Red tea – health benefits and help with effective weight loss

The concept of a healthy lifestyle consists of many equally important elements, and one of the most important is certainly proper nutrition. If we want to keep our vitality at full strength until late old age, we must watch what we eat, rejecting from diet what is hard to digest and high-calorie, replacing such products with their healthier counterparts. This is also important from the point of view of possible weight loss, but when preparing a new menu, we often forget about drinks, still drinking, for example, carbonated sweetened drinks, which are worth replacing not only with juices, but also with tea. Of course not every species of tea, but its valuable health-promoting properties cannot be underestimated and if you choose red tea for weight loss, you will quickly achieve satisfactory results of the treatment.

Tea – one cup of tea already makes real miracles

The health properties of this popular drink have been known for thousands of years, although until the beginning of the 16th century only in Asia, where it was drunk from time immemorial. It became particularly popular in China, where it spread all over the world, becoming the most frequently consumed hot beverage next to coffee. When you lift a cup or a favourite cup to your mouth, you do not even think that every sip has a positive effect on your health, of course when you are modest in eating it, otherwise the effect can be negative. However, if you drink the amount recommended by nutritionists, you will quickly feel changes in the body, and tea not only adds strength, while removing symptoms of fatigue, but also helps in the treatment and prevention of many serious diseases. This is due to the unique chemical composition of tea, which contains such substances as flavonoids and catechins, removing from the body the most dangerous free radicals, the cause of cancer. They also provide effective protection against heart and circulatory system diseases, preventing, among other things, atherosclerosis or heart attack. However, not every species will work well for us, the way it is prepared is also important, i.e. brewing, and the red tea, especially the Pu-erh variety, can bring us the most benefits.

Red tea Pu-erh – origin and composition

This tea leaf species comes from China, specifically from one of the provinces of this beautiful country, Yunnan. This name is probably known to every lover of this drink, and it is also the source of many other valued species, not necessarily red. Pu-erh is a light fermentation process that lasts only until the leaves take on their characteristic red colour. This allows you to maintain the fullness of valuable nutrients, which are more than in other species, especially microelements and caffeine. As a result, it has also gained widespread recognition as the most aromatic, with a specific, but at the same time deep taste, which not everyone initially likes. However, it is worth to find out about it, replacing other hot drinks with red tea, and in our body will start to work such ingredients as..:

  • polyphenols;
  • catechins;
  • flavonoles;
  • phenolic acids;
  • amino acids;
  • theaflavin;
  • thearubigines;
  • methylxanthin;
  • protein;
  • carbohydrates;
  • minerals: fluorine, selenium, manganese, zinc, copper;
  • vitamins, especially E;
  • caffeine;
  • enzymes.

All of them are in perfectly matched doses, in most cases meeting the daily demand for these substances.

Red tea – the most important health benefits

Such a chemical composition of leaves of this tea variety is practically a 100% guarantee of full health, and drinking it is recommended not only by dieticians, but also by many specialists. Therefore, we should definitely listen to them and introduce them to your diet, and you can drink it even in the amount of 5 – 6 cups per day, which will positively affect not only the overall health, but also the rapid and permanent loss of weight. The effect of red tea can be safely regarded as complex, which few other varieties, apart from green tea, can boast of, among other things:

  • of the aforementioned removal of dangerous free radicals from the body, thanks to the content of large quantities of natural and effective antioxidants. They also have an antiviral effect and help to seal the walls of blood vessels;
  • red tea perfectly protects us against various infections, preventing the development of many diseases, ranging from common cold to dangerous cancers, which is influenced by its protective effect on the level of DNA, antioxidant, antifungal and anti-inflammatory;
  • stimulate the body, provide it with more energy, thanks to the caffeine content. One cup of tea contains only about 12 mg of tea, as opposed to 60 – 120 mg in the same amount of coffee, but thanks to slower absorption the stimulation effect will last much longer;
  • preventing the development and treatment of diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhoea or severe constipation;
  • strengthening teeth, their protection against caries thanks to the content of fluorine, which strengthens bones at the same time;
  • to lower the level of uric acid in the blood;
  • reduction of cholesterol level and regulation of blood pressure, important in prevention of heart and cardiovascular diseases;
  • to improve memory and concentration;
  • cleansing the body of toxins and other metabolic products, which is extremely important for effective weight loss;
  • regulation of metabolic processes, stimulation of increased production of digestive juices and intestinal function, which accelerates the burning of stored fat tissue;
  • improving the functioning of many important internal organs, especially the liver, which is responsible for proper digestion.

Red tea – contraindications to consumption

As you can see, the positive effects of drinking red tea are obvious and should not be discussed at all, but as with many other drinks, it is also important to be cautious. Unfortunately, not everyone can drink it, it is not recommended for people suffering from anemia, because it reduces the absorption of iron, it is also recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Other, sometimes encountered side effects include excessive sugar intake, insomnia and sleep problems, increased blood pressure, mood swings, bone weakness, dizziness and headaches, vomiting and diarrhoea, allergic reactions.

Red tea to lose weight – does it really help you lose weight?

We must make it clear from the outset that no tea, including red tea, will help us lose weight, even if we drink it in large quantities. It is effective only when it becomes one of the elements of a carefully planned treatment, consisting of a balanced light diet combined with physical activity. The effects will be truly astonishing, and the help of red tea cannot be underestimated either. Its main task is, in accordance with the characteristics outlined above, to regulate all digestive processes, and we have to admit that it works perfectly in this role. The most important is to increase the amount of secreted enzymes and digestive juices, which is immediately visible in the better work of the digestive system, intestinal peristalsis, and above all, in faster fat burning and conversion into pure energy. Another, equally important influence on the weight loss process has a thorough cleansing of the body from toxins, another factor hindering proper metabolism.

Red tea – what kind of tea to choose and how to brew it best

In addition to the recommended Pu-ehr, there are many other types of red tea on the market, such as the one we know from the past Oolong, but it is important to always choose their deciduous form. Tea in tea bags, although easier to brew, does not have so much nutritional value, being unfortunately of poorer quality. The method of brewing is also important, so it is worth spending a little more time to preserve the full aroma and taste of the brew.

Pour the measured portion of leaves into a porcelain teapot, or into a cup of the same material, pour with water at a temperature of 95 degrees and steam for a few minutes under cover. The drink tastes great without any additives, but you can add a slice of lemon or a teaspoon of healthy honeydew honey, if you can’t do without sweetness.

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