Nivelisan – revolutionary patches for muscle and joint pain

There is no denying that we cannot always enjoy full health and there are days in our lives when something starts to shout or hurt, most often in muscles, bones and joints. If these pains are of relatively low intensity, we usually underestimate them, saying colloquially that they simply need to be spread out. However, this is a mistake with serious consequences, because such ailments can be a harbinger of a disease developing in the body. We often owe it to ourselves to deepen it, using, for example, inappropriate analgesics, which allow to get rid of these ailments, but at the same time destroy the liver, stomach and even the entire digestive system. So it is better to save ourselves additional illnesses and popular pills that are to prevent joint and muscular pains from being replaced with more modern and less harmful pain patches. Nivelisancompletely safe and based exclusively on natural ingredients.

Muscle and joint pain – what is the most common cause of this pain?

Growing gradually or attacking our body with maximum force, joint and muscle pains are one of the most troublesome ailments, especially when they affect the spine area, e.g. in its lumbar region. Sometimes they are so strong that they even make it impossible to function, move or perform most seemingly mundane everyday activities. The causes of this uncomfortable state of affairs can be many, and the most common are simply mechanical injuries, sports injuries or the result of a fall and the resulting bruise or even a broken bone. Other equally frequently mentioned reasons for this type of ailment include

  • various viral diseases, most often undetected, the symptom of which is precisely the pain of muscles and joints, such as flu, cold, chickenpox;
  • Rheumatic diseases, fibromyalgia, arthritis and surrounding muscles, or common rheumatoid arthritis, an extremely difficult-to-treat chronic disease;
  • lupus erythematosus;
  • Lyme borreliosis, the result of a tick bite;
  • fatigue caused by excessive physical exertion.

All of these conditions give very clear and confusing symptoms that need to be addressed immediately, while at the same time getting to the root of the problem, which Nivelisan patches will help to eliminate.

Nivelisan – revolutionary, innovative composition

If you’re wondering what innovation, even revolutionary patches are all about… Nivelisanthe answer to that question lies in their composition. You will not find such a selection of active agents in any other product of this type, all substances are completely harmless, with absolutely no side effects. Each patch contains precisely measured doses, selected in terms of achieving maximum effectiveness of treatment in the shortest possible time, and these are substances such as:

  • curcumin, a substance obtained from turmeric, a popular and tasty spice. Not only does it give the spice its characteristic colour, but it also has many valuable, proven health properties. Among other things, it is an effective antioxidant, allowing for quick alleviation of infections and inflammations developing in the body, it also destroys free radicals, thus counteracting the aging processes of cells. It also has an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect;
  • MSM, methyl sulphonylmethane, sulfur compound, essential in the process of synthesis of compounds necessary for the proper development of connective tissue. It is an extremely effective and natural painkiller with an instant effect;
  • wild rose, another 100% natural ingredient, a rich source of vitamin C, which improves the oxygen level of cells and vitamins B9 and E, responsible in turn for improving blood circulation, which automatically translates into relief of pain related to improper blood circulation of muscles. Wild rose also has a positive effect on the functioning of muscle tissue by increasing the level of oxidation of fatty acids;
  • bark from the white willow, a tree known and used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, full of valuable substances, salicin, tannins, glycosides, organic acids and phenolic glycoside, contained in the bark. White willow is not called natural aspirin for nothing, thanks to which Nivelisan has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these properties it is recommended for bone and joint pains, relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism of soft tissues.

Nivelisan – immediate relief from pain

Not only the composition influences the innovation of these plasters, but also their own way of working, based on an extremely effective transdermal method. This means that all the active substances it contains NivelisanThey quickly reach the source of pain not through the gastrointestinal tract but directly through the skin. The ingredients are released gradually, without the risk of causing allergic reactions or irritations, e.g. stomach, and the therapeutic and above all analgesic effect is maintained for a very long time, in contrast to effective tablets usually not longer than 2 -3 hours. Transdermal method allows Nivelisan to maximize the effects of treatment, showing the highest proven effectiveness, and among its most important advantages it is worth mentioning:

  • speed of action, the pain starts to disappear as soon as 10 minutes after applying the patch, and if you continue the treatment for another 28 days, you can get rid of it completely;
  • reconstruction and strengthening of damaged tissues within the joints and spine by at least 87 percent, which also protects against relapses;
  • regain almost 100 percent of the former physical fitness, full comfort of movement, doing everything that was previously difficult or even impossible. Climbing stairs will no longer be a problem, as will long walks or playing your favourite sport;
  • getting rid of unpleasant and painful ailments, stiffening of joints, muscle spasms, or stiffening of the spine hindering proper bending;
  • exceptional simplicity of use, without the need for the help of specialists, the plaster can be applied in most cases on its own;
  • large savings in the high costs of other treatments, sometimes amounting to hundreds or thousands of euros per month, especially when taking into account the prices of commonly used painkillers, which are most often unreimbursed and fully paid;
  • practically complete lack of risk of occurrence of dangerous for health gastric ailments resulting from the use of traditional, oral drugs, adversely affecting the functioning of the digestive system, while disturbing the operation of many important organs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and even the heart.

Nivelisan – Patient usage and opinions

Using the Nivelisan patch is simple and comes down to putting it on dry skin where there is pain, which you can do yourself or with the help of someone in your family. It will also work in places such as the back, hip, neck or limbs, upper or lower, but remember that you can only apply one patch at a time. Manufacturer’s recommendations Nivelisan say clearly that we first eliminate one source of pain and only then we get on with the other, and the patches themselves are also waterproof, so there is no risk that they will come off while bathing.

Their effectiveness is fully confirmed by the opinions they enjoy among numerous patients suffering from severe pains located in different parts of the body. They showed high effectiveness and speed of action on headaches, even the strongest migraine ones, symptoms of sciatica, menstrual pains and post-traumatic spine ailments. The versatility of the application is also confirmed by specialists, many of whom were actively involved in testing before the plasters went on sale.

Nivelisan – how to buy it

Manufacturer Nivelisan chose the most advantageous form of distribution, of course from the point of view of the buyer, giving 100 percent guarantee of the original and fully effective product, always of the highest quality and at the best price. The contract shall be placed by websiteThere is a simple to fill out form, where you can enter the shipping data, the number of packages you want to order and the method of delivery, by courier, post or parcel machine. Nivelisan can now be bought at a lower, promotional price and quickly, once and for all, get rid of the chronic pain that accompanies us.

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