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It would be difficult to find a man who, to a greater or lesser degree, would not complain about potency problems. Contrary to appearances, these are not problems that only affect middle-aged and elderly men, and more and more often younger men and women complain, for example, about erectile dysfunction for various reasons. Losses in sexual ability do not have to be a reason for panic, growing frustration or shame right away, but they need to be counteracted immediately, which can be effectively helped by dietary supplements such as SemaxinIt also has a positive effect on the production and quality of semen.

Impotence and fertility disorders – what causes them most often

However, before we reach for these tablets recommended by specialists, it is worthwhile to learn the causes of such ailments, which in many cases we owe ourselves. They may result, among other things, from a poorly chosen diet, weakening and not strengthening our potency, deprived of ingredients essential for achieving proper erection. In the male body there are also changes caused by age, when in a natural but fortunately largely reversible way sexual performance decreases. In addition to these two reasons, there are a few more, and specialists in this type of disease pay particular attention to:

  • exposure to long-term stress, which is the cause of growing physical and mental fatigue and one of the symptoms of which is the difficulty in obtaining and maintaining an erection, often making it impossible to have intercourse, which results in even greater frustration and discouragement to have intercourse;
  • abuse of alcohol, the greatest enemy of male sexual efficiency, after which we are usually not able to face the challenge;
  • mental problems, even from our childhood, which are particularly acute in the case of those raised in families with conservative views on sex, where this subject was treated as a proverbial taboo;
  • diseases such as hypertension and other illnesses hindering proper blood flow, which, if its inflow to the penis is disturbed, directly affects the quality of erection. These disorders are equally common in thyroid problems, kidney failure and other urological diseases or diabetes mellitus;
  • disorders of spermatogenesis, sperm formation and maturation, which increase with age, combined with a simultaneous decrease in testosterone levels causes not only erectile dysfunction, but also low fertility.

For most of the reasons mentioned above for sexual performance problems, the following have been shown to be effective Semaxinand the active ingredients contained in it will quickly restore the lost form.

Semaxin – up to 12 effective and safe active ingredients


Testing SemaxinAs with other supplements of this type, we have paid the greatest attention to its composition, which includes as many as 12 active substances, thanks to which you can again become a man in the full sense of the word. All disturbed or even lost sexual functions will be restored in no time at all, which is primarily due to Semaxin components worth mentioning, such as..:

  • extract from the root of the membranous stall (containing as much as 16% polysaccharides), unfortunately still underestimated plant that has a beneficial effect on our immune system, heart and the entire bloodstream, allowing you to maintain proper blood pressure, allowing you to achieve a strong erection. Hymenoptera also increases fertility, increasing sperm mobility and our general physical condition and good mental mood;
  • Extract from tribulus terrestris, the ground mace, which influences the maintenance of high level of testosterone, the most important male hormone. This guarantees the absence of even the smallest problems with erection, better physical and mental condition and a large injection of energy, also needed for sex;
  • saffron flower extract, an extremely effective male libido stimulant, aphrodisiac known and appreciated for thousands of years, positively affecting the quality and duration of erection, increasing the amount of produced semen;
  • Vitamin Sleepy Extract, also known as ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng, of plants with adaptogenic properties, increasing testosterone levels, removing erectile dysfunction, increasing the efficiency and physical endurance of the body and the production and mobility of sperm, thus increasing the chance of successful fertilization;
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine, abbreviated to NAC, a valuable amino acid in the most easily digestible form, effective in removing the negative effects of oxidative stress, taking an active part in the process of glutathione synthesis. It is an antioxidant substance that protects DNA cells and is important for the quality of the genetic material in the semen;
  • a set of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and B12, zinc, foils and selenium Selenium SeLECT®, necessary for the proper course of the spermatogenesis process, increasing testosterone levels and fertility at the same time;
  • BioPerine® black pepper extract with up to 95% piperine, a versatile, complex acting substance. It strengthens the immune system, prevents heart and cardiovascular diseases, by diuretic action removes dangerous toxins from the body, slows down neurodegenerative processes, eliminates free radicals, the cause of cancer, among others, and facilitates fat burning;
  • Coenzyme Q10, necessary for the proper functioning of virtually every cell in our body, taking care of their proper oxygenation, effectively supporting the treatment of many dangerous diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes, circulatory insufficiency or hypertension, important from the point of view of the ability to maintain full sexual performance.

Semaxin – action confirmed by satisfied men

Composition Semaxin It really looks impressive and, most importantly, fully translates into action, which is confirmed not only by specialists, but also by many satisfied men, whose sex life has reached a new, previously unknown level. As you can see, these are only natural ingredients, mostly of plant origin, completely safe and absolutely no undesirable side effects. Regular use of the Semaxin offers a number of benefits that cannot be underestimated, and is particularly highlighted:

  • strong, long-lasting erection throughout the entire duration of intercourse;
  • like an undisturbed libido, ready to have sex in any situation;
  • increased testosterone production to always maintain proper, high levels of this important hormone;
  • beneficial support for the process of spermatogenesis;
  • better quality of semen, increased volume and motility of sperm.

The action, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, is therefore comprehensive, and the first, really spectacular effects can be noticed after just one month of treatment with Semaxin. Its recommended dosage is just two capsules a day, taken between meals and drunk with plenty of water. The opinions of the men who take it every day are definitely positive and the ones we come across most often emphasize not only the immediate action immediately before intercourse, but also the removal of the cause of existing problems, and not only the external symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction described above.

Semaxin – where and at what price you can buy it

If the supplement can boast such high effectiveness, all we have left is to place an order via the manufacturer’s website. By filling in the contact form below, we can buy one Semaxin pack at a price of 39 €, containing up to 60 tablets for one month of treatment. However, it is better to take advantage of the price promotions offered and secure a larger supplement stock by choosing one of the bulk packages:

  • Standard, 3 packages for 92 €, i.e. paying only 30.66 € per package;
  • Optimal, as many as 6 packs at a price of 139 €, which gives a price per pack of only 23,16 €.

If the product does not meet our expectations, we are able to refund the money within 90 days from the date of purchase, and the ordered shipment will reach us by courier, packed in discreet packaging, in Poland within 48 hours of placing an order.


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