Purity (cistus) – a herb with valuable health and slimming properties

The period of winter-spring solstice is the time when our body is most weakened, tired of months of cold and humid aura. The easiest way to get an infection is to sit at home, and the constant sitting at home and lack of proper portion of physical activity result in weight gain, in many cases, unfortunately, even quite a lot. Let’s not hide the fact that in winter we prefer to spend time in front of a TV or a computer, and the weather outside the window also does not encourage to walk. But since here and there several kilograms arrived, the catarrh also lets us know, it is time to effectively get rid of both. Of course, only with the use of natural methods, and even sensational results gives a properly selected herbal treatment, preferably with the use of cleanliness, a popular plant with universal use.

Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy – how can it help us in the fight against diseases?

We live in a time of full availability of various drugs or dietary supplements, which can be used both for slimming treatment and to cure the first symptoms of cold. We simply go to a shop or a pharmacy and leave with a ready-made solution to all our problems, but do we really have a beneficial effect on our body? Often we do not even realize that such preparations not only help, but also harm, and the best solutions are offered by nature itself. I am talking about herbs, plants that we will find in the nearby meadows, already used by our Mums and Grandmothers, and in medicine, and not only in natural medicine, known and used for thousands of years. There is no exaggeration in saying that it has been and still is in many cultures the most popular method of treatment for various ailments, which in our case will help to get rid of rhinitis and excess fat.

Of course, not all herbs can be used completely safely, they will need to be selected with the appropriate knowledge, and when we do not have it, we have the opinion of a good specialist in this field. However, the most popular and best-known ones will certainly not harm us if we follow their recommended doses, they have practically no dangerous side effects.

Advantages of introducing herbs into the diet:

  • strengthening the general immunity of the organism, because they improve the functioning of the immune system;
  • cleansing from toxins and other unnecessary products of metabolism, they also help to remove particularly dangerous free radicals;
  • lowering cholesterol level and regulation of blood pressure, thus protecting against heart and circulatory system diseases, atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke;
  • Enhance memory and concentration with valuable antioxidants;
  • to help regenerate the liver;
  • vision enhancement;
  • to alleviate the symptoms of migraine;
  • regulation of the digestive and urinary tract, which automatically promotes safe, fast and permanent weight loss;
  • not introducing into the body harmful chemical substances causing onerous and difficult-to-remove side effects.

Purity – origin, natural occurrence and most common plant varieties

As you can see from the above examples, the advantages of using herbs are obvious and therefore they should immediately become an important component of a healthy and balanced diet, not only this slimming diet. I am aware that many synthetic ingredients in the used preparations simply cannot be replaced, but it is worth checking whether we will not find for sure their natural counterparts characterized by the same effect. Our body will feel the difference almost immediately, and such a recommended herb for versatile use is purification.


Purebred, bearing the Latin name Cistus, is a shrub belonging to the family of purebred plants and hides under this name more than 50 different varieties, the most famous of which are: Cretan purges, bay laurel purges, resin purges and grey purges. In nature, these shrubs can be found in the south of our continent, in the Mediterranean basin, growing on the rocky coast and for centuries called in this area a rock rose. These are small plants, growing up to about 50 cm high with characteristic pink or white flowers, and their attractive appearance makes them more and more often grow in our gardens, often not even knowing about their health properties. They have been known since ancient times, when they were used to obtain a valuable substance, ladanum, a type of resin used in diseases of the digestive system, respiratory rhinitis, or for the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds, it is also used in the cosmetics industry.

Purity – chemical composition and health properties

Today, purges are used primarily in natural medicine, prevention and treatment of more ailments than a few hundred years ago. In our country, the most frequently used are grey purges, mainly due to the content of many valuable nutrients, including polyphenols that have an exceptionally beneficial effect on our body, whose importance for health cannot be underestimated. In addition to polyphenols, it also contains other nutrients, vitamins, phytosterols, phenolic acids, flavonoids and essential oils.

The most important pro-health properties of the grey cleanse:

  • sealing the walls of blood vessels, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, which is an effective prophylaxis against atherosclerosis, also prevents varicose veins and formation of clots in veins;
  • Improvement of the immune system and increased immunity protects us not only against colds, but also against other more dangerous infections;
  • anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects;
  • to provide the energy necessary for daily physical activity;
  • regulation of the hormonal balance of the body;
  • diuretic effect, facilitating thorough cleansing from toxins;
  • antioxidant properties, assistance in the removal of free radicals and protection against the possibility of cancer development;
  • inhibiting excessive sebum secretion, thus improving the condition and appearance of the skin, smoothing wrinkles and preventing acne;
  • antiallergic action, inhibiting the secretion of histamine, the main cause of the most troublesome allergic reactions;
  • prevention of fragility, brittleness and hair loss;
  • treatment of symptoms of Lyme borreliosis, an extremely dangerous disease spread by ticks;
  • in the case of men, also support the functioning of the prostate.

Slimming cleanser – will it really help us get rid of weight loss?

Taking care of our health should be a habit and as you can see this herb can help in this, but as always the most important for us are its slimming properties. After all, there are many other herbs, thanks to which we can quickly gain the slim figure we dream of, so we can ask ourselves how purges compare to their background. There is no denying that its strictly slimming properties have not been confirmed by separate studies so far and cannot be considered only in this one category. However, if you look at the action as a whole, you can safely risk saying that it should become an important part of the treatment to achieve the desired results.

Slimming is a complex, multi-faceted process, of which an important part, who knows if not the most important one, is to regulate the functioning of the digestive system and to clear it of all that is unnecessary. Removal of toxins and metabolic products improves the functioning of the stomach, liver and intestines, which makes it easier to digest even the heaviest, high-calorie foods. Lack of toxins also means better metabolism, especially of carbohydrates and fats that are burned and do not accumulate in the form of fat deposits on the abdomen, hips or thighs. Of course, just by drinking tea with a purge or taking dietary supplements with it in the composition, we do not have to expect any spectacular effects, and weight loss will be really minimal. We must remember that the purges, like any other herb, are only intended to help the body with digestion or metabolism problems. The basis for effective weight loss should always be a diet, a way of nutrition composed of healthy, valuable products, which in combination with high physical activity and herbal preparations will allow you to quickly get rid of all the extra pounds.

Ranking of the best slimming pills

Cleanliness – availability on the market, recommended preparation methods and universal use

As I have already mentioned, in our country the most popular are grey purges and this is the most accessible, mainly in shops with healthy, ecological food. It has also appeared recently in pharmacies and herbal shops, in the form of dried brewing and nutritious brewing, although I admit that it is not a very tasty brew. It is very simple, the rules are easy to find on the web, and let me introduce you to one of them:

Pour boiling water over one or two teaspoons of dried fruit and leave it under cover until fully brewed. The packaging will usually contain a detailed description of the preparation, including the recommended daily allowances to be observed. The decoction will be ready after about 15 – 20 minutes, before drinking it has to be strained, and in order to improve its taste and increase its nutritional value you can add honey or your favorite juice, of course only the natural one, without the content of harmful fructose and glucose syrup.

The best results can be achieved by drinking regular purges 3-4 times a day, continuing the treatment for at least a month, and it can also be used as a broth as a soothing pack to soothe skin irritations. A cooled broth is ideal for rinsing sore throats as a replacement for tablets, as it reduces the amount of bacteria responsible for inflammation. In cosmetic matters, I use it to wash my face and thoroughly remove all impurities from it.

Pestilence – opinions of patients and dieticians

There is a lot of information about this herb, as well as opinions, sometimes very different from each other. So it is the best to check for ourselves the operation of this device and to see, what beneficial influence it is going to have on our health. However, most of the opinions I’ve encountered have been positive and the cleansing has been effective in treating a variety of ailments, from skin problems to weight loss, which is so important to us. Patients praise its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as its help in alleviating all symptoms of colds, including intensive ones such as sinusitis and detoxification of the body, which increases the effectiveness of the applied weight loss treatment. Many specialists, dieticians and pharmacists who recommend purges to their patients are of the same opinion. I, too, subscribe to these opinions, I always have it in my home medicine cabinet, and now you know what it can be effective for.

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