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nutrigo lab regeneration

The importance of developing muscle mass in strength training cannot be underestimated, nor can increasing the efficiency of the body to quickly achieve all the desired results. However, equally important, but unfortunately often underestimated, is the regeneration, complementing the weakened forces by performing many series of often extremely intensive exercises. You need to be really consistent in this matter, which will allow you to avoid possible injuries, muscle pain and full implementation of your training plan. Natural regeneration methods may prove to be effective, but they are worth supporting with high quality dietary supplements, such as Nutrigo Lab Regenerationa strawberry-flavoured regenerating drink.

Regeneration after training – why is it so important?

Proper regeneration of the body should therefore become one of the most important parts of every workout, especially the aforementioned strength training. It is almost as important as the way of performing individual exercises or a balanced healthy diet, while allowing you to increase your stamina. During intensive exercises in our muscles there are a number of chemical and biological reactions, and sometimes there can also be physical damage to muscle fibres, their stretching or even painful tearing. You can also see many other disturbing symptoms in your body, which include, above all, the following:

  • a decrease in performance, usually excluding not only further training, but in extreme cases even hindering normal movement, combined with a feeling of great fatigue;
  • increased risk of injury;
  • severe pain in the muscles;
  • accumulation of toxins and other equally harmful metabolic products in the body, e.g. in muscles, lactic acid is accumulated;
  • loss of important nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins as a result of exercise, requiring immediate replenishment. We also lose large amounts of fluids, which can result in dangerous dehydration.

So let us not underestimate the importance of rest, bearing in mind that proper regeneration should last from 24 to 48 hours. During this time, the body calms down, starts to function properly again, and muscle mass growth, the effect that we wanted to achieve, takes place during rest, not during training. In addition, the whole process may be intensified by the following Nutrigo Lab RegenerationIt supports the development of muscles and supplements all nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – a composition tailored to the needs of all athletes

Natural regeneration methods are certainly effective, but most professional athletes use the following methods Nutrigo Lab RegenerationHe can quickly return to interrupted training without fear of lack of strength. This supplement is recommended especially for all lovers of bodybuilding, this difficult, but at the same time extremely beautiful sport, and this is why each portion of it contains as much as 90 percent of active ingredients. They have been thoroughly tested to maximise their effects and therefore Nutrigo Lab Regeneration contains substances such as..:

  • whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep®, a substance patented by the manufacturer, easily assimilable, so you can instantly fill in all the deficiencies of this most important building block of our muscle tissue, without which there is no question of its proper growth;
  • casein hydrolysate – PeptoPro®, another component responsible for rapid muscle growth. Casein has long been used by athletes, mainly because of its anti-catabolic properties, i.e. preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue and for increasing the absorption of amino acids, also accelerating the development of muscles.
  • I – leucine, an amino acid essential for every strength training. Unfortunately, our body is not able to produce it on its own, so it must be supplied with food or as a component of dietary supplements such as Nutrigo Lab Regeneration. It accelerates muscle regeneration, increases overall physical fitness, and allows you to control blood sugar levels;
  • l – glutamine, another amino acid, this time found in our blood and brain, improving efficiency at high physical activity, taking an active part in nitrogen metabolism, removing toxins from the body, including ammonia and other metabolic products that can interfere with the proper growth of muscle mass;
  • l – valine, as well as casein protecting muscle tissue against uncontrolled decay, which must also be supplied with food or in the form of supplements. It takes part in the process of muscle protein synthesis, provides energy necessary for exercise, increases muscle strength and mass, reduces excess body fat, effectively removes fatigue effects;
  • l – isoleucine, branched amino acid, another component protecting muscles against catabolism, participating in the process of regeneration of damaged tissues, which may happen in case of injury, accelerating their healing, affecting also protein synthesis in muscles and liver;
  • black pepper fruit extract containing a piperine with slimming properties to help burn excess body fat quickly, regulate digestion, support concentration and improve overall psychophysical condition;
  • Vitamin B6, essential for the proper functioning of many important systems of our body, especially the immune and nervous systems. It participates in the transformation of carbohydrates and fats into energy and, like the above mentioned components, in protein synthesis, thus promoting muscle growth and regeneration.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – broad spectrum of operation

The numerous advantages of this supplement should benefit everyone who cares about quick muscle regeneration, which is possible even after the most exhausting workout. Thanks to such a composition, Nutrigo Lab Regeneration delivers precisely measured doses of nutrients lost during exercise, immediately filling in all the gaps. It is worthwhile to take an interest in its use also due to other, often emphasized advantages, such as full use of the anabolic window phenomenon. This is the time immediately after the training, usually lasting up to 2 – 3 hours, when our body is able to use all the nutrients supplied to it most effectively, which perfectly affects its full regeneration, especially muscle tissue.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration instantly removes all fatigue effects while giving you energy for further exercise or other forms of physical activity. Its regular use also ensures full replenishment of glycogen stores and avoids muscle pain, which is often encountered in strength sports. All active ingredients are fully absorbed about half an hour after taking the preparation, maximizing the results achieved.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Use and purchase of the supplement

Only one dose is needed to obtain them. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration A nutritious and healthy drink is prepared by dissolving the contents of the sachet in 200 ml of water, preferably mineral, non-carbonated water. The refreshing, strawberry taste will surely appeal to everyone and by drinking it every day, we provide the body with everything it needs, a fuel that supports our body’s capabilities, enabling proper, safe muscle growth, without the risk of injury and giving it strength to take on new challenges. Positive opinions of users and specialists fully confirm the effects that Nutrigo Lab Regeneration gives us, it is also recommended by many coaches and professional athletes who have successfully included it into their diets.

It is definitely worth joining them, and the supplement is bought, like other Nutrigo products, by placing an order through manufacturer’s website. The purchase price of one package is €93, but in this case we can also take advantage of the promotion that allows you to buy three packages at the same time, one of which will be given free of charge.

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