Niquitin Mini (opinions, price, effects…) – are the mini quit smoking pills really effective?

The Niquitin Mini are small suction pills hidden in a nice, handy package to be a secret weapon for those who want to say goodbye to their nicotine addiction. When we are in the mood for a cigarette, we reach for a teaspoon, and after a few moments, the desire to smoke disappears… Sounds very promising, but are these pills a permanent and effective way to quit smoking?

Niquitin Mini irritants – do they work or not?

drażetki Niquitin MiniSome people praise them strongly, others think that they are missing something and are not quite what they expected, yet others consider them ineffective. Like other quitting pills, Niquitin Mini pills are evaluated differently – everyone reacts to individual measures individually, and everyone has their own way to quit.

What are Niquitin Mini pills? There’s nothing fancy about them. They belong to the group of nicotine-based preparations, so their task is to “cheat” the body and satisfy nicotine hunger without having to reach for a cigarette.

Advantages of Niquitin Mini pastilles

Niquitin Mini tablets are designed for sucking, have a mild mint taste, are small, dissolve quickly and reduce nicotine hunger just as quickly. Their attention is attracted by the gadget-like packaging, which resembles a lighter in shape and size. The box is small, handy, comfortable to use and provides express access to the pill when we need it badly.

Niquitin Mini irritants can be bought in two variants – with higher (4 mg) and lower (1.5 mg) nicotine content, which is their big advantage. For a smoker for whom one (or more) pack of cigarettes a day is standard, a dose of 4 mg of nicotine in one lozenge is just right. But for someone who smokes 5 or 10 cigarettes a day, it would be too high.

For someone who wants to stop smoking, the Niquitin Mini tablets can be a great support. They contribute to reducing the frequency of reaching for a cigarette, help to quickly quell nicotine hunger, help to suppress unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (e.g. irritation, concentration problems). However, these pills are not without flaws.

Disadvantages of Niquitin Mini lozenges

First of all, taking the Niquitin Mini does not really free you from addictive nicotine, but only changes the way it is applied. Nicotine circulates in us all the time, so it is easy to return to cigarettes at some point. Secondly, treatment with Niquitin Mini tablets carries a risk of nicotine overdose and poisoning, e.g. if you take them too often or if you combine them with smoking.

Thirdly, there is a whole list of side effects that can occur after these pills – headaches and dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, pressure spikes, nervousness, throat irritation, etc. Unfortunately, these side effects appear in a significant number of people.

Niquitin Mini – price

The price of the Niquitin Mini is not too high – we will spend as much on one pack of pills as we spend on a pack of cigarettes – about 8 €. At least in theory. The final price depends on the pharmacy, so the cost may be higher. The second thing is the number of pills in one package – there are only 20 of them, so we have to reckon with quite frequent visits to pharmacies, unless we make a substantial stock.

Niquitin Mini – opinions

As I mentioned before, everyone has an individual way to quit, so it’s no wonder that opinions about Niquitin Mini vary. However, the average effectiveness of this preparation is most often emphasized. Yes, it helps to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked and thus weaken the addiction, but this is not the way to quit smoking definitively. There are also more extreme opinions about Niquitin Mini. Some of these lozenges have helped to gradually descend to zero cigarette smoke. There are also people who were not helped at all – they only caused a number of side effects and did not suppress the desire for inflammation at all.

Is there any alternative to nicotine tablets?

If you want to get rid of nicotine from your body and free your body from the addiction, it is worth to reach for a proven dietary supplement that will help to clear your body of toxins and at the same time suppress your appetite for smoking. I recommend the Nicorix, which helped me quit cigarettes permanently!

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