okay, so we had a “procedure” on the first, fourth and seventh day. The “procedure” itself – a cliché. Clean your teeth for a minute with one of the tissues from the set, previously greased with a preparatory gel (the easiest way is to wrap your finger in it). Then lubricate the cap with the appropriate gel, attach an LED lamp, put it in your mouth and turn on the lamp. And we keep 30 minutes (on the first day, on the fourth and seventh day only 10 minutes). Everything is described in detail in the leaflet and each preparation is marked accordingly. The hardest part was not to talk for 30 minutes haha. Maybe it’s better to do this treatment alone at home. But we turned on the TV show and it was okay! ; )

The most important thing in all of this was the effects. And I will tell you frankly that after 7 days we were both really delighted with the result! Of course, Monika more – her smile practically shone like a star from the USA. But she also had more well-groomed teeth before. The effect in my case is really satisfactory at the moment – the teeth are white, without discoloration. Maybe I still miss the “Hollywood” look a little bit more, but from what I can see from my friend, one more 7-day treatment with iBright will probably be enough and we will both look like stars: ) I really, really, really recommend it. If you, like me, look in the mirror and regret every smoked pipe, then this is the solution for you! Although, as you can see from us, the product works for people with different sources of discoloration.

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