Profolan – effectively stops baldness

Nowadays, men pay more and more attention to taking care of their appearance, and one of the most important attributes of not only female but also male beauty is undoubtedly hair. Strong, thick hair, deprived of gray hair, is also a sign of health and vitality, and therefore a serious problem for many men is its rapid, excessive thinning. Growing baldness is a cause of great stress and a consequent decline in self-esteem, so when you notice this worrying phenomenon, you need to act immediately, first and foremost by diagnosing its causes.

Hair loss – what causes it most often

There is no denying that this problem affects men in particular, once mainly older men, but now it affects even 20-year-olds. The reasons for this state of affairs are really many, their proper detection should be handled by a specialist, a professional trichologist or dermatologist, and the most frequently mentioned is this:

  • genetic factors that cause androgenic alopecia in almost 87 percent of patients,
  • chronic diseases accompanied by accelerated hair loss, lupus erythematosus, hypothyroidism, dermatophytosis and many other infectious diseases,
  • negligence in the field of hair and scalp hygiene, poorly selected cosmetics for their daily care,
  • some drugs, especially antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, beta-blockers, anticonvulsant, used in anticancer therapies, or retinoids used in the treatment of psoriasis,
  • physical factors, thermal injuries, too much hair tension,
  • improperly composed diet with high deficits of protein, B vitamins and minerals, especially iron and silicon,
  • a lot of stress.

Rarely does one of the above causes occur, usually we deal with many at the same time, which requires the use of an effective treatment method, a strong but safe preparation with a complex effect. That’s what Profolan is recommended by the best specialists, a supplement that goes straight to the root of the problem and allows you to enjoy a fast-growing, fast-density haircut in a short period of time.

Profolan – safe and natural plant composition

Profolan is a dietary supplement created especially for men struggling with baldness, characterized by high effectiveness, regardless of the causes of this troublesome disease. As with any hair growth remedy, here too, users pay the most attention to the composition, which would be really hard to give up. In these tablets we will find above all a unique formula Grow 3, the result of many years of laboratory research, composed of such ingredients as..:

  • Nettle extract, a plant whose health properties have been known for centuries, is particularly well suited for the treatment of hair and scalp diseases. Thanks to its high content of vitamins A, B2, C, K, minerals, silicon, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus, it takes care of their proper nutrition, is a component of many cosmetics and other hair care products, and Profolan owes its effectiveness in reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone called DHT, whose excess is one of the most common causes of hair loss,
  • Field horsetail extract, which in turn is a rich source of silicon, the most important natural hair building material, responsible for its strong structure. Silicon makes hair not only stronger, but also less brittle and brittle, and also extends its growth phase. The field horsetail also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to heal wounds,
  • Taurine, an amino acid preventing hair loss, by increasing the production of keratin, another important building block of hair,
  • l – cysteine, another amino acid that gives shine to hair, making it resistant to adverse external factors, especially atmospheric ones. L – cysteine accelerates their regeneration, delays aging processes and moisturizes from the base to the very ends.

Profolan – performance and opinions of satisfied patients

Since its launch, Profolan has become the most effective and revolutionary supplement not only to prevent premature hair loss, but also to support the growth of new, healthy hair. First of all, it prevents the secretion of the aforementioned DHT, thanks to which it stops the process of degeneration of hair follicles, is also distinguished by its fast action, and the first, even surprising results of its action can be seen after only about 2 – 3 weeks, at the recommended dose of 2 tablets a day.

Most patients have a large number of baby hairs on the forehead line and in disliked bends, small, initially weak and thin hairs that grow and harden over time. Providing the body with a large dose of essential nutrients makes it cope with all the causes of alopecia, with the absence of even the slightest side effects. A full treatment will only take a few more months to complete and you will be able to enjoy your recovered thick, strong hair with a deep, natural colour, which is also confirmed by the opinions of satisfied patients who present Profolan in a definitely positive light. They praise its natural, floral, safe composition and trouble-free use of easy-to-swallow tablets. It is also worth noting that in the Internet rankings of this type of preparations preventing hair loss, it takes the honorable first place, maintaining them for many months.

Profolan – now you will buy it at the lowest price

The Profolan can be purchased directly from its manufacturer, with a 100% guarantee not only of originality but also of the best, lowest price of the product. For the convenience of customers, a functional website has been prepared, where you can find all useful information about this supplement and place an order for any number of packages. The price of one is 49 € and the 60 tablets it contains are enough for a full month of treatment, but it is also worth taking advantage of attractive price promotions. The Profolan is now available in packages for virtually every pocket, saving you a lot of money in purchasing it. The packages offered by the manufacturer are:

  • basic, one package at a price of 49 €,
  • standard, buying two pieces, one will be received free of charge, paying only 98 €, which gives a price of less than 33 € packaging,
  • Optimal, for 147 € we will buy as many as 6 packages and the price per one is only 24,50 €.

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