Melatolin Plus – the solution to all insomnia problems

When we turn over long hours at night from side to side, we count the rams in vain, and sleep comes only in the morning, and if this state is repeated almost every day, it can mean serious problems. Insomnia is a disease that affects more and more people in our society every year, between 40% and 50% of adults, and is often simply ignored, even though untreated treatment can have catastrophic consequences.

Insomnia – never underestimate its symptoms

One thing about insomnia must be said clearly and clearly at the outset: the human body cannot function without sleep, which is a natural part of the biological rhythm of the day. It is divided into the phase of vigilance, activity and rest, i.e. sleep. Insomnia is a disorder of sleep, its rhythm, length and depth, which causes a feeling of continuous fatigue, problems with concentration, and in extreme cases even the inability to perform the simplest activities. It is also a cause of exceptionally strong stress, increasing emotional tension, which at some point, however, must find its outlet, most often in the form of conflicts in private and professional life. In many people suffering from this condition, it even results in mental illnesses requiring long-term treatment, sometimes in hospital conditions, and other illnesses caused by the lack of sleep include arterial hypertension, the possibility of heart attack, and reflux and ulcer disease of the stomach. Until recently, insomnia was considered a symptom of other coexisting diseases, but now it is finally recognised as a separate disease. The most common reasons, indicated by specialists, for this state of affairs are

  • unrecognized mental disorders, psychosis or depression,
  • sleep apnea, snoring, sometimes so loud that it awakens the sleeper himself,
  • Periodic movements of limbs, i.e. the so-called restless legs syndrome,
  • taking medication with a side effect of insomnia and prolonged use of it causes permanent sleep problems,
  • somatic diseases, e.g. prostate hypertrophy responsible for frequent urination,
  • bad sleeping conditions, an uncomfortable bed or an unventilated room,
  • frequent naps during the day, disturbing its natural rhythm,
  • improper diet, especially hard to digest fatty meals eaten before bedtime.

Insomnia – how to deal with it effectively

Insomnia must be combated with all available methods and, of course, the most important thing is to properly diagnose the causes of insomnia, which we are not usually able to deal with on our own. The psychological or somatic background can be recognized by a specialist who will simultaneously commission the correct treatment and does not necessarily have to be a strong pharmacological agent at once. Sometimes it is enough to change only a few habits, especially diet, from which it is worth eliminating all harmful products, excess stimulants, coffee and tea or the mentioned hard digestible dishes. However, diet itself is not enough and that is why it is worth supporting it with a valuable supplement, whose ingredients directly hit the causes of insomnia, such as a very popular one. Melatolin Plus.

Melatolin Plus – modern supplement with safe, proven composition

There are many agents used to treat sleep disorders, but Melatolin Plus is distinguished among them by its composition, composed exclusively of natural substances, the use of which has practically no side effects. This is the basis for its high effectiveness, so much praised by patients, and we will find in it, among other things:

  • melatonin, a chemical compound of organic origin, synthesized in the pineal gland, otherwise known as sleep hormone, responsible in man for coordinating the work of the natural biological clock, regulating the daily rhythm. Melatonin is produced only in complete darkness. Under the influence of light, this process almost completely ceases and the amount of melatonin in the blood is significantly reduced. Deficiency in the body manifests itself in sleep quality disorders, problems with falling asleep, concentration, distraction and high irritability,
  • lemon balm, also known as lemon balm, used in medicine, not only in folk medicine, for hundreds of years and valued above all for its excellent calming properties. It helps to combat strong stress, anxiety, irritability, it also supports the treatment of neuroses of varying degrees of severity. Taken before going to bed, she allows you to fully relax and sleep all night long,
  • camomile extract, another popular herb that most of us have in our home medicine packs. We often use it for other diseases, even without knowing that it also helps to treat sleep disorders, thanks to the high content of essential oils that quickly eliminate the effects of a nervous day, also having a calming and calming effect,
  • extract from hop cones, relaxing and sleeping, even recommended for people who have trouble sleeping. It also supports the nervous system thanks to the action of such substances contained in hops as lupulon and humulon,
  • Indian ginseng root – a cherry, a rich source of valuable glycosides and phytosterols that can help you stay emotionally balanced, resist stress and fall asleep completely calm,
  • amino acids, I – tryptophan and I – theanine. The former takes part in the natural processes of melatonin production and is recommended to be taken together with vitamin B6, which strengthens its action, and also contains Melatolin Plus in an appropriate dose. The second amino acid, found in green tea leaves, relieves stress and provides relaxation after a long day, allowing you to fall asleep as soon as 30 – 40 minutes after taking it,
  • gamma acid – aminobutyric acid, or GABA for short, also naturally produced by the human body, a neurotransmitter responsible for transmitting impulses from the brain to the rest of the body. In people with sleep disorders its production is even 1/3 lower, and this shortage results in the inability to sleep properly.

Melatolin Plus – Recommended dosage, effects and patient feedback

Looking at the market for this type of preparation, it can be concluded that Melatolin Plus is a real novelty, a means which was not previously available, not only of carefully selected composition, but also of proven comprehensive action for all the reasons causing insomnia. This multi-component supplement is taken immediately before bedtime, the recommended daily dose is two capsules, and the first effects are visible almost immediately. It perfectly regulates many of the processes responsible for the creation of insomnia, demonstrating a multi-faceted action on:

  • minimize the effects of severe stress, helping to achieve optimal relaxation,
  • discomfort caused by the so-called crowd of thoughts, which often happens in the evening, especially after a turbulent day full of impressions,
  • shortening the time needed to fall asleep, thus restoring the natural rhythm to people leading an irregular lifestyle,
  • improvement of mood, general mental well-being and quality of sleep, so that in the morning we wake up fully relaxed and rested.

This manufacturer’s approach could not escape the attention of a growing number of patients, who present the supplement in the most positive light in the discussion forums. They praise especially the effectiveness, speed of action and ease of purchase of the original product, and at least two such opinions can be quoted:

“Sleeping has always been a macabre experience for me. I spent hours wriggling around on the bed and couldn’t sleep. My work excludes taking strong psychotropic drugs, I teach at school and that is why I reached for Melatolin Plus. It’s great, it works from the first dose, and now after a month of taking it, I get a good night’s sleep every day. – Kinga, 34 years old.

“Melatolin is a bull’s-eye, fast asleep and finally asleep like a stone. No nightmares, no walking around the house at night, no dullness, no fooling. I recommend it to everyone.” – Bogdan, 42 years old.

Melatolin Plus – where and for how much to buy it

These positive feedback even encourages immediate purchase, and the supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer by placing an order through the company’s website. One package contains as many as 60 capsules, which is enough for a month of effective treatment. Implementation of the order is instant, shipping takes place within 48 hours of placing the order, depending on the chosen payment method. For Melatolin Plus can be paid online, by bank transfer or by the supplier on delivery, and the cost per package is only 49 €. We also recommend you to take advantage of the promotional packages that give you really big savings. For example, it is worth ordering two packages for the price of one, and when you order six at once, you will pay only for three.

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