PhenQ: opinions, composition, effects…. Are they effective capsules for slimming?

The road to a slim figure can be long, complicated and full of failures, which mostly result from poorly selected diets and dubious quality tablets. Recently, more and more attention of people trying to lose weight, are attracting capsules PhenQ. Are they effective?

PhenQ- repository i action

The manufacturer PhenQ convinces us that the preparation works with the strength of all other capsules for slimming taken together. It focuses on several different tasks and not just one, as most supplements do.

Some active substances PhenQ suppress appetite, others add vigor and increase the willingness to physical activity, others accelerate metabolism, others “deal with” with fat. On the manufacturer’s website we can also read that capsules PhenQ have a positive effect on the mood, which, as we know, is often disturbed in people struggling with obesity. They are responsible for all these properties:

  • Capsimax Powder – increases thermogenesis, stimulates metabolism, leads to more intensive calorie burning.

  • Calcium carbonate – prevents the body from storing fat and helps to maintain proper body weight.

  • Chromium – helps to maintain proper sugar levels in the body, blocks appetite, prevents eating.

  • Cactus nopal extract – contains dietary fiber, inhibits hunger, adds energy.

  • L-carnitine – during longer physical activity increases the burning of accumulated fat tissue.

PhenQfeedback i effects

It is impossible not to agree that PhenQ has an interestingly thought-out composition. This multi-purpose preparation seems to be the ideal recipe for overweight problems. Opinions about PhenQ make it clear, however, that these capsules are not fully effective. Maybe the doses of active substances are too small? Or simply something is missing in this preparation? In any case, most people who have had to deal with PhenQ, say that it works on average. It inhibits appetite, but for a short time after taking the capsule, the habit of eating anyway lets you know about itself.

As for the rate of fat burning by PhenQ, reviews are also not the best. Most people did not notice any significant weight loss. When it comes to increasing energy levels, PhenQ is doing well. As a result of the caffeine contained in the preparation, there is an effect of stimulation. It is easier to mobilize for activity than without the assistance of tablets. As for the promised improvement in mood, most people did not see it.


Capsules PhenQ add energy, to some extent help to reduce the habit of eating and slightly accelerate weight loss. However, they do not work with a power exceeding that of other capsules for slimming. Taking into account the mode of action of individual ingredients and subjective opinions, it can be deduced that PhenQ copes best with simultaneous intensive physical training and diet. However, if it is particularly difficult for us to motivate ourselves to practice sport and change our diet, the preparation may be ineffective or moderately effective.

In this case, a proven and effective slimming preparation called Silvets is worth recommending. Its composition is based on strong natural substances, which makes it the most effective on the market.

What including Silvets i why guns harder as of others preparations per slimming?

The ingredients of a good slimming supplement should work effectively in themselves, but also cooperate well with each other. The combination of several strong substances with complementary effects is a patent for powerful slimming effects. Such feature is characterized by just Silvets. Its composition is formed:

  • Berry extract Acai – a highly valued ingredient in the dietary supplements industry for weight loss. A rich source of fiber, metabolism booster and treasury of vitamins and minerals in one. A very effective ingredient for appetite suppression, improved metabolism and release of energy and vitality.

  • Guarana – a natural ingredient with stimulating properties. Thanks to guarana, the feeling of fatigue disappears, our physical abilities improve, and it is much easier to mobilize to take up activity. It also reduces appetite, improves metabolism and leads to a faster reduction in body fat.

  • Green tea extract – one of the most valuable natural substances showing positive influence on the process of fat tissue burning. Stimulates metabolism, inhibits hunger, regulates digestion, supports fat burning.

  • Bioperine (piperine) and cayenne – stimulate metabolism, increase thermogenesis (thanks to which our body burns more calories), promote fat reduction.

  • L-carnitine – enhances the process of drawing energy from fat reserves during physical activity.

Silvetswhere buy?

Silvets w inimitable wise activates our flesh while keen disposals oneself inventories w forms tissues fatty acids. Causes, that eaten markedly less, markedly anymore oneself get started i markedly quicker We lose weight. It is supportive even for persons, which fierce difficult mobilise oneself while movements i diets.

If you want to become the owner of the most effective slimming tablets on the market, reach for Silvets! A 100% guarantee of the original, fully effective preparation will only be given by purchasing the capsules on the official website of the capsule manufacturer.

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