MaxOn Active – Maximum disappointment?

You know how much it cost me to put things in the search engine, like: “erectile dysfunction” or “impotence”? It’s as if I’m afraid of some strange self-fulfilling prophecy – as long as I’m not talking about it loudly, there’s no problem. But there is, unfortunately, all the time the problem is…

The Internet is helpful – I have read all the pages about “problems in the bedroom”. I tried to diagnose myself, see if there was a chance it was only temporary. I found Internet forums where misfortunes like me, as it turns out, are a bunch. I’ve reviewed the threads five years ago, I think. And I decided to take a chance with one, recommended a few times specifics. MaxOn Active. You’ve heard of him? I think I’ve even seen his ad on TV lately. What convinced me about him was that he was a drug, not a dietary supplement – it sounded more serious. On the other hand, the list of possible side effects takes away the desire not only to buy it, but also to have sex… But I decided not to worry about it, since others recommended it. So I ordered it from an online pharmacy for something about 8 € including shipping. And I waited.

MaxOn Active – Maximum disappointment?

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that there are only two tablets in the Maxon package. It’s a bit strange, and this low price is no longer a mystery at once – you have to order a lot more for the future! Well, of course, if it works.
You need to take one Maxon tablet an hour before sex. So I put them in my wallet so I could always keep them with me. The opportunity to try them out appeared a few days later after the company’s event. I was walking my friend from a branch in another city to the hotel and somehow it turned out that she invited me to her room for a drink. I guess in all the languages of the world an invitation to have a drink is really an invitation to have sex, so I took a pill to be ready as soon as possible.

Actual drink, flirtation, foreplay… it took us, like, an hour. I prolonged everything – to Malwina’s satisfaction – until I felt that I was actually ready! It’s just a pity that the magic action of Maxon ended… in the middle of the action! My penis just fell down and he didn’t want to work with me or my beautiful friend again. Malwina turned out to be forgiving and blamed it on my tiredness after the party. She offered to have dinner together the next day to “bounce back” tonight. Counting on dinner with breakfast, I took another Maxon tablet while I was eating. If it doesn’t work again this time, I won’t buy it anymore!

The dinner was delicious – the beef was extremely soft – which couldn’t be said for my penis then! I felt I had to take advantage of this situation. I convinced Malwina that for dessert we should definitely go upstairs to her room. I’ll spare you the descriptions that massacre me as a man, because… it didn’t work out again. The situation with erectile dysfunction happened to me for the second time. We said goodbye to Malwina in embarrassment and I know it for sure – I will avoid the delegation to her city!

Eron Plus – is it worth trusting him?

Through my adventure with Maxon I completely lost faith in the fact that any specifics can help me. However, I couldn’t accept that a healthy, full erection would be a Russian roulette for me from now on. One day I got an e-mail from Malwina. Yeah, from two unsuccessful hotel dates!

“Hey, I’m sending you a link that should interest you: ”

I went to the page she recommended and immediately felt me getting all red! She sent me a link to the inside of the potency! I thought I’d burn myself out of shame again. Then there was a second email from her:

“A friend of mine bought it for her husband and now they’re on their second honeymoon. If you want, I can help you in some time to check its operation ;)”

I was totally bewildered. I fooled around with her as a man, and she’s still flirting with me? I’ll never understand women. But I started to read into the direction Eron Plus – which is a means to enhance erection. The manufacturer really recommends 2 preparations. One is Eron Plus, which is taken twice a day to remove the cause of the problem itself, not just the symptom – logical! In addition, it has a general effect on erection support and makes orgasms longer and stronger. The second preparation for Eron Plus Before, which is again a typical tablet before intercourse. Double effect – both on cause and symptom. And you know what? The composition is natural enough to guarantee that it will not cause any side effects. If it doesn’t help, at least it won’t hurt, like most chemical-filled products on the market!

Anyway, I was skeptical, if one recommended measure did not help me, but still I decided to try. I ordered a the producer’s website that Malwina sent as not to risk some fake ones. Such a basic package costs 49 €, so it seems like a lot, but considering that there are 120 tablets in total, you can count how little it costs for one. I would like to remind you that for Maxon I paid almost 8 € for TWO pills! I picked up the package and started to take the pills regularly – for now only the “everyday” ones. I haven’t had a chance on Eron Plus Before yet, but it might be better.

The website says that the improvement can be expected after about two weeks. After about three, Malwina wrote me Malwina again. A coincidence? I don’t think so.) We met this time at my house. Surprisingly, in general we did not talk about sex or the last unexploded bombs, but the chemistry between us was perceptible! Fortunately, I managed to take two capsules of Eron earlier – this “Before”. Listen… What happened was unbelievable! Again, I could forget what erection problems are. It raised me up so much that it didn’t end that night at one time… And the next one didn’t end either 😉

It’s been a few weeks since then. I ordered another package Eron – and I take it every day! The problem’s gone. So far I’ve been taking this “Before” as well, but recently I just forgot (the action started very quickly) and it didn’t stop me from doing anything. My sexual potential has been unlocked again and I feel like a young god again!

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