How does your body react when you quit smoking?

People have different ways to quit smoking. I’ve heard about such lucky people, what they just burn the package to the end, the next one they don’t buy and never return to the habit. I know these people, but still… It’s a science fiction to me. Luckily, there are specifics for this. There are a lot of them on the market, and just like I didn’t immediately find an effective one, many people before me (and probably after me). Continue reading

Nicorix – opinions, composition, price, effects… Quitting smoking accompanied by an effective nicotine hunger blocker

Quitting smoking is a tough challenge for most people. We usually look for support in preparations known from TV commercials, but I recommend you something completely different. This is the Nicorix that helped me free myself from the claws of a nicotine addiction some time ago. Its strength lies in the natural ingredients, which are distinguished by a very interesting mechanism of action. With the Nicorix, like me and many of my friends, you will stop being a slave to nicotine. I encourage you to quit smoking and read the article!

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Zyban – opinions, action and effects (also side effects) of a strong anti-tobacco drug

I decided to write a few words about a drug called Zyban. It is not as popular as the Desmoxan or other over-the-counter quitting products, but there is much talk about its high effectiveness in combating persistent addiction. I had the pleasure to get to know Zyban not from the autopsy (I quit smoking accompanied by another agent), but from the stories of a friend who unfortunately suffered many negative side effects after using it. Before you get to that medicine, you should know some important information about it.

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Smoker’s cough – symptoms and control methods

The most effective way to cough a smoker? Quit smoking! When you say goodbye to your addiction, annoying and sometimes even unbearable cough, it will gradually pass. However, if you haven’t reached the point in your life where you would like to stop smoking completely, try at least to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and use one of the following methods.

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How to quit smoking and not get fat?

I’ve managed to stop smoking without any extra pounds on my weight. Nevertheless, I have met (and continue to meet) many people in my environment who, after throwing cigarettes out of their lives, have clearly gained weight. There is a significant link between nicotine withdrawal and weight gain, but by taking appropriate measures, this can be prevented. Learn how to quit smoking and not get fat.

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Desmoxan. Is it worth believing in commercials? Opinion on the pills.

How did I decide to quit smoking?

desmoxanUsually, quitting smoking is a long process which involves making many attempts to quit and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Nothing like that happened to me – I smoked and I was fine with it, I didn’t limit it, because I guess why. As a smoker, I never felt discriminated against, and the comments of my family and non-smoking friends about the destructive power of my addiction were passed on despite my ears. Smoking also had no negative impact on my health (or at least I thought so). The morning cough was passing quickly, besides, I felt good, and the energy for the whole day was given to me by a large amount of black, sweet coffee. Continue reading

HairNovum – plant-based tablets to prevent hair loss


Asphyxiation can be treated in two completely different ways, regardless of whether it affects men or women. On the one hand, in the male case, this is a completely natural process, occurring in men of a certain age, with which most of them simply accept the increasing baldness. On the other hand, excessive and usually accelerated hair loss can herald some developing conditions in the body, being an overwhelming symptom. Besides, alopecia itself is also a disease requiring appropriate treatment preceded by a proper diagnosis, which is a task for a doctor or a professional triageologist. It is also worthwhile to prevent its progress by using appropriate drugs or dietary supplements, and one of the best and most effective is HairNovum…with a natural, plant-based composition.

Hair loss – the causes of hair loss

Since alopecia, i.e. excessive hair loss, is a disease, it is necessary to know all its causes, which, contrary to appearances, are not so obvious, before undertaking treatment. Most of us think that if it’s natural, you don’t have to worry too much about it and take proper care of both the hair and the scalp. However, every hair, even the smallest one, needs the right conditions for proper growth and development. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple and gives extremely negative results, causing just fast and intensive alopecia.

Main causes of alopecia, indicated by specialists:

  • the mentioned serious hygienic negligence, lack of frequent head washing with carefully selected, high quality cosmetics, e.g. shampoos against baldness. This causes, among other things, excessive seborrhea, which not only leads to the development of acne changes, but clogged pores also weaken hair and result in hair loss. It is extremely important to choose the right shampoo for your skin and hair type, whether dry or oily;
  • hereditary tendencies, which may seem a little strange, because how can you inherit baldness from your ancestors. However, this is possible, although more than hair loss itself, we inherit skin problems that can lead to this, and research is clear on this point;
  • the way we eat, or, in short, the diet, also having a significant impact on the condition of our hair. We live in a time when most people don’t pay much attention to their meals, contenting themselves with just about anything, usually unhealthy fast food. This is not the right approach, as our hair and scalp need to be properly nourished, provided with the necessary ingredients for their health, and with an appropriate diet we can also effectively avoid obesity and overweight. It is also worthwhile to support oneself with such means as HairNovum, which have all the necessary vitamins and minerals in their composition;
  • diseases whose baldness is a symptom and those that directly cause it. We are talking here about thyroid diseases, very dangerous lupus erythematosus, autoimmune disease, or anaemia also closely related to our diet. Equally frequent causes are diseases affecting the scalp, various types of infections such as fungal or bacterial infections causing the development of inflammation;
  • use of some powerful medications that can also cause hair weakness and loss;
  • hormonal disorders, which causes one of the most frequent causes of alopecia, i.e. transformation of testosterone into DHT, a variety that has a negative impact on the functioning of hair follicles, and in time leads to their complete destruction;
  • states of strong nervous tensions, with stress at the forefront, which when untreated have the same negative effect on our hair. Let’s not underestimate them under any circumstances, because apart from falling out handfuls of hair, we will also have to struggle with insomnia.

HairNovum – natural, vegetable composition of tablets

Of course, we’ve only given some of the reasons why our hair is starting to fall out at an accelerated and sometimes unstoppable rate. However, we recommend that you keep an eye on your body and react immediately if you notice any disturbing changes. If they appear, it means it’s time to apply HairNovuma revolutionary dietary supplement to effectively prevent hair loss. It was developed by Prof. Anthony Bury, a trichologist with great professional experience, who based the action of his tablets exclusively on natural plant-based ingredients. The high and repeatedly confirmed effectiveness of HairNovum results from the use of such active substances as

1. soya bean extract

The first ingredient responsible for restoring full health to our hair is soya bean extract. It is a pod plant, the most widespread in Southeast Asia, valued there for its numerous properties for hundreds of years. Both the kitchen and medicine use its grains, full of nutrients useful not only for hair. It is a rich source of easily assimilated, full-bodied protein, and in addition to it we can find other substances such as:

  • B vitamins, even essential for proper hair growth. They positively influence the development and subsequent functioning of hair bulbs, protect hair against weather conditions and effectively reduce dandruff;
  • lipids, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic, oleic and a – linolenic;
  • the most valuable phytoestrogens, having, among other things, anti-cancer effects, also preventing the development of skin cancer;

In addition to the beneficial effect on the condition of hair, it is also worth mentioning such pro-health properties of soya, as lowering the level of bad cholesterol in blood, which is of great importance in the treatment and prevention of heart and cardiovascular diseases. In women, on the other hand, soya alleviates all the intense symptoms of menopause, which also have an adverse effect on their hairstyle. It is also worth taking it, also in the form of HairNovum tablets, to strengthen the body’s weakened immunity, thus reducing its susceptibility to various diseases.

2 Wheat grain extract (Triticum)


Another ingredient, also of natural origin, is hidden under the little-known name Triticum, which simply means wheat. There is no denying that extracts made from this variety of grain are commonly used in medicine, so it should not be surprising that they are also found in HairNovum. Practically all its parts are used, not only the grains, but also the sprouts from which a healthy oil is produced, with a large amount of natural vitamin E, also needed by hair and our skin. It moisturizes it from the deepest layers up to the epidermis, restores elasticity, heals inflammation and irritation, improves the action of sebaceous glands, inhibiting excessive sebum secretion, also leading to acne. This creates the perfect environment for new hair, while regenerating the weak and fragile ones. Vitamin E also contains an extremely valuable and unique ingredient, tocopherol, which strengthens blood vessels, enabling proper blood supply to the scalp. This is important for hair growth mainly due to better oxygenation of the hair follicles responsible. The extracts obtained from Triticum also have other proven health properties, preventing and helping to treat the following ailments:

  • too high a level of blood sugar, which they quickly reduce;
  • as high and sometimes life-threatening hypertension;
  • diseases caused by excess stored toxins and other similarly negative metabolic products.

3) Climbazole, or climbazole, a versatile agent

The last active agent found in HairNovum is an ingredient called Climbazole, or climbazole, found in popular hair cosmetics and dietary supplements. Its use is fully justified as it helps to effectively combat many diseases and other ailments occurring in the scalp and hair. It is an organic compound with an antifungal effect and has an extremely wide range of medical applications. It is effective against various species of fungi, the development of which leads to their formation:

  • seborrheic dermatitis, which is the cause of acne and of course hair loss;
  • Dandruff, which not only looks unsightly but also leads to accelerated alopecia.

Climbazoles, contained in the appropriate dose in each tablet inhibits these processes, and its regular supply promotes rapid regrowth of healthy, strong hair.

HairNovum – a comprehensive action for our hair

If you are looking for the right pills for a new, thick hairstyle, it’s worth reaching for HairNovum. Its composition is already a sufficient incentive and the positive effect of each substance contained in it is confirmed by trichologists, specialists such as Professor Bury. Therefore, it is worth trusting their professional experience and taking the regularly recommended dose, the first positive changes will be noticed after just three days of the treatment. Continuing with this will allow you to enjoy strong hair again, achieving hair growth of up to 3 mm in 7 days. Other effects indicated by the patients and the professionals mentioned are

  • virtually a hundred percent stopping hair loss;
  • Faster regeneration of damaged bulbs and hair follicles;
  • normalization of sebaceous glands, which reduces sebaceous secretion;
  • no even the smallest amount of dandruff;
  • Strengthening the hair, nourishing it well, so it grows stronger, thicker and has a deep colour.

Deserved positive feedback from patients fully supports this multifaceted HairNovum action, which you can read more closely about by visiting website its producer. Using it, we will also place an order by simply completing the contact form. All you need to do is to provide your name, surname and contact number, and the other formalities related to the purchase will be dealt with in an interview with a company consultant calling us back. The price of one package is currently promotional, it is only about 33 € and it is worth taking advantage of such an attractive offer, because the joy of a new hairstyle has no price.