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Nicotine Free

One of the biggest mistakes a man can make in his life is reaching for the first cigarette. The hardest thing is to quit smoking, a destructive addiction that can even lead to the death of a smoker. Many people are constantly trying to give up the supply of lethal nicotine to their bodies, but sometimes a strong will alone is not enough to deal with it. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to apply measures to facilitate this, and one of the most effective is to Nicotine FreeThese are capsules that will not only free us from smoking, but also from all the unpleasant ailments associated with it.

Cigarette smoking – how fatal it is for our body

When the Spaniards brought tobacco to our continent during the conquest period, nobody realised how destructive the destructive force was in the green leaves, which were originally considered to be a medicinal plant. This was claimed by Jean Nicot, the ambassador of the French king to the Portuguese court and at the same time the doctor, who encouraged to smoke, and from his name came the name of nicotine, a poisonous alkaloid included in the tobacco. For centuries, people have smoked cigarettes, then cigars and, of course, cigarettes, without even realising that this is the cause of many of the diseases they develop. The truth about smoking was revealed only by the rapid development of medicine in the last century and it turned out that this favourite smoke is actually responsible for the deaths of millions of people every year. That is why doctors sound the alarm, encouraging people to quit smoking and, above all, not to reach for a pack of cigarettes, and the nicotine, tarry substances and other equally deadly ingredients contained in them are the cause of diseases such as..:

  • Cancer in its many forms, especially cancer of the respiratory tract, larynx, oral cavity and lungs. Cigarettes are also responsible for cancer of the stomach, pancreas, esophagus and even cervix;
  • other respiratory diseases such as emphysema or severe pneumonia or bronchitis;
  • stroke and myocardial infarction resulting from arterial clogging with smoking residues. Smoking also causes hypertension and atherosclerosis;
  • serious foetal damage in pregnant women, inability to carry a pregnancy and more frequent miscarriages than in non-smokers;
  • impotence in men;
  • difficult to treat allergies causing changes appearing on the skin, including an increased number of acne lesions.

Of course, this is only part of the disease that we are exposed to when we use a cigarette and, despite appearances, it is not only smokers who are exposed to it. Similarly, and according to many doctors, even more harmful is the so-called passive smoking, when a non-smoker has to inhale tobacco smoke, acting on it with even greater intensity. People living directly with a smoker, especially children, are at greater risk of developing illnesses from inhalation of the deadly substances in tobacco smoke.

Nicotine Free – quitting smoking like never before

We are aware that quitting smoking is not easy and most people only do so for a short time, after which they return to the habit. Everything really depends on many important factors, such as the number of cigarettes smoked per day, their composition or the duration of the addiction. Sometimes the level of addiction to nicotine is so high that its immediate cessation could cause serious health complications, which is why it is advisable to use the following measures to gradually get rid of nicotine addiction Nicotine Free. It is a modern dietary supplement in capsules, based exclusively on natural ingredients, allowing you to safely quit smoking while alleviating all the disturbing symptoms associated with it. Our body, when we stop supplying it with daily nicotine, can react quite rapidly, and thanks to Nicotine Free we can avoid the most serious effects of the so-called withdrawal syndrome:

  • the irritability effect, one of the most common symptoms of nicotine deficiency, which occurs almost immediately after cigarette withdrawal. The reason for this is the emerging shortage of dopamine and endorphins, whose increased secretion was stimulated by smoking. Increasing nervous tension can not only be a nuisance for smokers and their surroundings, but can also be a reason to smoke again;
  • a troublesome cough of a smoker, sometimes so intense, that it seems to us to be a symptom of a dangerous illness, e.g. pneumonia. In fact, it is an accompanying effect of lung cleansing from the remains of addiction, which starts as early as 24 hours after smoking ceases. However, this is a symptom that must not be underestimated in any case, because at a significant intensity it can mean that in our body already develop diseases caused by cigarettes, especially the above mentioned diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract;
  • a significant increase in weight, because when you throw cigarettes, you almost immediately start looking for a replacement, you want to take your hands off something, and most often you reach for sweets or other equally fattening snacks. This results in an uncontrollable snacking that can lead to increasing overweight and obesity. The substances contained in Nicotine Free help to fully control and effectively block excessive appetite.

Nicotine Free – multidimensional, complex action resulting from the composition of the supplement

Nicotine Free

Amongst a variety of supplements to help you get rid of this terrible addiction, Nicotine Free is primarily distinguished by its comprehensive action on each of the effects of smoking described above. This is due to its composition and careful selection of the substances that make up it, precisely in terms of the problems that plague every smoker. The manufacturer’s laboratories have selected the best, 100% natural ingredients of plant origin and combined them together in one small capsule. Thanks to this we can always count on the highest effectiveness of Nicotine Free, which is the responsibility of the whole range of active substances, among which the most important are:

  • green tea, not only helps to fight nicotine hunger, but also provides the body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins A, B, C, D and E, minerals: calcium, potassium, copper, fluorine, zinc and manganese. The effect of green tea is primarily to thoroughly cleanse the body of toxins, including those that remain after many years of smoking. This tea also effectively prevents associated diseases, stroke and heart attacks and reduces the risk of lung cancer and other cancers by more than five times;
  • african mango, an extract of exotic fruit from tropical African forests, also full of vitamins: B6, C, E and K, polyphenols, valuable Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fatty acids and dietary fiber. Just like green tea, it takes part in processes leading to purification of the body, effectively and quickly inhibits the feeling of nicotine hunger. It is also an effective remedy for weight gain, often following quitting smoking, and its active ingredients facilitate digestion and curb the growing appetite;
  • Chicory, used in the kitchen as an important ingredient in many tasty dishes, a vegetable with health properties that cannot be underestimated. It is a rich source of nutrients that are particularly important for smoking, as well as those that inhibit the desire to smoke. The vitamins and minerals contained in it allow you to quickly rebuild the nicotine-dried vital forces of the body, the immune system, its natural barrier protecting against infections and diseases;
  • chromium, an element that is even essential for the health and proper functioning of almost all systems of our body. The Nicotine Free has an extremely important function to perform, preventing fluctuations in blood sugar levels, keeping glucose at the right level at all times without compromising health. This is an important element to avoid eating between meals and the resulting weight gain;
  • glukomannan, an ingredient that prevents gastric problems in the first place, another frequent side effect of quitting smoking, which also needs to be dealt with. These may be troublesome constipations, sometimes even preventing normal emptying, disorders of intestinal peristalsis, which allows to eliminate the dietary fiber contained in glukomannan. This ingredient has one more advantage: the swelling in the stomach and its filling removes the feeling of hunger, thus preventing overweight.

Nicotine Free – recommended dosage and opinions of people who quit smoking thanks to it

The basic factor that makes it difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to quit smoking is the growing nicotine hunger, which is difficult to control. Its removal is the basic and most important task it has to fulfil. Nicotine Freewhich is completely safe to use at the same time and does not cause any adverse side effects. The dosage of the supplement recommended by the manufacturer is only two capsules a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, and that is enough to get out of the clutches of this terrible addiction after some time. The effectiveness of Nicotine Free is fully confirmed by the opinions of people who, thanks to it, stopped smoking and do not reach for cigarettes anymore. It can be said that in most cases they are even enthusiastic and praised is the plant, natural composition of tablets, their speed of action, versatility, including and counteracting particularly unfavourable weight gain. Many former smokers also emphasize the possibility of quitting smoking even after a dozen or so years of addiction, which we consider to be one of the biggest advantages of Nicotine Free.

Nicotine Free – where to buy it

That’s why if you’re having trouble sleeping on your eyelids and your family is constantly complaining about tobacco smoke in your home, it’s time to visit manufacturer’s website a supplement where you can place an order for any quantity of its packaging. It is also worthwhile to get acquainted with current price promotions that enable you to buy Nicotine Free in attractive packages:

  • Start program, one pack containing 60 tablets for monthly needs at a price of 23 €;
  • Recommended program, sufficient for 3 months of smoke-fighting, 3 packs, for which we will pay only 42 €;
  • Maximum Effect program, full and most effective six-month treatment, 6 packs, 360 tablets at a price of 63 €.
Nicotine Free

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