Smoker’s cough – symptoms and control methods

The most effective way to cough a smoker? Quit smoking! When you say goodbye to your addiction, annoying and sometimes even unbearable cough, it will gradually pass. However, if you haven’t reached the point in your life where you would like to stop smoking completely, try at least to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and use one of the following methods.

Smoker’s cough – symptoms

Smoker’s cough is a very common ailment among smokers, the intensity of which increases with the duration of the addiction and the amount of tobacco smoked. This specific type of cough is caused by continuous irritation of the respiratory tract by cigarette smoke and the harmful substances it contains. In order to protect itself from these poisons, the body reacts with a sudden and intense reflex of expectoration.

The main symptoms of a smoker’s cough are: violent, tiring coughing attacks (especially those that increase in the morning, after waking up and after smoking), shortness of breath, breathing problems, and the amount of dense secretion in the cough, which is becoming more and more difficult to cough out, is increasing with the passing of years.

Smoking cough tablets

As I have already mentioned, the best cough medicine for a smoker is to stop smoking (a good quality supplement such as Nicorix will help you to do this) or even reduce the amount of tobacco smoked. There are also a number of herbal and pharmaceutical products, one of the most popular recently being the cough tablets of smoker Detusan (in the form of suction pills). In the composition of this preparation you can find plant extracts – from the Icelandic lichen, the root of the Orthophallus and mullein flowers, as well as menthol and essential oils – eucalyptus, mint and lemon.

Active substances Detusan act in a protective and moisturizing way on the pharyngeal mucous membranes, reduce the intensity of coughing attacks, inhibit coughing reflexes, have a refreshing and soothing effect, facilitate breathing. Smoker Detusan cough syrup with a similar effect but slightly poorer composition is also available.

Smoker’s cough – homemade ways

If you suffer from a severe cough from cigarettes, you can relieve it not only by taking ready-made pills and syrups, but also by using homemade coughing methods.

One of them is systematic inhalation, which you can easily do by pouring boiling water into a bowl, adding an essential oil with an expectorant, anti-coughing and refreshing effect (e.g. pine, mint, eucalyptus, thyme).

Another natural way to fight a smoker’s cough is to regularly drink infusions from such herbs as: righteous marshmallow, lavender, thyme, rosemary, hoof, coltsfoot, thyme.

Expectorant, bronchial dilatation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effects will also be brought about by the self-prepared onion syrup. Smoker’s cough will also be helped by aniseed and ginger, which should be added to the tea or enriched with them as often as possible. Finally, it is worth mentioning the simplest, but also very effective home-made way to cough a smoker, i.e. to drink a large amount of water (min. 2 litres) every day. Proper hydration of the body promotes the dilution of mucus in the airways.

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