The benefits of quitting smoking – see what you get if you quit

For every smoker, the pleasure of “bubbling” is unbeatable. Nevertheless, if you decide to quit smoking, this pleasure will be more than compensated for. Not only your health, but also your beauty and, above all, your well-being will benefit from it. What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

The benefits of quitting smoking – beauty

Gray, earthy, tired face, skin problems, frequent pimples, weak, dull, hair prone to falling out, rounded eyes, wrinkles, faster aging skin, yellow teeth – this is how your beauty suffers from smoking. If you are an addict, it is very likely that you will encounter some of these unsightly symptoms (or all of them) every day looking in the mirror. However, there is an easy way to improve your beauty in a comprehensive way, and without any cosmetic procedures – quit smoking!

You must know that after breaking with the nicotine addiction, the whole body revives, so your skin revives too. The skin becomes prettier, more tense, smoother and naturally radiant. Shadows and bags under the eyes are reduced, pimples and discolourations disappear faster and appear much less frequently. Hair becomes stronger, healthier. The rash stops setting on the teeth, which results in a whiter, much nicer smile. That’s not all. The smell of skin, hair and breath also changes. They stop being soaked in smoke, so they stop smelling like an ashtray.

Health benefits of quitting smoking

The greatest benefit of quitting smoking will undoubtedly be felt by your lungs and heart. Every year after the cessation of the addiction, the risk of lung, oesophageal, laryngeal, throat and oral cancers, as well as cardiovascular diseases and stroke significantly decreases. By not smoking you will not only protect yourself from these dangerous diseases, but you will also get rid of the persistent ailments that hindered your daily functioning, such as: coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, poor condition, quick fatigue (e.g. after climbing stairs), pressure peaks.

Just a few hours after you stop smoking, your circulation will improve. Blood oxygen levels will return to normal, which all your organs will “appreciate”. Your immunity will also improve – you will be less susceptible to infections and diseases. The functioning of your senses will change, they will become more sharpened, you will begin to rediscover tastes and scents. From week to week your respiratory system will start to function more efficiently, your lung function will improve, your physical condition will improve and your blood pressure and pulse will be regulated.

The benefits of quitting smoking – feeling

Although the first few days of quitting can be difficult, and the bad mood and nervousness can be very bad, know that this is only temporary. Then don’t give up the fight, clench your teeth and survive. After a few days, your mood will improve, your nicotine hunger will be weaker and finally disappear. Then you will really feel all the benefits of quitting smoking. You will have more energy, vitality and willingness to act. A better mental and physical condition will certainly have a positive impact on your whole life. Finally, another positive aspect of quitting smoking is worth mentioning. It is a great inner self-satisfaction that you have managed to reach your goal and overcome your addiction.

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