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One of the strangest ailments that can happen to us is undoubtedly the tinnitus that occurs for various reasons. Fortunately, they do not usually have much effect on hearing, but this is a cause for concern for many people, which, depending on the severity of the symptoms, can also make everyday life difficult. It is therefore important to find out what the causes, symptoms and treatment methods are, and the drops are most effective here Tonosina natural supplement to quickly get rid of this case.

Noise in the ears – what are their most common causes

mężczyzna zasłania uszy

When we hear strange sounds in our ears, we usually start looking for their external source right away, often without realizing that it is inside the body. Increasing noise, with varying degrees of severity, is usually a sign that something bad may or may not be happening to our hearing, which in extreme cases even leads to serious damage to our hearing cells. Unfortunately, these noises cannot be underestimated, as they make it difficult to concentrate, to focus on even the simplest activities, which has a negative impact on your general well-being, especially mental well-being. Gradually, this is accompanied by other ailments, sleep problems which gradually turn into complete insomnia, and such a state is already a real health hazard. There are many reasons for this, in young people it can be caused by listening to too loud music through headphones, but most often the tinnitus prefigures some diseases developing in the body, for example:

  • blood clotting problems. If it is too low, blood flowing rapidly through the temporal arteries can just make sounds audible;
  • hypertension, another heart and circulatory system disorder causing vibrations in blood vessels;
  • inflammation and other diseases developing within the inner ear that may, among other things, cause damage to the cochlea nerve, such as a heel;
  • mechanical injuries to the hearing organ caused by these too loud sounds;
  • the use of certain medications, such as antibiotics or the often used in states of colds, acetylsalicylic acid, which precisely contributes to blood thinning;
  • stress, which in turn causes severe states of nervous tension, of which tinnitus may be one of the symptoms;
  • developing brain or auditory nerve cancers.

Tonosin – what is the effectiveness of these drops

The symptoms of this unpleasant disease are so clear and annoying that practically immediately after their occurrence we start looking for the most effective way to eliminate them. Sometimes it is not easy, and several of the reasons presented above even require surgical intervention, psychotherapy or special broadband noise generators. Luckily, there are few cases, and in the remaining cases it is highly effective Tonosinavailable in the form of practical ear drops. They have so far been associated with preparations used in the case of middle ear inflammation or agents used to remove excess wax from its interior. However, they allow us to get exactly to the place where the problems occur, which is why this supplement recommended by the best specialists took this form. The Tonosin is a novelty in the field of tinnitus treatment, and its effects can be considered comprehensive, not only removing symptoms, but also preventing future recurrences. Treatment with this supplement lasts only two weeks, but after just 2 – 3 days, dropping only 2 – 3 drops a day into each ear, we will notice its first positive effects:

  • gradually reduce the noise until it disappears completely;
  • improved blood supply to the inner ear;
  • improved hearing quality, felt after hearing disturbing sounds. Studies have shown that after applying the Tonosin drops, the quality of hearing in most patients improves up to three times;
  • strengthening of the eardrum, the most important barrier protecting the inner ear from both mechanical damage and infection or inflammation.

Tonosin – natural composition with no side effects

The effectiveness of any preparation, including the one used to treat tinnitus, should be based on strong but completely safe ingredients. This is the case with Tonosinwhose formula is based exclusively on natural substances which can be used without any risk of disturbing side effects. We are pleased to note that the manufacturer, in composing the composition, in accordance with the spirit of ecology, has taken advantage of what nature itself gives us, and therefore we find in its supplement:

Japanese gingko (ginkgo biloba)

ginkgo biloba

The name of this plant may be a bit misleading, because in fact it comes from China, but the most important are its valuable healing properties, useful also for tinnitus control. We can find as many as 60 substances which have a beneficial effect on our health, especially on the nervous system, which is also responsible for proper hearing, and its other properties are:

  • regulates blood flow, especially to the brain, its better oxygenation, which has a positive effect on its proper functioning;
  • stimulation of the nerve fibres that are also responsible for sound transmission, which reduces the feeling of tinnitus;
  • reducing “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • improving skin condition, alleviating acne symptoms and removing cellulite;
  • better potency;
  • slowing down the aging process;
  • alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer disease.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

One of the most important B-group vitamins, which was also found in Tonosinwhich has a beneficial effect primarily on our nervous system. Providing it in appropriate doses also prevents possible hearing problems, not only weakening or loss of hearing, but also hearing unwanted sounds. Vitamin B6 regulates the proper blood flow, helping to treat hypertension, which, as we have already mentioned, can cause tinnitus. Its deficiency is a simple way to develop many dangerous diseases:

  • depression caused in this case by sleep problems;
  • disturbances in haemoglobin synthesis;
  • degeneration of nerve tissue;
  • weakening of the immune system.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamine)

Another B-group vitamin that has a direct effect on the quality of our hearing, the elimination of all its disturbances. The research has clearly shown that practically all types of vitamin B, including B12, i.e. cobalamin, have a significant impact on the functioning of the nervous system which is also responsible for proper hearing. Vitamin B12 together with vitamin B9, i.e. folic acid, allow to remove too high levels of homocysteine, which can lead to many hearing disorders. Of course, these are not the only advantages of cobalamine, whose regular supplementation also has a beneficial effect:

  • less cholesterol in the blood;
  • more effective production of red blood cells to transport oxygen to all cells in the body;
  • to strengthen the weakened immune system;
  • better concentration, ability to learn and remember;
  • prevention of other diseases such as anaemia, heart attack, stroke and arteriosclerosis;
  • processes of synthesis of many important body cells;
  • the conversion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • stronger and non-destructive hair;
  • no gastrointestinal disorders.


It can be safely regarded as one of the elements necessary for our health, without which our body is not able to function properly. We must provide it at all times, both with a healthy diet and in the form of dietary supplements such as Tonosin. The action of zinc can be considered as multifaceted, because it has a significant impact on the work of many systems and organs, and the most important functions that it performs are:

  • It participates, among other things, in the synthesis of essential hormones;
  • regulates physiological processes aimed, among other things, at transforming carbohydrates, proteins and fats;
  • strengthens and regulates the work of the nervous system, which significantly contributes to removing noise and ringing in the ears;
  • increases our intellectual performance;
  • helps to treat dementia and other mental illnesses such as depression;
  • soothes skin irritations, removes acne changes appearing on the skin, accelerates wound healing.


The next element that is fully justified in the Tonosin composition is magnesium. Its deficiencies are manifested, among others, by the feeling of chronic fatigue, insomnia or problems with concentration. However, it is worth taking care of its proper level in the body, and the positive effects we will feel from this:

  • muscle amplification, which also affects their proper growth, which will be appreciated by lovers of building their muscles;
  • improvement of mental abilities, better concentration and memory;
  • full stabilization and regulation of the nervous system, which, as we have already mentioned, has a positive impact on hearing, removing all its disorders, including noise;
  • it prevents the development of osteoporosis, a dangerous bone weakening disease, and the most effective is magnesium combined with an appropriate dose of vitamin D;
  • a more efficient immune system;
  • proper thyroid function;
  • protection against toxins, especially heavy metals, which are a serious health hazard.

Tonosin – opinions of people who use it and how to buy it


The composition definitely predisposes the use of Tonosin not only to remove noise from the ears, but also to prevent other equally troublesome hearing loss. It is recommended by many natural medicine specialists, who have been involved in the selection of the active ingredients. They recommend it to their patients, and those who are satisfied with the results of the treatment give him definitely positive opinions, also in our opinion fully deserved. If the tinnitus slowly drives you crazy and does not let you function normally, it is a sign that it is time to order these natural drops and get rid of them once and for all. The Tonosin, like many other dietary supplements offered on our market, will be bought straight from its manufacturer. On its website He placed a simple contact form, in which all you need to do is provide your data and telephone number, and the other formalities related to the purchase will be determined in a conversation with the manufacturer’s consultant calling us back.

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