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Summer is approaching in great steps, may it only be not as hot as last year, so the long-awaited holiday period is coming, the time for carefree rest, including lying on a sunny beach. Unfortunately, many men do not wait for this with longing, being ashamed to show their body, full of fat rollers and not beautifully outlined muscles. The truth is that their expansion is a long-term process, so it is better to deal with it today by using dietary supplements that support it, in addition to diet and a strict training regime, such as Nutrigo Lab Mass. This delicious cocktail, available in two flavours, most effectively activates muscle growth at all stages of training and is recommended by the best strength athletes.

Muscle mass gain – how to get started

If you do not want to hide your belly and chest under your T-shirt all summer long, but only expose them arousing admiration of the environment, especially the opposite sex, we should learn a few rules, thanks to which our muscles will grow rapidly. An absolute basis is, of course, a healthy, well-balanced diet, which, in combination with a healthy diet, is the basis for a healthy, well-balanced diet. Nutrigo Lab Mass will produce results that we could only dream of so far. The rules drawn up by dieticians in consultation with professional trainers are very simple and just enough:

  • remember to eat the two most important meals of the day, breakfast and dinner, the first one gives us energy for the whole day of activity, while the second one replenishes the calories lost during this time;
  • consumption of five meals a day at regular intervals, and the calories needed are calculated on the basis of daily needs, adding 10 percent to the result;
  • elimination from the diet everything that is unhealthy, including stimulants, especially alcohol, at the forefront of a high-calorie beer, quickly deposited in the form of a rondelles growing on the stomach;
  • strict adherence to the iron training regime, and the use of Nutrigo Lab Mass after some time will significantly increase the efficiency of the body. It is best if the exercise plan is drawn up by a professional trainer taking into account our actual capabilities in this area.

Nutrients essential for muscle tissue growth

However, proper muscle development is mainly conditioned by the nutrients supplied to them, also contained in each Nutrigo Lab Mass portion, and the most important, whose importance cannot be underestimated, is:

  • protein, the basic building block of our muscle tissue. Unfortunately, it is difficult to deliver them only in meals, and possible deficiencies are well supplemented with dietary supplements, in order to reach the total recommended by specialists amount of 2.5 g per each kilogram of body weight;
  • carbohydrates, which provide us with much-needed energy, not only for exercise. Carbohydrates also take an active part in the processes leading to the burning of excess body fat, acting as a fuel for muscles, in the form of glycogen, enabling their proper and rapid growth;
  • amino acids, responsible for accelerating muscle growth, which are also of great importance in their regeneration after even the greatest physical effort. They protect muscle tissue against catabolism, its breakdown as a result of lack of adequate amounts of nutrients;
  • fats, without which the body will never be able to properly assimilate other, equally important components, especially the so much-needed vitamins.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – composition of the supplement

Without such a set of substances that nourish our muscles, we don’t even have anything to think about increasing their weight, so Nutrigo Lab Mass manufacturers have included them in their supplement. This way, taking his recommended daily dose, we deliver to the body:

  • several forms of easily assimilable protein, differing mainly in percentage protein content, the most important of which are: whey protein isolate – Isolac® (90 percent protein), whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep® (90 percent protein), whey protein concentrate (80 percent protein);
  • valuable and equally essential fats, representing 5 per cent of the total composition;
  • high-energy carbohydrates, as much as 22 percent of one portion of the supplement;
  • fibre, a component without which there can be no proper digestion of food, a substance that we must provide with food, the best and most effective help in slimming, also helping to maintain cholesterol at a proper level, safe for health;
  • vitamins, especially B6, necessary for the proper process of protein metabolism, responsible also for increasing the physical performance of the body;
  • zinc, one of the most important minerals for maintaining health, thanks to which every man can count on a high level of testosterone and equally high protein synthesis in the muscles;
  • extremely valuable amino acids, in Nutrigo Lab Mass in the form of a branched BCCA, containing a large amount of l – glutamine, an amino acid naturally occurring in muscles, responsible for transporting nitrogen to all muscle cells and supporting their development. It is necessary to always maintain an adequate level of this substance in order to avoid a decrease in strength, endurance and regenerative capacity of the organism.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – Performance, efficacy and dosage

Analysing the composition Nutrigo Lab MassWe immediately notice that such a thoughtful selection of the substances that make up it automatically translates into high, confirmed by tests effectiveness. Including a supplement in your diet results, among other things, in the aforementioned increase in the efficiency of your body, so you can intensify workouts, for example by doing more repetitions per series of exercises. Thanks to this, you can count on fast, visible muscle mass development, which is maintained all the time, of course, if we continue to follow the diet and the assumed training plan. The body regenerates faster, regardless of the physical effort it undergoes, which is facilitated by the supply of all the above mentioned nutrients in perfectly matched doses. The hormonal economy is also regulated, with a simultaneous increase in the production of growth hormone and glycogen, which is so necessary for strength training to achieve the intended results.

Nutrigo Lab Massunlike other mass supplements usually available in tablets, it takes the form of a powder to make a nutritious and healthy cocktail. We have a choice of two flavours, chocolate and vanilla, so everyone will find the one that suits them best. The recommended dosage is just 1 – 2 glasses per day, drunk between meals and made from four servings of Nutrigo Mas Lab mixed with 200 ml of non-carbonated water, preferably mineral water or milk.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – reviews and buying a supplement

Summing up all the advantages of the Nutrigo Lab Mass, the form of an easy to prepare beverage and the high efficiency resulting directly from its composition, it is not surprising that it enjoys positive feedback. It is praised by users who want to increase their muscle mass quickly, as well as dietetic and sports specialists who recommend the supplement not only to gym exercise enthusiasts. It will be useful for anyone who likes to be physically active and spend time in the open air, and not at home in front of a computer or TV set.

The Nutrigo Lab Mass is available directly at the manufacturer’s websitewho also sells his product. This is another, often emphasised advantage, the best guarantee of receiving a 100% original supplement at a price that no one else will offer. The price of a single package, regardless of taste, is 86 €, the shipment is carried out quickly, so that you can enjoy the effects of the action as soon as possible.

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