Nicorette Spray – opinions, action, price, side effects – new “helper” in quitting smoking from the famous brand

Nicorette offers a new preparation for people who fight against nicotine addiction. This is an oral spray to suppress the sudden desire to light a cigarette. How does the Nicorette Spray work, how much does it cost, does it cause any side effects and does it really help you quit?

How does Nicorette Spray work?

The Nicorette Spray is another preparation in the range of products that help to quit smoking. It is easy to use and allows you to quickly get rid of the desire to reach for a cigarette.

To feel the effect of its action it is enough to spray one dose around the tongue and gums (at this point we do not inhale air so that the agent does not get into the airways).

The basic ingredient of the aerosol is nicotine, so immediately after the application of the preparation, our body receives what it depends on and in this way it stops demanding a cigarette. At least he should.

The problem is whether the dose of nicotine contained in Nicorette Spray is sufficient for an addict and whether this way of cheating is not unreliable. Every smoker derives pleasure from smoking, and this is something the Nicorette Spray is not able to provide. So the question is whether quitting smoking is better to start by getting rid of nicotine completely from the body. When it circulates around our body all the time, it’s hard to stop reaching for the best source in the eyes of every smoker, namely a cigarette.

Nicorette Spray – worth it or not?

It’s certainly worth trying every measure that can help us get out of our addiction. The Nicorette Spray is one of them. Perhaps its form and effect will convince us and the preparation will prove to be an effective way to quit smoking or at least reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked. The aerosol will certainly prove useful in situations where we are suddenly caught up in a “wolf’s balloon appetite”. A quick spraying of a dose of nicotine in the mouth can then bring us temporary relief. But is the preparation able to extinguish our desire for a cigarette every time? It can be different here, which is proven by internet opinions about Nicorette Spray.

Nicorette Spray – opinions

Each smoker is different and reacts differently to each preparation when quitting. This is why such divergent opinions about Nicorette Spray. According to many comments, this preparation only helps to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked, and not to completely quit smoking. On the other hand, there are also opinions that the spray worked very well – it helped to gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes and eventually eliminate them at all. Unfortunately there are also negative opinions about Nicorette Spray. Some people think that the product does not work, others think that it works too weakly, others think that it is easy to overdose and that it is too strong – it causes discomfort in the mouth and bad mood.

Nicorette Spray – side effects

Unfortunately, preparations with nicotine have this to themselves that they can cause a number of unpleasant side effects. It is therefore advisable to stick strictly to the recommended doses (in the case of Nicorette Spray these are max. 4 doses per hour), and if side effects are observed, discontinue the agent.

Side effects that can occur after Nicorette Spray are: headache and dizziness, chest or abdominal discomfort, nausea, indigestion, heart rhythm disorders, irritation, anxiety, hiccups, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, burning and swelling in the mouth, dry mouth or excessive saliva production.

Nicorette Spray – price

Nicorette Spray will be bought for a price oscillating around 8 €. There are 150 doses of the preparation in one package, with an average of several days (depending on individual consumption). The cost is not exorbitant, especially when compared with the amounts we often spend on cigarettes.

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