Slimetrol – super slimming in an attractive can? Operation, composition, opinions

Recently it was quite loud about a dietary supplement for weight loss called Slimetrol. Advertising slogans such as “turbo burning”, “instant weight loss” or “express fat reduction” appeared. We decided to take a closer look at this product, check what is so special about it and whether it is worth using this supplement during the weight loss process.

At first glance this supplement does not look impressive. We get a can resembling the packaging of popular energetics available in grocery stores. Inside, however, there is no liquid, and capsules to help burn fat tissue.

Slimetrol is a product designed primarily for obese people who need supplementation to lose weight and cannot cope with overweight, despite diet and exercise. The product guarantees rapid weight reduction and warns that its consumption does not guarantee fast weight loss. Is something wrong with this product or has the manufacturer simply made a mistake? Let us see what the truth is.

Slimetrol – action

Despite the interestingly made, designer packaging, inside you will find standard slimming capsules. Slimetrol affects our body, reducing the deposition of fat tissue on the inner walls and accelerating the breakdown of fat cells, so that the weight drops and the figure becomes slimmer.

Slimetrol is also known to help reduce cellulite and reduce bad cholesterol levels. The effect of the product can be observed quickly, unfortunately, it is enough that we forget to take the supplement before one or two days to notice that the fat starts to accumulate again. The effectiveness of the supplement also depends on strict adherence to a slimming diet.

Slimetrol – composition of the product

Slimetrol consists of natural ingredients, each of which in some way affects the help in the weight loss process. Their main task is to accelerate metabolism and inhibit the accumulation of fat cells in the body.

They are:
caffeine – caffeine known to everyone, accelerates metabolism and adds energy, providing greater motivation to exercise,
guarana seed extract – adds energy, supports natural weight loss processes,
green tea leaf extract – cleanses and strengthens the body, speeds up metabolism and adds many nutritional properties to the body.

As you can see, these are products known to us all, but combined in one capsule. Thanks to its natural composition, the product is safe to use and instead of contaminating the body with artificial substances, it helps in its detoxification.

Slimetrol – effects of use

According to the manufacturer of the product Slimetrol allows you to lose as much as 37 kilograms in 3 months. This means that you will lose 12 kilograms in one month. And here the question arises whether such a fast fat burning is possible at all and, most importantly, is such a way of losing weight healthy for our body?

Who of us did not drink green tea, coffee or guarana drinks? And yet the scale is fixed in place. Is it really possible to combine these ingredients into one with such good results, without any harmful effects on the body?

According to nutritionists and nutritionists, a healthy weight loss mode is about 1 kg per week. This helps to deal with sagging skin problems after fat loss and prevents the yoyo effect. So how can you think that 37 pounds in 3 months is a good result. What’s more, does the manufacturer tell the truth? If so, we may suspect that the natural composition of the product is not entirely natural, because the substances listed above would not provide such results.

Logically looking at the effects described on the manufacturer’s website, they are practically impossible, so we decided to ask the people who took Slimetrol about the actual opinions about the supplement.

Slimetrol – user reviews

Persons who have been in contact with Slimetrolem rate this product differently. Some say that the product helped them to achieve their dream weight, while others believe that there were no positive effects.

However, even people who were satisfied with the effects of the supplement admitted that the product worked as an exercise and dietary supplement. None of the ladies have lost weight without doing anything. What’s more, we didn’t find a person who would lose more than 30 kilograms in such a short time. We do not think that the manufacturer lied, perhaps there are actually people who have lost so many pounds using Slimetrol, but we think that even if the product gives such good results, you need to think about the safety of its use, because too much weight loss in a short time can lead to many unpleasantness.

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Slimetrol – side effects

The supplement is considered to be a safe product in use, there are no artificial substances in its composition, so undesirable effects occur very rarely. If they already appear, it is mainly burning in the esophagus, sometimes feelings of heat, related to the increase in body temperature during the intensification of the metabolic process.

The feeling of well-being after application of the product may also result from allergic reactions in case the person using the product is allergic to any of the ingredients.

Slimetrol – dosage

The manufacturer recommends to take 2-3 capsules a day every day and warns not to exceed the daily dose. It follows that buying a package of the product, containing 30 capsules, taking 3 capsules a day, we buy a cure for 10 days. So Slimetrol is not an efficient product and it is worth considering whether there is no product that will give us better results at the same price and will last longer?

Slimetrol – summary

In general, Slimetrol presents itself well against the background of slimming agents, yet we are not entirely convinced of the full effectiveness of its action. Comparing the opinions of users of the supplement, we noticed that most of them admitted to a significant weight loss, but not to the extent promised by the manufacturer.

Slimetrol as most weight loss aids, works only in combination with diet and exercise. And unfortunately only when we use it. After the end of the treatment you should be very careful not to overgrow with fat again. Another disadvantage of the product is its poor performance. The manufacturer offers packaging for 30 tablets for 34 €. Most people want to extend the treatment, so they buy a set of two packages, which already cost 69 €. Don’t you think it’s a little bit like that?

Perhaps it is worth considering an alternative. For our part, we recommend the product Green Barley Plus, which was the winner in the ranking of pills for weight loss, conducted by our editorial team. It is a natural product that supports natural fat burning processes.

We chose Green Barley Plus!

According to a survey that we conducted among our readers, as many as 93% of people praised the action of Green Barley Plus – tablets that not only help slimming, but also help to strengthen hair, skin and nails.


Green Barley Plus is at the forefront of the ranking of the best slimming products and still collects more and more positive reviews. We asked our readers what this supplement consists of and what makes it so effective.

Action Green Barley Plus

Thanks to the concentrated ingredients contained in the supplement Green Barley Plus effectively accelerates the process of fat burning and reduces the deposition of fat cells in the body.

Losing weight is not the only advantage of the product. Green Barley Plus has a beneficial effect on cellulite reduction, helps to maintain strong hair and nails, also affects the condition of the skin. It is a dietary supplement with a wide range of effects, which is worth introducing into your menu.

And what is found in Green Barley Plus, providing fast, effective and safe results?

Ingredients Green Barley Plus:

Young barley – contains a large dose of chlorophyll, which takes part in the blood purification process. It detoxifies the body, supports the weight loss process and has a great influence on the healthy look of the skin. Contributes to the reduction of cellulite, strengthens hair and nails.

Fruit extract Garcinia Cambogia – it has an inhibiting effect on excessive appetite, stimulates the processes of thermogenesis, increasing body temperature and influencing the faster breakdown of fat cells.

Why choose Green Barley Plus?

– effectively supports weight loss without yoyo effect
– purifies the body
– Reduces cellulite
– affects the healthy look of hair, skin and nails
– safe for health – no side effects
– collects a lot of positive reviews and opinions

With Green Barley Plus you will not only gain a beautiful silhouette. It will also improve the appearance of your skin and hair, which will increase self-confidence. Bet on a proven product and enjoy an attractive appearance at all times.

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