Meridia – Hazardous and harmful slimming product

Effective fight against overweight and obesity requires the use of equally effective slimming agents, often pharmacological. A lot of them appear every year, but not all are safe to use, some can cause extremely unpleasant side effects and in many cases also pose a health risk. The so-called “second cycle” also includes medicines that have been found illegal throughout the European Union, including Meridia, which was withdrawn from circulation as early as 2010.

Meridia – chemical composition and activity

This specificity appeared on the market over 10 years earlier, in 1997, and according to the manufacturers’ assumption, it was to be a beneficial alternative to other measures to suppress excessive appetite, becoming, over time, a cult drug. It was used mainly by women who wanted to reduce their weight as much as possible in the shortest possible time, but it quickly turned out that Meridia not only slimmed down, but can become a cause of at least serious diseases, and her overdose threatens even the death of the patient. In the United Kingdom alone, a dozen or so people have died of this drug, another several thousand have contracted various diseases that are difficult to treat, and this data confirms not only the British media.

The active ingredient is primarily responsible for such harmful effects, and Meridia contains an extremely dangerous sibutramine. It is an organic chemical compound, commonly used in the treatment of overweight, the so-called anorectic drug, blocking appetite, thanks to its direct effect on the nervous system, causing the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. It also increases the intensity of the process of thermogenesis, facilitating faster burning of fat tissue, accelerating metabolism and increasing glycogen production in muscles.

Meridia – side effects occurring

This is what its effectiveness, two-layer action, on the one hand to suppress appetite, and on the other hand to burn calories better. Although people using this drug felt the initial positive effects, faster weight loss, greater efficiency of the body, or energy for physical activity, but in fact, all this was unfortunately at the expense of health. The list of side effects resulting from the use of sibutramine is long, and medical specialists point out, among other things:

  • increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes;
  • The possibility of increasing blood pressure, which in turn leads to excessive strain on the heart muscle, heart rate acceleration, which may end up in a dangerous valvular insufficiency;
  • gastrointestinal problems, nausea, vomiting and annoying diarrhoea;
  • This is because sibutramine is characterised by an extremely powerful psychoactive action, which manifests itself through large mood fluctuations, nervousness, and in extreme cases unrestrained aggression and complete lack of control over one’s own behaviours. It also causes concentration and memory disorders, often leading to increasing depression and suicidal thoughts;
  • disturbances of appetite, and sometimes its total loss, which is a threat even to life, in addition to taste disorders and a constant feeling of dryness in the mouth;
  • Increasing sleeping difficulties leading to insomnia, which also has a negative impact on the psyche;
  • disturbances in the menstrual cycle in women and gradual weakening of the libido in men, which may lead to permanent impotence as a result.

These side effects should already be a warning sign against the use of this product, but despite the total ban on sales, it is still available in the second circuit. However, before we reach for it, it is worth considering whether the road to a slim, slender silhouette should mean the complete ruin of one’s health and long-term treatment of diseases caused by Meridia.

Meridia – Opinions and a safe alternative

Unfortunately, despite many warnings, there will always be someone who disregards doctors’ recommendations, but does so only at his or her own risk. The predominantly negative opinions that Meridia enjoys among slimming enthusiasts in most cases clearly show the risk associated with its use, ranging from the deterioration of general health, to strong sibutramine dependence, requiring treatment for drug addiction. These warnings, also from numerous specialists, are so suggestive that it is much better to look for other agents with similar effects, which, however, are completely safe, free from this prohibited active ingredient.

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