Loxon Max – aid for androgenic alopecia

Many men who start losing their hair at an early age think that there is only one type of baldness and most often they just start to accept it. However, alopecia is uneven and depending on the type of alopecia, the right treatment should be used. There is no denying that the diagnosis of the causes of the disease can only be carried out by a specialist, excluding, for example, inappropriate cosmetics or other everyday hair and scalp care products, or simple negligence in their hygiene. Accelerated thinning of the haircut may have a different substrate and course, and often we may encounter the most difficult to cure variety, which is undoubtedly androgenic alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia – causes and symptoms

Although this type of alopecia affects almost 95 percent of all accidents, we are not able to clearly identify its causes. However, most specialists consider the most common hypersensitivity of the body to the action of the hormone DHT, dihydrotestosterone, which has a destructive effect on hair follicles. Under its influence, they are initially shrunk, then die, the growth phase of the hair is significantly shortened, and as a result, it may gradually weaken and fall out. The further action of DHT also makes the hair almost completely stop growing.

Androgenic alopecia can also be caused by other causes and specialists mention, among other things:

  • a lot of stress,
  • hormonal imbalances in the body,
  • other diseases, especially skin diseases, e.g. mycosis or its inflammations,
  • poorly balanced diet, poor in nutrients,
  • some of the medication you’re taking.

Symptoms cannot be overlooked or confused with anything else. Hair loss begins gradually and is often preceded by excessive seborrhoea, and sometimes even accompanied by inflammation of the follicles. At the final, most acute stage, a clear distinction is already visible between hair and bald skin, which also appears thinner. Therefore, as soon as you notice the first such symptoms, you should counteract them with Loxon Max, which prevents this type of baldness.

Loxon Max – composition

This preparation has been on our market for some time now, previously called Loxon 2% or Loxon 5%, when it was only available on prescription. Fortunately, Loxon Max can already be bought in free sale and we can use the strength of its carefully selected line-up in the fight against this extremely tedious form of baldness, and we can find it in it:

  • Minoksydyl, an active agent that directly affects the most important cause of androgenic hair loss. It is an organic compound, a dihydralazine derivative, which was initially widely used as a component of drugs that effectively reduce blood pressure. Its effect on hair growth was discovered quite accidentally and, to be honest, it is just a side effect of the action. The effect of this substance on alopecia is reduced to inhibition of excessive secretion and activity of the DHT hormone and miniaturization and death of hair follicles. It also stimulates circulation and the better blood supply to the scalp creates the ideal environment for new hair growth,
  • Propylene glycol, another organic compound, this time belonging to the group of alcohols, has a moisturizing effect on the skin,
  • ethanol, in high concentration, which in turn has a disinfectant effect,
  • citric acid.

All these ingredients, combined in appropriate proportions, form a liquid for rubbing into the scalp, which should be done 2 times a day every 12 hours. It is intended for use by adults and, according to the manufacturer, should be used between the ages of 18 and 65.

Loxon Max – Effects and possible side effects

Regular use of the preparation gives effects, which can be noticed after about 2 months from the start of treatment, which can take up to a year. Rubbing Loxon Max stimulates circulation, so the skin becomes better oxygenated and nourished, and the active factor, Minoksydyl, has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair follicles, regulating their work and preventing degeneration. Both patients and specialists, such as trychologists, also pay attention to the effects of the liquid:

  • In many cases, the hair loss is almost completely stopped or at least slowed down,
  • Grow back stronger, thicker and, most importantly, healthier hair,
  • stimulate hair cells to divide more quickly, so that their growth is much more intense.

Unfortunately, when using Loxon Max, we must also take into account some of its side effects, resulting primarily from the properties of minoxidil. Many people, especially during long-term use, complain about blood pressure problems, increased hair loss in the early stages of treatment, as well as skin redness, irritation, itching and other typically allergic reactions. In such a case, it is enough to stop the liquid for a while, and all undesirable effects usually pass by spontaneously.

Loxon Max – Opinions and other alternatives

Despite these fortunately rare side effects, Loxon Max is the preferred choice for patients looking for effective ways to deal with androgenic alopecia. He also enjoys relatively good opinions, although they are not entirely unambiguous, and we can find both fully positive and reverse, pointing out his shortcomings. However, the preparation may have different effects on individual patients, and possible problems depend primarily on individual reactions to its active agent, Minoksydyl. Some people have no problems with the treatment, while others have to interrupt it.

So if for this reason we are afraid of using this product, we can reach for a good alternative, which is less cumbersome to use, namely tablets Profolanequally effectively preventing hair loss. This supplement is composed of natural, plant-based ingredients that minimize the risk of side effects and can be purchased by placing an order on the website. manufacturerwhere we can also get acquainted with its exact composition, price and other useful information.

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