Tabex? I don’t recommend it! My opinion

First test – Tabex

When I decided to quit smoking, I automatically (probably like everyone else in my situation) started to absorb articles about measures that could be helpful. I also read the comments. In many speeches, the tablets called Tabex were scrolling. Opinions about this preparation were divided (mostly positive), so I found that there is no point in thinking about it any longer, but you have to try it yourself.

Already after 2-3 days of using Tabex, I noticed that I reach for a cigarette less often. The urge to inflammation hasn’t been as strong as before. After about two weeks I drove off significantly with the number of smokes burned. Gradually I started to stop Tabex and here unfortunately the problem started to appear – I started to increase the number of cigarettes again. It happened somehow automatically, I had no control over it, I just wanted to burn again and again.

When I completely gave up the Tabex, I smoked over a packet a day again. What’s the conclusion of that? In my case, unfortunately, the Tabex proved to be ineffective. The fact that I managed to significantly reduce smoking while using it, but in the end it is difficult to talk about the effectiveness of the preparation if after the treatment the addiction returns like a boomerang.

Second test – Nicorix

Nicorix is a new product on the Polish market. I found out about him, as in the case of the Tabex, from the Internet. I was immediately struck by a wave of positive comments about him. I thought probably all those positive opinions about Nicorix tablets came from people who still take them, but in fact it’s similar to Tabex – after stopping the drug, the irresistible desire for a cigarette comes back. And yet I decided to try it out – still my life goal was not to smoke. From the information about the composition I learned that it is a multi-component product and that it works differently than the one-component Tabex. I thought maybe this time it might work out…

Nicorix’s treatment turned out to be a success. The initial action was similar to that of the Tabex – less and less frequently a desire to light a cigarette, and thus to reduce the number of smoked cigarettes. However, I also felt a significant improvement in my mood, which I did not notice in the case of Tabex. I had a lot more energy, and besides, I felt as if a lot of toxins were coming out of my body, which accumulated over the years of smoking. It was an amazing feeling.

In time, I stopped smoking at all. I felt purified, fresh, full of vigour. The sensations of taste and smell have also improved – these senses were previously suppressed by smoking. It may sound exaggerated, but I’ve got some new life energy in me. The gym started to give me great pleasure, my condition improved and my cough gave way. I was afraid to give up Nicorix, I was afraid the addiction would come back. But he didn’t come back! I don’t even feel like a cigarette. I haven’t taken my pills in two weeks and still haven’t smoked a single cigarette.

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