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Caring for one’s figure is an extremely important issue that we must not ignore in any way and should not only be concerned about fashion, but also, and above all, about our own health. Overweight and obesity have become serious social illnesses in many countries of the world, including Poland, and the sight of a fatty male or female body is no longer surprising to anyone. However, it is better to save yourself not only this unpleasant view at home, but also the associated dangerous diseases, often even life-threatening, and start to model your figure. Slim, slender and, above all, ideally muscled body is a dream that now lies within our reach, especially when we combine a healthy diet and a training plan developed by specialists with modern Nutrigo Lab supplements, useful at all stages of exercise. In several previous entries we described them in more detail, and now it is time to summarize and summarize what every sports and healthy lifestyle lover should use.

1. Nutrigo Lab Mass – rapid and safe growth of muscle tissue

The basis for any successful strength training is an early development of the mass, consisting of several equally important elements. The first one, which provides a solid basis for further action, is a well-balanced diet, full of products conducive to rapid but safe muscle growth. It is just as important to follow the instructions on the timing of meals, and the whole process can be further intensified by the regular use of Nutrigo Lab Mass.

It is a modern powder supplement with vanilla or chocolate flavour, from which we prepare tasty and, most importantly, nutritious cocktails, consisting of carefully selected substances such as..:

  • up to three types of proteins, differently assimilated by our body: whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep® (with 90 percent protein), Isolac® (with 90 percent protein), whey protein concentrate (80 percent protein);
  • a large amount of vitamins, headed by vitamin B6, which is involved in the protein metabolism;
  • zinc, a mineral that helps to maintain a high level of testosterone and supports protein synthesis in muscles;
  • high-energy carbohydrates and fats;
  • fibre, required for proper digestion of even the heaviest foods, thanks to which cholesterol is always at the right level, not dangerous to health;
  • BCCA branched-chain amino acids, primarily l-glutamine, regulating the process of supplying nitrogen to all muscle cells, required for their proper growth.

It is thanks to them that Nutrigo Lab Mass is characterized by such high effectiveness, allowing you to fully realize your training plans and giving a large portion of energy to exercise. Muscle tissue, to which we provide its basic building material, i.e. protein, grows with every workout, we can also enjoy the regulation of the favourable hormonal balance of the body.

2. Nutrigo Lab Strength – strength necessary not only for exercises

Muscle mass development is undoubtedly one of the most important stages of shaping our figure, but for intensive strength training we will need a lot of energy, which can be given by another revolutionary supplement, Nutrigo Lab Strength. There is no denying that regular training requires a lot of self-denial, and our body does not always have the capacity to cope with it. This is the task for the Nutrigo Lab Strength to achieve spectacular effects such as..:

  • increased efficiency and physical endurance, we will have the strength needed to perform all the exercises;
  • high level of concentration, also necessary in this form of training and quick reduction of fatigue effects;
  • intensification of all metabolic processes enabling combustion of excess fat tissue;
  • A short-term but motivating muscle pump effect that improves blood supply to the muscles where nitrogen levels increase, making them harder and more pronounced underneath the skin.

Nutrigo Lab Strength is a perfect pre-workout recommended by professional athletes, again a powder from which you can prepare a tasty cocktail, and the best way to drink it is just before your daily workout. Its action is instantaneous and they are responsible for its effectiveness:

  • The Strong VASCULAR Booster complex, responsible for increased durability and the creation of the muscle pump effect;
  • a similarly working CREATINE Cellular Energy Complex;
  • The NEURO Stimulant & Adaptogenic Blend, which gives you energy and reduces all the effects of training fatigue;
  • synephrine, bitter orange fruit extract, accelerates fat reduction, takes part in the process of thermogenesis;
  • Cocoa tree, whose ingredients, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids remove free radicals, protecting the body against many diseases;
  • mountain rosary, increasing the efficiency and endurance of the body;
  • annual paprika, a source of capsaicin, also giving us a large portion of energy needed not only for exercise, but also for normal daily activity, positively affecting also faster fat burning;
  • black pepper extract – Bioperine®, which contains a piperine with a similar effect to capsaicin.

3. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Eliminate fatigue and fully recover from training

Training for mass or muscle relief is sometimes so intense that we may have a problem with proper regeneration of the body, quickly restoring all the weakened forces. However, this should not be underestimated, and further exercises with poorly rested muscles may end up in a serious injury for a long time excluding us from training. That is why natural regeneration methods should be supported with Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, a regenerating beverage composed of beneficial ingredients. It has a pleasant, refreshing strawberry taste, but the most important is the content of as much as 90 percent of active ingredients, the most important of which are:

  • Whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep®, supplementing protein deficiencies in muscles caused by intensive exercise;
  • casein hydrolysate – PeptoPro®, a substance with anti-catabolic properties, effectively preventing the painful process of muscle tissue breakdown, accelerating also the absorption of other nutrients necessary for their regeneration, including the amino acids described below;
  • amino acids: l – leucine, accelerating muscle regeneration and regulating blood sugar levels, l – glutamine, increasing efficiency, removing toxins from the body that disturb muscle growth, l – valine, protecting muscle tissue against breakdown, taking part in the synthesis of its cells, and l – isoleucine, accelerating the regeneration of damaged tissues after an injury, also facilitating the healing of possible wounds;
  • black pepper extract, in which the main role is played by piperine, acting on many levels, helping to burn fat tissue, regulating all digestive processes, having a beneficial effect on physical condition and mental well-being;
  • Vitamin B6, supporting the functioning of the nervous and immune systems, taking an active part in protein synthesis, thus helping to regenerate tired and often damaged muscles.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration has a level of performance that no other product of this type can demonstrate. Supplements nutritional deficiencies caused by intensive training, allowing you to take full advantage of the phenomenon of anabolic window, which is the time when our body can best assimilate and use them, providing muscles with much-needed rest. At the same time it removes other, equally negative effects of fatigue, giving you strength for even more intensive exercises.

4. Nutrigo Lab Burner – the highest level of fat burning

The way to the muscular figure is not straightforward, and one of the most serious obstacles that can make it difficult is the excess of fat lying on the body, most often in the form of an unaesthetic tire on the abdomen. It is especially difficult to burn, and replacing it with a strikingly outlined musculature, this dream “six-pack”, will require the use of Nutrigo Lab Burner, one of the most effective fat burners available on the market in our country. It is a modern, multi-component supplement that allows you to quickly get rid of fat and convert it into hard and strong muscles, which is responsible for such substances as..:

  • Sinetrol® Xpur, an extract from citrus fruits with guarana, with thermogenic properties, burning fat as a result of safe body temperature increase, to which caffeine contained in guarana provides energy;
  • Citrin®, an garcinia cambogia extract with hydroxycitric acid, appetite suppressant, fatty acid synthesis and “bad” blood cholesterol;
  • Raspberry fruits, full of vitamins, minerals and other equally valuable nutrients that help reduce body fat by regulating the digestive system. They also contain naradrenaline, a substance that prevents the accumulation of fats in the body;
  • BioPerine® black pepper extract, necessary for the proper course of metabolic processes aimed at effective fat burning;
  • curcuma, an extract from long oyster, which also regulates digestion and takes part in the metabolism of fats;
  • chromium, which not only takes an active part in the process of fat burning, catching most of the free fatty acids, but also preventing the re-deposition of its cells.

Unlike other Nutrigo products, Nutrigo Lab Burner is a tablet intended for people over 18 years of age, not only athletes, but anyone who wants to get rid of fat from their thighs, hips and abdomen. Only two capsules a day are enough to enjoy full effects after a short time, weight loss of up to 9 kg per month and the conversion of fat tissue into dream muscles.

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Nurtigo Lab – Benefit from the entire supplement package

One product from the Nutrigo Lab series can make your dreams of a muscular, athletic body come true, but using all of them will give you results you’ve never dreamed of before. They can be successfully used at all stages of training, Nutrigo Lab Mass will help in the process of gaining mass necessary to convert it into muscles, Nutrigo Lab Strength will give us strength and endurance, the process of regeneration of tired muscles will help Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, and the removal of excess tissue will accelerate Nutrigo Lab Burner.

As a result, we receive a set of supplements positively evaluated by both the athletes taking them, as well as professional coaches and dieticians, so it is worth following their advice and in a relatively short period of time arouse admiration with their new silhouette.

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