Piperine – black pepper not only for weight loss

Anyone who is at least a little interested in cooking has one of the most popular spices in the kitchen, which is certainly black pepper. It is an addition to many dishes, with a characteristic, slightly baking taste, which is due to the content of a chemical compound called piperine. It is a 100% natural, safe substance, and thanks to it pepper is something more than just a simple spice, and its numerous, extremely valuable health properties cannot be underestimated.

Piperine – what is it really?

Piperine is a chemical compound, belonging to the group of alkaloids, found in the shell of black pepper fruits, a plant originating from south-east Asia, colorless or yellow, soluble substance, whose sharp, burning taste cannot be confused with anything else. For years, it has been used in medicine because of its health properties, beneficial effects on the human body, and especially on the digestive system. It is encountered as a popular addition to many supplements improving digestion and metabolism, effectively supporting the weight loss process.

Piperine – health properties

Piperine obtained from these small, black grains and giving taste to our favourite dishes, has long been used both in the treatment and prevention of many, often even very serious diseases. So it’s worth including pepper or piperine supplements in your diet, and its health properties most often indicated by specialists are:

  • regulation of all digestive processes by increasing the intensity of secretion of digestive juices. It is also included in the group of so-called thermogenic substances, i.e. substances that increase body temperature and thus accelerate our metabolism;
  • better blood supply to the digestive system, so that all the nutrients that we provide with food are absorbed faster;
  • prevention of heart and circulatory system diseases, minimizes the risk of clots, strokes and heart attacks;
  • more efficient functioning of the immune system, increases resistance to various infections;
  • diuretic and cleansing action, facilitating the elimination of toxins and other hazardous metabolic products and dangerous parasites from the body;
  • slowdown of neurodegenerative processes, inevitable with age, improvement of general mental condition, treatment of depressive symptoms;
  • increase mental capacity, especially concentration and memory, which is useful at all ages;
  • antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Piperine helps to fight cancer cells without damaging the healthy ones.

Piperine – effective for slimming

Such advantages are certainly undeniable, but the ever growing popularity of piperine is mainly due to its slimming properties. Regular eating of the recommended amounts of black pepper increases the intensity of the process of thermogenesis, safely increases the body temperature to help burn excess body fat and the process of lipase, which in turn burns excess calories. Piperine helps to burn fat in other ways, too, by directly influencing the genes that are responsible for the formation and accumulation of fat cells.

It regulates the secretion of gastric, pancreatic and other important digestive enzymes, and most importantly, it does not cause any side effects, so its use is completely safe. Only be careful not to overdose it, which may lead to irritation of stomach mucous membranes, and the maximum duration of its use should not exceed 3 months, at the recommended daily dose of 5 – 10 mg. It is also worth remembering that it is a substance that only supports digestion and fat burning, and without a healthy, properly balanced diet and a large portion of daily physical activity we do not have anything to dream of a large and fast weight loss.

Piperine – effects and opinions

As you can see, piperine is not a miracle remedy for losing weight, but its numerous advantages make it an important ingredient in supplements that make it much easier to lose weight. Their effectiveness has been confirmed not only by professional dieticians, but also by medical specialists, so it is worth deciding to use one of them. The path to the desired slim figure will certainly be easier, and with the piperine tablets, we can expect a comprehensive and versatile action. Gradually, all digestive processes and metabolism in the body will improve, and the body will be almost completely cleansed of toxins. There will also be a visible reduction in the amount of fat that is deposited on the abdomen, thighs or hips, which will be replaced by more and more powerful muscle tissue.

Among many preparations with the addition of piperine, which can be bought on the Polish market, two particularly favorable stand out, Piperinox and Silvets, rich in many other substances, thanks to which we will quickly return to the desired, lower weight. They contain cayenne pepper extracts, ginger rhizomes and guarana or the popular acai berries, known to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Opinions about piperin can be found on numerous discussion forums devoted to slimming, but unfortunately they are not clearly positive. We can also meet with more critical in tone, although the most common defects of the piperine are its slightly too slow action. In our opinion, however, it is worthwhile to be patient, wait, and the effects obtained thanks to it can be really surprising.

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