Slimunox vs. Silvets – which supplement will be better for slimming

Slimming is a real ordeal, sometimes leading to deep frustration. This is especially the case when all diets are ineffective and it is difficult for us to force ourselves to be physically active. When we give up, we are slowly beginning to accept our overweight weight, not knowing that properly selected dietary supplements can help us to lose weight, improving metabolism and facilitating fat burning.

Overweight in developed countries has already become a problem on a global scale, estimates say that it has already affected more than 2 billion people, and in our country it affects 70 percent of the population. Scientists from all over the world are sounding the alarm, and as the main and unfortunately often underestimated reasons for this state of affairs they point to it:

  • environmental factors, poor diet, eating too much fat and fatty food, unhealthy snacks with a high sugar content,
  • lack of physical activity, caused by the work style or even the constant movement of the car,
  • mental factors, stress, depression, night food syndrome, low self-esteem, lack of self-acceptance, compulsive eating syndrome,
  • hormonal causes, e.g. hypothyroidism or Cushing syndrome,
  • genetic causes, the FTO gene increasing the risk of overweight.

The proper diagnosis of these causes should be done by a specialist, and among the many recommended specifics enabling quick removal of excess weight are dietary supplements, such as Slimunox.

Slimunox – slimming tablets

It is a modern preparation, thanks to which you can lose weight quickly and effectively. It is often recommended by nutritionists and even enjoys good reviews from users. Its effectiveness is determined primarily by the composition in which we find such substances as:

  • l – carnitine, an amino acid involved in the process of fat burning, responsible for the conversion of fatty acids into energy. It also participates in carbohydrate metabolism, alleviating the effects of aging,
  • green tea extract, containing beneficial antioxidants, removing free radicals from the body, responsible for cellular aging and many different diseases. It improves, regulates and accelerates all digestive processes, lowers cholesterol levels, cures flatulence and indigestion,
  • piperine extract – black pepper, which increases the secretion of digestive juices, accelerates fat burning and supports the process of weight loss,
  • pepper cayenne,
  • curcuma extract, which regulates liver function, supports the formation and secretion of bile, essential in digestion of fats, which are full of hard to digest meals,
  • biotin, which plays an important role in carbohydrate digestion, helps to maintain proper energy metabolism,
  • guarana and Yerba mate seeds. The first one, thanks to caffeine content, helps burn fat, and Yerba mate lowers the level of fatty acids and cholesterol,
  • chromium, an element that regulates insulin, sugar and protein metabolism.

Slimunox – but not entirely effective

Such selected ingredients are intended to actively support the fight against overweight, without any side effects. However, people with heart disease problems should consult a doctor, just like those who are allergic to any of the listed ingredients. Slimunox is taken as two tablets a day, one half hour before breakfast and the other half hour at the same time before lunch. It can be troublesome and forces to carry the preparation with you all the time, which in the case of not taking it away from home, results in skipping the recommended dose and reducing the effectiveness of weight loss. Opinions about it are also varied, not always positive, and many people complain about too slow action, looking for a supplement that has additional ingredients to support the process of losing weight even more.

Silvets – a good alternative to using

Such a supplement, an alternative which is worth considering, is Silvetsinnovative, modern tablets, acting on many levels and thus enabling effective loss of excess weight in a very short period of time. Its most important task is to solve the basic problem that makes it difficult to lose weight, i.e. to burn excess body fat. It also accelerates the metabolism of the body perfectly, and the ingredients contained in it also contribute to better mental well-being, providing a solid dose of energy not only to lose weight, but also to many other daily tasks. Most importantly, in his case, we do not need to fear any undesirable effects.

Composition Silvets is very similar to Slimunox, here we can also find carefully selected doses of l – carnitine, black and cayenne pepper, green tea extracts and guarana, but an important difference affecting the greater effectiveness is the addition of acai berries.

acai berries – health properties and influence on slimming

acai fruits, which bear the Latin name Eutrepe Olerace, can only be found in nature in the tropical Amazon forests. They look a bit like grapes, also grow in grapes and have a specific, slightly chocolate taste. Their effectiveness in slimming was initially discovered in USA, from where they conquered almost the entire world. This is facilitated by their composition, in which we can find many valuable substances helpful in obtaining a slim figure:

  • fibre, up to 16.9 g in 100 g of fruit, accelerating digestion and metabolism,
  • Omega 6 acids,
  • vitamins B1, B2, C and E,
  • phytosterols to lower cholesterol levels,
  • minerals: iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium,

The slimming effect of acai is primarily to stop excessive appetite and to reduce these hunger attacks. They also help burn fat tissue faster, and caring for hormonal balance has a positive effect on mental health, thanks to maintaining proper levels of serotonin and endorphins. Regular consumption of berries strengthens the immune, muscular and circulatory systems and improves the appearance of hair and nails.

Silvets – performance and opinions of satisfied patients

Such a combination of ingredients gives really great results, only 2 capsules are enough. Silvets taken daily in the morning, to feel the first positive effects after just a few days, significantly reduce appetite and increase energy. Full results, comprehensive action, resulting from the addition of acai berries will be observed after a few more weeks of treatment, weight will be systematically falling every day and you do not have to worry about such an unpleasant yoyo effect occurring during many other slimming treatments.

Such effects are fully confirmed not only by specialists in dietetics, but also by many positive opinions on numerous discussion forums. Of course, as with any other medium of this type, they are varied, but in the case of Silvets the positive ones outweigh the positive ones:

“Until recently, I ate without a doubt, which was reflected in my weight. Since my wife bought me an Silvets I have mastered the wolf’s appetite and lost 7 kilograms in three months. There’s no better remedy than this, I recommend it to everyone.” – Roman from Gdynia, 41 years old.

Silvets can be purchased directly from its manufacturer by placing an order via its website. In one package of the supplement you will find as many as 60 tablets, which, as you can easily calculate, is enough even for a whole month, and we will pay only 49 € for them. You can also order more packages, collective packages at very attractive prices, so that we can get back to the lower, desired weight.

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