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Kyöko Uno

Many people, especially women, complain about a serious foot disease called halluxes, a painful degeneration that occurs right next to the big toe. This visible and unfortunately also painful deformity may, if not treated properly, start to cause serious problems with walking. So if you notice a characteristic thickening, such a thickening on your foot, it’s time to start working, and a special Kyöko Uno correction device can help, quickly removing the resulting degenerative changes.

Halluxes – symptoms and causes of this disease

Halluxes, i.e. degeneration in the area of the big toes, also known as Haluks vagus, is a disease that affects more and more people every year. The most visible symptom of it is the characteristic bending of a large finger in the direction of the remaining ones, with simultaneous deformation of the metatarsal bones. On top of that, there is the distortion of the metatarsal-phalangeal joint, and inflammation develops here, and all this gradually causes not only mobility problems, but also unbearable pain. If not treated in any way, halluxes lead to the development of other, more dangerous diseases, including deformities of the other fingers and the whole foot. There are many reasons for their creation, and one of the basic causes is wearing improperly fitted shoes, which causes the distortion of the foot.

What is interesting, this disease more often affects women, most of whom are unfortunately enthusiasts of wearing high heels. They are responsible for automatic misalignment of the foot when walking, when most of the body weight is transferred to the fingers, which are not adapted to bear such heavy loads. The large finger is subject to significant deformation, constantly moving into the wrong position, which often aggravates the wrong shape of the front of the shoe, usually too narrow and squeezing the toes. However, mismatched footwear is not the only cause of halluxes, which can also be caused by:

  • flat feet;
  • genetic factors, studies have shown that they are a hereditary disease in a significant number of cases;
  • other conditions developing in the foot area, such as Achilles tendon contracture;
  • long hours of daily standing in a standing position causing excessive strain on the feet;
  • overweight and obesity, as well as overweight and obese feet;
  • physical trauma;
  • professional sporting activities, causing numerous injuries to to toes and metatarsal bones, and even joint diseases and degenerations.

Regardless of the cause of the halluxes, the most important thing is the correct diagnosis of the disease and immediate implementation of appropriate treatment, and the methods used to get rid of them are different, including the final, i.e. surgical removal. Halluxes are not a disease that can be ignored in any way, the accompanying pain sometimes becomes unbearable and sometimes it turns out that the degenerations have already occurred so far, that the only solution turns out to be the intervention of a surgeon. That is why it is worthwhile to observe the condition of your feet and as soon as you notice the first symptoms of Haluks vagus, you should immediately apply Kyöko Unomodern and safe to use corrective device that can cope with it in just 30 days.

Kyöko Uno – why specialists recommend using a hallux correction device

The primary task of any correction appliance, including Kyöko Uno, is to quickly alleviate all unpleasant symptoms associated with halluxes and to remove, as far as possible, the degenerative changes that have occurred. Kyöko Uno was developed in the manufacturer’s laboratories, in cooperation with many specialists in the treatment of foot diseases, and thus we can count on its high, confirmed effectiveness. It is certainly higher than many other usual methods, such as pharmaceuticals, which only alleviate pain or inflammation, physiotherapeutic treatments with a similar effect to ointments or creams, or apparatus made of silicone. Of course, you can have the above mentioned operation, which until recently was the only method recommended by specialists who can now offer their patients an alternative solution, the use of Kyöko Uno. It is recommended both for every woman who cannot imagine walking in shoes on a flat sole and for all people who suffer from the aforementioned, often encountered flat feet, also the cause of halluxes.

Kyöko Uno – on what principle it works

Kyöko Uno

Until recently, most patients complaining about diagonal palsy syndrome were condemned only to painful surgery and long-term rehabilitation. Early application Kyöko Uno It not only avoids this, but is also an extremely gentle way to get rid of this troublesome problem. The entire treatment process takes place as a result of the innovative construction of the device, based on a flexible rail that adapts to the shape of the foot and thus corrects the degeneration that occurs on it. The metatarsal bones are always kept in the right anatomical position, which eliminates one of the most important causes of the disease. The Kyöko Uno equalizer’s performance can be summarized in a few short points, and regular use of the equalizer offers the following benefits:

  • allows you to stop the development of halluxes in their early stages, so that you avoid the need for surgery;
  • prevents further development of degeneration and eliminates the accompanying pain caused by coexisting inflammation, not only of the swaying toe, but also of the joints;
  • when walking, the foot, especially the big toe, is always in the right position, all irregularities occurring during its bending are corrected;
  • At the same time, the development of not only halluxes but also flat feet is restricted.

Using Kyöko Uno is easy, just put your hearing aid on a hallux and wear it for a few hours a day. Its low weight, only 23 g, does not interfere with normal functioning, it can be worn e.g. at night, or walk with an equalizer in sports shoes. The latter method is more effective, because the foot is better corrected during natural movement than passive rest, when it can unfortunately go back to the previous, incorrect setting. The first effects of the treatment conducted in this way will be noticed already after 24 hours, when the fingers will begin to return to their proper position, and the most dangerous symptoms of halluxes, i.e. the aforementioned pain and inflammation disappear completely after another 10 days. A month later, visible, unsightly and disfiguring degenerative lesions will only be a memory, and studies have shown that 98 percent of patients are effective in such treatment.

Kyöko Uno – Patient feedback and the ability to buy a corrective device

Regular application Kyöko Uno allows you to get rid of halluxes and all the related ailments in record time, and the opinions of patients satisfied with its action fully confirm the high effectiveness. In the discussion forums, there are many statements praising this novelty in the fight against this onerous disease, most of them written by ladies who, thanks to this apparatus, can again wear their beloved heels:

“I really didn’t expect to have terrible halluxes when I was 23 years old, because my mom only got them when she was 40, but I love pins so much that I couldn’t walk in other shoes and I’ve been wearing them since the beginning of high school. Recently my symptoms have become so severe that I had to take painkillers all the time and the hallux on my left foot looked as if I had grown a second finger. I was afraid of the operation, so as soon as I saw an Kyöko Uno advertisement on the Internet, I immediately decided to place an order. After a month of use I confirm that the camera is 100% effective and I am slowly returning to the heels, of course, so far lower than before. – Ola, 23 years old.

You can find more of such positive and sometimes even enthusiastic opinions, but this one is enough to decide to buy Kyöko Uno and definitely get rid of this painful problem from your feet. For this purpose, we need to place an order through the contact form, which can be found at the manufacturer’s website of the camera. Just enter your name and phone number and wait for a consultant to call us back to arrange further details on how the shipment will be shipped, and for Kyöko Uno We will pay a promotional price of only 32 € at the moment.

Kyöko Uno

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