Synephrine – burning fat with bitter orange

Slim, slender and muscular figure really lies within the reach of the dreams of anyone who is able to radically change their lifestyle, following a diet and remembering about the daily portion of physical activity. These seemingly simple rules, but unfortunately, there are situations when, despite strict adherence to them, our body does not want to burn fat tissue at the right pace. One of the most effective substances recommended by specialists is synephrine, i.e. an extract from bitter orange fruits.

Synephrine – what makes it different from ephedrine

Synephrine belongs to the group of alkaloids, stimulants with a similar effect to ephedrine, which also has a slightly similar chemical structure. It is found in nature in bitter orange and grapefruit and is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is classified as a thermogenic substance, i.e. accelerating fat burning, so it is used as an important component of many slimming preparations.

In contrast to ephedrine, it does not stimulate our nervous system so rapidly, it is not a highly addictive substance, but it effectively improves metabolism, intensifying the processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis, so that we begin to quickly and, most importantly, safely lose weight.

Synephrine – effects on our body

Used ephedrine as a slimming agent we strongly advise you against it and propose to replace it with synephrine immediately, and the results obtained will surely satisfy you. In this way we will be able to avoid many unpleasant side effects, especially strong heart disorders or increased blood pressure. Synephrine will certainly not cause it to such an extent, and its impact on our body, while maintaining the recommended doses, does not differ practically from drinking a cup of morning strong coffee. We will feel slightly stimulated, and the supplied dose of energy should be sufficient for the whole day of mental and physical activity.

However, the most important is its slimming effect, allowing to get rid of deposits of fat, which burning without the help of a properly working agent often turns out to be impossible. Synephrine works on the processes of lipase and thermogenesis, the first accelerates the breakdown of fat cells, the second raises body temperature, which faster burns all unnecessary calories. The chance of a positive end to a slimming treatment is also increased by suppressing the appetite, reducing snacking, which usually leads to overweight, and in extreme cases to morbid obesity, which is life-threatening or even life-threatening. It is also worth to appreciate the detoxification effect of synephrine, which allows to remove all dangerous toxins and other unnecessary by-products of metabolism from the body. Of course, these are not the only positive effects of using it, and in addition to the expected weight loss we can also count on:

  • alleviation of cold symptoms, asthma attacks, clear sinuses;
  • treatment of digestive tract ailments, is recommended e.g. for constipation and indigestion;
  • increase the efficiency of the body, by accelerating blood circulation, which will be appreciated not only by people practicing sports.

Synephrine – recommended dosage and possible side effects

As we have already mentioned, the main source of synephrine are bitter oranges, which, however, as fruit are not very suitable for consumption in their natural form. Moreover, they are relatively rare in our country, so it is better to take this substance through dietary supplements containing it. You can also try jams or other preserves made of citrus fruit peel, because you will also get such in stores with healthy food, not only exceptionally tasty, but also containing some amounts of synephrine.
However, the recommended dose should be strictly observed, which, according to dieticians, should not exceed 25 – 27 mg per day. The larger one is not, as in the case of ephedrine, a direct threat to life, but unfortunately we have to take into account some rather onerous side effects, such as:

  • a sudden increase in blood pressure, resulting in an accelerated heartbeat;
  • possibility of cardiac arrhythmia, and with a high overdose of infarction or stroke;
  • headaches;
  • mood disorder.

Synephrine should also not be used by the elderly, who complain about heart and circulatory problems, or by pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is not recommended for some drugs, especially sedatives, antidepressants, for the mentioned heart diseases and hypertension. We also do not recommend drinking large amounts of coffee or other beverages containing caffeine, which when combined with synephrine leads to heart failure.

Synephrine – opinions and supplements composed of

As a slimming aid, synephrine enjoys relatively good reviews, and most people who use it emphasize its effectiveness, while showing its superiority over ephedrine. As a negative, they represent a problem of use, but fortunately it can be easily circumvented by deciding to use Fast Burn Extremea dietary supplement that accelerates fat burning. In addition to synephrine, it contains a number of other active ingredients that support this process, including forskolin, garcinia cambogia extract, green tea and carefully selected amount of caffeine. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly, safely and without the yoyo effect. It is therefore worth visiting the manufacturer’s website Fast Burn ExtremeIn this case, you will be able to place an order and take advantage of a number of attractive price promotions.

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