Liporedium – can it handle fat burning?

Anyone who has ever had to lose weight before knows how difficult the weight loss process is. Let’s face it, this is hard work, denying ourselves many things we’ve enjoyed eating so far, and often all laboriously achieved results are irretrievably lost as a result of the yoyo effect. According to conservative estimates, more than half of all overweight people return to their former weight. There are also other similarly unpleasant situations when, despite our efforts, weight does not want to move, and the amount of fat in the body, instead of falling, is constantly increasing.

Problems with fat burning – what causes them

Such a state of affairs is usually caused by abnormal metabolism, completely disturbed metabolism and deregulated fat metabolism of the body. It does not cope with burning it, which results in a growing belly or thick, fat thighs, especially the nightmare of women. Interestingly, despite everything, people with a lot of overweight or obesity will get rid of it faster than those who just want to correct their figure, losing only a few pounds.

Excessive fatty degeneration of our bodies is most often our own fault, devouring ourselves with power and completely ignoring the proven principles of healthy eating, neglecting at the same time physical activity. However, this should not be exaggerated, because a common mistake is too great a loss of muscle mass, resulting in slower metabolism and, as a result, inhibition of fat burning. Whatever the cause, it is a problem that poses a serious threat to our health and even life, causing many diseases already recognised as civilisational, such as:

  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • myocardial infarction and stroke;
  • damage to the osteoarticular system, which in extreme cases prevents movement;
  • problems with the digestive system, stomach, intestines and liver;
  • tumors, especially in the large intestine.

The risk is therefore enormous, so it is worth initiating and supporting the process of fat burning with a dietary supplement Liporedium created for this purpose.

Liporedium – natural composition

Liporedium is a modern preparation in the form of tablets, whose purpose is not only to support rapid weight loss, but also to maintain it at an appropriate level. The manufacturer’s assumption is that it provides a special complex of many active agents, composed exclusively of natural ingredients, and these are:

  • extract from cola nitida, a shiny cola plant from Africa, belonging to the family of mucous membranes. These evergreen tree nuts, containing caffeine, are used to naturally improve digestion by increasing gastric juice secretion and accelerating fatty acid metabolism, resulting in better fat burning. The Cola nitida also has a proven appetite suppressant effect, which also helps to speed up weight loss;
  • pepper cayenne, known to anyone who’s ever been overweight and who should be in the first-aid kit immediately. This orange powder with its characteristic pungent taste not only emphasizes the taste of dishes, but is also a source of capsaicin, an alkaloid that intensifies thermogenesis, antiseptic and anticancer properties. Pepper cayenne accelerates digestive processes and calorie burning, while also being an appetite blocker that eliminates snacking between meals;
  • Paraguay holly, from which dried stems and leaves are made the infusion of yerba, steamed in a special mate dish. This is where the popular name yerba mate comes from, which you can drink instead of tea or coffee, valued for its health properties. The Paraguay holly contains vitamins: A, B, C and E, carotene, biotin, pantothenic acid and minerals: iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphur, silicon and zinc. It lowers LDL cholesterol level, increases HDL, regulates blood sugar level, inhibits not only appetite, but also pancreatic lipase activity, thus reducing the absorption of fats by our body;
  • extract from garcinia cambogia, a Malabar tamarind, found in many slimming preparations, of course not without reason, because it promotes weight loss thanks to the content of large amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), another effective appetite blocker and fat burning aid.

Liporedium – Effects and side-effects of its use

According to the manufacturer, Liporedium is supposed to work in two ways: on the one hand, it is supposed to accelerate fat burning and on the other hand, it is supposed to prevent the accumulation of new layers of fat. The body therefore does not accumulate calorie reserves, and the first effects of such treatment can be observed already after about 4 weeks, when the weight begins to drop by as much as 2 kg per week. The recommended dose is only 2 tablets a day, which should not be taken by people under 12 years of age.

However, effectiveness depends on many different factors, and one of the most important is the simultaneous change in diet, the transition to a healthy and balanced diet, composed of products full of valuable nutrients. Unfortunately, despite its strict observance, the results achieved are not what we expected, and after we stopped Liporedium, the weight started to grow, so there was a jojo effect. Of course, this does not have to happen to every patient, the purchase of tablets is a matter of individual choice, but when deciding on this supplement, you must also take into account certain side effects of its use. An allergic reaction to any of the ingredients may occur, especially in people hypersensitive to caffeine, and is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For the same reasons, however, we decided to use a different agent to reduce body fat, and our choice fell on Silvets, also available in the form of easy to use capsules. It is an absolute hit on the market of this type of preparations, in which the active ingredients are:

  • pepper cayenne;
  • bioperine, which is a black pepper extract;
  • green tea extract;
  • Guarana;
  • acai berries, one of the most valuable fruits used for weight loss.

It is definitely worth trying the Silvets, which enjoys excellent opinions not only of consumers, but also of numerous dieticians. The price for the packaging is not excessive, the order is placed through manufacturer’s websiteIt also guarantees numerous attractive price promotions to buyers.

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