The influence of overweight on joint degeneration.

I’ve never been a particularly thin person. Even as a child I was quite plump and round. In my family, unfortunately, everyone is overweight, and in the kitchen you can constantly smell the smell of fresh cake or delicious home-made pizza. These things don’t go to pieces at my place, they go to metal sheets! However, my round cheeks were more of affectionate to my parents than a fear that their child might have problems in the future. Now that I’m five feet tall and six feet tall, I weigh…. Much too much, they don’t feel sorry for me anymore, but they don’t see the problem either. They believe in the principle that it is better to be bigger and full than skinny and hungry. They don’t believe in half-measures. They don’t trust slim, happy people – they say that they lose weight and deny themselves any delicacies. As if food was the most important thing in the world.

It’s certainly my fault a little bit – I did not cut the umbilical cord at the right time and here I am, before the age of thirty, with my own business and not insignificant earnings, and at the same time all the time on a pot at my parents’… And mommy constantly giving me dinners and snacks… Fortunately, thanks to such a state of affairs I have accumulated quite considerable savings. So I stood up to my parents (I guess they still can’t see that I’m an adult) and rented myself a bedsit. It was the first step. The second one is to lose a few dozen kilograms of overweight! I haven’t had time to read the dieticians’ recommendations yet, so I started by simply reducing my portions. I guess it’ll help if I can’t cook too well – I never had to. It is known that diet alone is not everything, so I started going out, running. I thought it was easier! There’s so many people running around, it’s enough to leave the house, right? Well, not exactly. I’m not in any condition at all, after a dozen or so meters I thought that my heart would jump out of my chest, and that pain in my knees! My knee joints had been bothering me for a long time, but I tried not to pay attention to it. But when I went out for a longer walk (I gave up running until I was in better shape), they became unbearable! It was hard for me to get home. And then it wasn’t any better. I know my carcass is not good for the joints, but on the other hand, how am I supposed to lose it when more movement causes pain? Maybe there’s a good remedy for joint problems. Do you know anything effective?

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