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Caring for one’s figure is an extremely important issue that we must not ignore in any way and should not only be concerned about fashion, but also, and above all, about our own health. Overweight and obesity have become serious social illnesses in many countries of the world, including Poland, and the sight of a fatty male or female body is no longer surprising to anyone. However, it is better to save yourself not only this unpleasant view at home, but also the associated dangerous diseases, often even life-threatening, and start to model your figure. Slim, slender and, above all, ideally muscled body is a dream that now lies within our reach, especially when we combine a healthy diet and a training plan developed by specialists with modern Nutrigo Lab supplements, useful at all stages of exercise. In several previous entries we described them in more detail, and now it is time to summarize and summarize what every sports and healthy lifestyle lover should use.

1. Nutrigo Lab Mass – rapid and safe growth of muscle tissue

The basis for any successful strength training is an early development of the mass, consisting of several equally important elements. The first one, which provides a solid basis for further action, is a well-balanced diet, full of products conducive to rapid but safe muscle growth. It is just as important to follow the instructions on the timing of meals, and the whole process can be further intensified by the regular use of Nutrigo Lab Mass.

It is a modern powder supplement with vanilla or chocolate flavour, from which we prepare tasty and, most importantly, nutritious cocktails, consisting of carefully selected substances such as..:

  • up to three types of proteins, differently assimilated by our body: whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep® (with 90 percent protein), Isolac® (with 90 percent protein), whey protein concentrate (80 percent protein);
  • a large amount of vitamins, headed by vitamin B6, which is involved in the protein metabolism;
  • zinc, a mineral that helps to maintain a high level of testosterone and supports protein synthesis in muscles;
  • high-energy carbohydrates and fats;
  • fibre, required for proper digestion of even the heaviest foods, thanks to which cholesterol is always at the right level, not dangerous to health;
  • BCCA branched-chain amino acids, primarily l-glutamine, regulating the process of supplying nitrogen to all muscle cells, required for their proper growth.

It is thanks to them that Nutrigo Lab Mass is characterized by such high effectiveness, allowing you to fully realize your training plans and giving a large portion of energy to exercise. Muscle tissue, to which we provide its basic building material, i.e. protein, grows with every workout, we can also enjoy the regulation of the favourable hormonal balance of the body.

2. Nutrigo Lab Strength – strength necessary not only for exercises

Muscle mass development is undoubtedly one of the most important stages of shaping our figure, but for intensive strength training we will need a lot of energy, which can be given by another revolutionary supplement, Nutrigo Lab Strength. There is no denying that regular training requires a lot of self-denial, and our body does not always have the capacity to cope with it. This is the task for the Nutrigo Lab Strength to achieve spectacular effects such as..:

  • increased efficiency and physical endurance, we will have the strength needed to perform all the exercises;
  • high level of concentration, also necessary in this form of training and quick reduction of fatigue effects;
  • intensification of all metabolic processes enabling combustion of excess fat tissue;
  • A short-term but motivating muscle pump effect that improves blood supply to the muscles where nitrogen levels increase, making them harder and more pronounced underneath the skin.

Nutrigo Lab Strength is a perfect pre-workout recommended by professional athletes, again a powder from which you can prepare a tasty cocktail, and the best way to drink it is just before your daily workout. Its action is instantaneous and they are responsible for its effectiveness:

  • The Strong VASCULAR Booster complex, responsible for increased durability and the creation of the muscle pump effect;
  • a similarly working CREATINE Cellular Energy Complex;
  • The NEURO Stimulant & Adaptogenic Blend, which gives you energy and reduces all the effects of training fatigue;
  • synephrine, bitter orange fruit extract, accelerates fat reduction, takes part in the process of thermogenesis;
  • Cocoa tree, whose ingredients, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids remove free radicals, protecting the body against many diseases;
  • mountain rosary, increasing the efficiency and endurance of the body;
  • annual paprika, a source of capsaicin, also giving us a large portion of energy needed not only for exercise, but also for normal daily activity, positively affecting also faster fat burning;
  • black pepper extract – Bioperine®, which contains a piperine with a similar effect to capsaicin.

3. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Eliminate fatigue and fully recover from training

Training for mass or muscle relief is sometimes so intense that we may have a problem with proper regeneration of the body, quickly restoring all the weakened forces. However, this should not be underestimated, and further exercises with poorly rested muscles may end up in a serious injury for a long time excluding us from training. That is why natural regeneration methods should be supported with Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, a regenerating beverage composed of beneficial ingredients. It has a pleasant, refreshing strawberry taste, but the most important is the content of as much as 90 percent of active ingredients, the most important of which are:

  • Whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep®, supplementing protein deficiencies in muscles caused by intensive exercise;
  • casein hydrolysate – PeptoPro®, a substance with anti-catabolic properties, effectively preventing the painful process of muscle tissue breakdown, accelerating also the absorption of other nutrients necessary for their regeneration, including the amino acids described below;
  • amino acids: l – leucine, accelerating muscle regeneration and regulating blood sugar levels, l – glutamine, increasing efficiency, removing toxins from the body that disturb muscle growth, l – valine, protecting muscle tissue against breakdown, taking part in the synthesis of its cells, and l – isoleucine, accelerating the regeneration of damaged tissues after an injury, also facilitating the healing of possible wounds;
  • black pepper extract, in which the main role is played by piperine, acting on many levels, helping to burn fat tissue, regulating all digestive processes, having a beneficial effect on physical condition and mental well-being;
  • Vitamin B6, supporting the functioning of the nervous and immune systems, taking an active part in protein synthesis, thus helping to regenerate tired and often damaged muscles.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration has a level of performance that no other product of this type can demonstrate. Supplements nutritional deficiencies caused by intensive training, allowing you to take full advantage of the phenomenon of anabolic window, which is the time when our body can best assimilate and use them, providing muscles with much-needed rest. At the same time it removes other, equally negative effects of fatigue, giving you strength for even more intensive exercises.

4. Nutrigo Lab Burner – the highest level of fat burning

The way to the muscular figure is not straightforward, and one of the most serious obstacles that can make it difficult is the excess of fat lying on the body, most often in the form of an unaesthetic tire on the abdomen. It is especially difficult to burn, and replacing it with a strikingly outlined musculature, this dream “six-pack”, will require the use of Nutrigo Lab Burner, one of the most effective fat burners available on the market in our country. It is a modern, multi-component supplement that allows you to quickly get rid of fat and convert it into hard and strong muscles, which is responsible for such substances as..:

  • Sinetrol® Xpur, an extract from citrus fruits with guarana, with thermogenic properties, burning fat as a result of safe body temperature increase, to which caffeine contained in guarana provides energy;
  • Citrin®, an garcinia cambogia extract with hydroxycitric acid, appetite suppressant, fatty acid synthesis and “bad” blood cholesterol;
  • Raspberry fruits, full of vitamins, minerals and other equally valuable nutrients that help reduce body fat by regulating the digestive system. They also contain naradrenaline, a substance that prevents the accumulation of fats in the body;
  • BioPerine® black pepper extract, necessary for the proper course of metabolic processes aimed at effective fat burning;
  • curcuma, an extract from long oyster, which also regulates digestion and takes part in the metabolism of fats;
  • chromium, which not only takes an active part in the process of fat burning, catching most of the free fatty acids, but also preventing the re-deposition of its cells.

Unlike other Nutrigo products, Nutrigo Lab Burner is a tablet intended for people over 18 years of age, not only athletes, but anyone who wants to get rid of fat from their thighs, hips and abdomen. Only two capsules a day are enough to enjoy full effects after a short time, weight loss of up to 9 kg per month and the conversion of fat tissue into dream muscles.

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Nurtigo Lab – Benefit from the entire supplement package

One product from the Nutrigo Lab series can make your dreams of a muscular, athletic body come true, but using all of them will give you results you’ve never dreamed of before. They can be successfully used at all stages of training, Nutrigo Lab Mass will help in the process of gaining mass necessary to convert it into muscles, Nutrigo Lab Strength will give us strength and endurance, the process of regeneration of tired muscles will help Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, and the removal of excess tissue will accelerate Nutrigo Lab Burner.

As a result, we receive a set of supplements positively evaluated by both the athletes taking them, as well as professional coaches and dieticians, so it is worth following their advice and in a relatively short period of time arouse admiration with their new silhouette.

Nutrigo Lab Burner – modern, comprehensive body fat reducer

nutrigo lab burner

The biggest enemy of anyone who wants to lose weight and gain a slim, muscular figure, is the excess of fat on the body, which requires immediate burning. Unfortunately, its reduction is a complex, multifaceted process consisting of many elements, such as a properly selected diet or a training plan prepared in consultation with a doctor or a professional dietician. However, even this does not mean that we will get rid of fat as quickly as we would like, so it is worthwhile to include in the plan another important factor is a facilitating, dietary supplement that significantly speeds up the whole process, and the best is certainly Nutrigo Lab Burner.

Fat tissue reduction – how to carry it out properly

Properly conducted process of fat reduction requires considerable self-denial and adherence to a few strictly defined rules, without which it will be practically impossible to obtain an effective musculature. The increase in body fat is, unfortunately, an inevitable side effect of muscle mass gain. How much will be put aside depends directly on ourselves and, above all, on the diet, what we will eat at that time. This is one of the basic, often made mistakes, and the others, which are also worth avoiding, are:

  • Providing the body with too many calories, not maintaining the assumed negative calorie balance. It is the most important in the reduction process, and it is calculated very simply by taking our daily calorie requirement and subtracting 10 – 20% from the result. If we eat too much, it immediately reflects negatively on our figure, and the stomach, instead of falling, grows. Also be careful about the type and amount of liquid you consume, and reject high-calorie drinks such as sweetened carbonated drinks or coffee or tea sweetened with a few teaspoons of sugar. It is worth replacing them with an exceptionally healthy yerba mate, an extract from the Paraguay holly, which will also allow us to lose a few kilograms;
  • poorly balanced proportions of nutrients in individual meals, especially the most important micronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which must comply with the ratio of 50 – 30 – 20, corresponding in turn to the above mentioned ingredients;
  • improperly selected training plan and lack of regularity of exercises.

Burning fat tissue, which is supposed to bring results, is also based on increasing the intensity of metabolic processes, which is favoured by the combination of strength training strengthening muscles with aerobic exercises allowing them to properly oxygenate. Metabolism increases several times, which results in fast disappearing fat rollers. The above rules seem to be only seemingly simple, in fact their observance requires a lot of self-denial, so it’s worthwhile to gain an additional ally in this fight, Nutrigo Lab Burneran effective and powerful fat burner.

Nutrigo Lab Burner – composition composed by professionals

Fast and sustainable reduction of body fat and burning carbohydrates is a dream not only of athletes, especially bodybuilders, but also of anyone who can no longer look at his unsightly fat body. Now this dream can finally come true, and that’s why Nutrigo Lab Burner, a multi-component supplement, has been developed to support this complex process. It has been successfully added to other Nutrigo products, resulting in a comprehensive muscle building kit that improves performance and endurance, burns fat and helps you recover quickly. In Nutrigo Lab Burner we can find as many as 6 active ingredients, supported by other, equally valuable substances that enhance their action.

The most important substances in the Nutrigo Lab Burner:

  • Sinetrol® Xpur, an innovative, patented citrus fruit extract and guarana. Citrus fruit is an exceptionally rich source of vitamins and minerals essential for the health of our body, while guarana contains a lot of caffeine supporting the weight loss process. It has thermogenic properties, enabling fat and calories to be burned by raising body temperature. Caffeine also has a stimulating effect, providing the energy necessary for a large physical effort, increases the efficiency of the body, helps it to relax;
  • Citrin®, an extract from garcinia cambogia, a plant known in our country as the Malabar Tamarind, whose weight loss and fat-reducing properties are based on the content of hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The influence of HCA on our body has been confirmed by numerous studies, the substance is completely safe to use, and its effect is to reduce the synthesis of fatty acids and reduce excessive appetite while stimulating the feeling of satiety. In addition, acid reduces the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, lowering its pressure, thus helping in the treatment and prevention of many heart and cardiovascular diseases;
  • raspberry extract, so popular both straight from the bush and in the form of tasty preserves, juices, jams or preserves. These fruits have also long been appreciated for their health properties, resulting from the nutrients they contain. You will find there, among others, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, minerals, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Fruits have a low glycemic index, allow you to lower blood sugar levels, and in reducing body fat, their impact on the gastrointestinal tract is important. They have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, inhibit the excessive multiplication of dangerous strains of intestinal bacteria, help to remove troublesome flatulence and other digestive disorders. They also contain raspberry ketone, a chemical compound that significantly increases noradrenaline activity, accelerates fat burning processes and prevents fat deposits;
  • Extract from long oyster (turmeric), an exotic spice which improves the taste of many dishes and is becoming more and more popular in our kitchen. Curcuma owes its health properties to the presence of curcumin, a strong antioxidant that provides effective protection even against cancer. It has an extremely positive effect on the digestive system, and by accelerating metabolism it allows you to quickly lose all excess weight. To some extent, it also limits the production of fat cells by the body, at the same time taking part in the destruction of existing ones;
  • black pepper extract – BioPerine®, already known from other Nutrigo products, the most important part of which is the piperine we have described many times. Its importance in the metabolism of fats cannot be overestimated, it is even essential for their rapid burning, and it additionally regulates all digestive processes occurring in our body:
  • chromium, an element that favourably supports metabolism, whose action consists, among other things, in catching excess of free fatty acids and preventing the deposition of fat cells in various parts of the body. It also helps to maintain proper sugar levels by regulating insulin secretion and takes part in glycogen synthesis in muscles, which is necessary for all forms of physical activity.

Nutrigo Lab Burner – Effects exactly as you expect them to be.

When testing another Nutrigo product, we are pleased to note that in the case of Nutrigo Lab Burner the manufacturer has again carefully worked to develop the composition of the preparation, which again translates into the highest effectiveness. The supplement, recommended for professional athletes, can be used by practically every person over 18 years of age, practicing various sports disciplines, at the forefront of the increasingly popular bodybuilding.

The recommended dose of Nutrigo Lab Burner is just two capsules a day, taken half an hour before a meal or a workout, and they guarantee the desired results. Thanks to this, you can burn over 9 kg per month and quickly get the silhouette we wanted, slim, superbly carved and without a gram of unnecessary fat. Its metabolism will reach a whole new level, not only will it slow down the process of synthesis of new fat cells, but also our appetite, the cause of eating leading to overweight or even pathological obesity. The effectiveness of the supplement is confirmed by surveys and user opinions, most of them positive, as in the case of other products reviewed earlier. The best results can be achieved with Nutrigo Lab Strength, which will give us the energy, performance and endurance to complete our training plan, and
Nutrigo Lab Burner will intensify its effects.

Nutrigo Lab Burner we buy directly from the manufacturer, the order form is available at his website. The price of the packaging is 39 €, but as always we can take advantage of the current promotion and when we order three items at once, one will be sent to us free of charge.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – quick recovery and recovery after training

nutrigo lab regeneration

The importance of developing muscle mass in strength training cannot be underestimated, nor can increasing the efficiency of the body to quickly achieve all the desired results. However, equally important, but unfortunately often underestimated, is the regeneration, complementing the weakened forces by performing many series of often extremely intensive exercises. You need to be really consistent in this matter, which will allow you to avoid possible injuries, muscle pain and full implementation of your training plan. Natural regeneration methods may prove to be effective, but they are worth supporting with high quality dietary supplements, such as Nutrigo Lab Regenerationa strawberry-flavoured regenerating drink.

Regeneration after training – why is it so important?

Proper regeneration of the body should therefore become one of the most important parts of every workout, especially the aforementioned strength training. It is almost as important as the way of performing individual exercises or a balanced healthy diet, while allowing you to increase your stamina. During intensive exercises in our muscles there are a number of chemical and biological reactions, and sometimes there can also be physical damage to muscle fibres, their stretching or even painful tearing. You can also see many other disturbing symptoms in your body, which include, above all, the following:

  • a decrease in performance, usually excluding not only further training, but in extreme cases even hindering normal movement, combined with a feeling of great fatigue;
  • increased risk of injury;
  • severe pain in the muscles;
  • accumulation of toxins and other equally harmful metabolic products in the body, e.g. in muscles, lactic acid is accumulated;
  • loss of important nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins as a result of exercise, requiring immediate replenishment. We also lose large amounts of fluids, which can result in dangerous dehydration.

So let us not underestimate the importance of rest, bearing in mind that proper regeneration should last from 24 to 48 hours. During this time, the body calms down, starts to function properly again, and muscle mass growth, the effect that we wanted to achieve, takes place during rest, not during training. In addition, the whole process may be intensified by the following Nutrigo Lab RegenerationIt supports the development of muscles and supplements all nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – a composition tailored to the needs of all athletes

Natural regeneration methods are certainly effective, but most professional athletes use the following methods Nutrigo Lab RegenerationHe can quickly return to interrupted training without fear of lack of strength. This supplement is recommended especially for all lovers of bodybuilding, this difficult, but at the same time extremely beautiful sport, and this is why each portion of it contains as much as 90 percent of active ingredients. They have been thoroughly tested to maximise their effects and therefore Nutrigo Lab Regeneration contains substances such as..:

  • whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep®, a substance patented by the manufacturer, easily assimilable, so you can instantly fill in all the deficiencies of this most important building block of our muscle tissue, without which there is no question of its proper growth;
  • casein hydrolysate – PeptoPro®, another component responsible for rapid muscle growth. Casein has long been used by athletes, mainly because of its anti-catabolic properties, i.e. preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue and for increasing the absorption of amino acids, also accelerating the development of muscles.
  • I – leucine, an amino acid essential for every strength training. Unfortunately, our body is not able to produce it on its own, so it must be supplied with food or as a component of dietary supplements such as Nutrigo Lab Regeneration. It accelerates muscle regeneration, increases overall physical fitness, and allows you to control blood sugar levels;
  • l – glutamine, another amino acid, this time found in our blood and brain, improving efficiency at high physical activity, taking an active part in nitrogen metabolism, removing toxins from the body, including ammonia and other metabolic products that can interfere with the proper growth of muscle mass;
  • l – valine, as well as casein protecting muscle tissue against uncontrolled decay, which must also be supplied with food or in the form of supplements. It takes part in the process of muscle protein synthesis, provides energy necessary for exercise, increases muscle strength and mass, reduces excess body fat, effectively removes fatigue effects;
  • l – isoleucine, branched amino acid, another component protecting muscles against catabolism, participating in the process of regeneration of damaged tissues, which may happen in case of injury, accelerating their healing, affecting also protein synthesis in muscles and liver;
  • black pepper fruit extract containing a piperine with slimming properties to help burn excess body fat quickly, regulate digestion, support concentration and improve overall psychophysical condition;
  • Vitamin B6, essential for the proper functioning of many important systems of our body, especially the immune and nervous systems. It participates in the transformation of carbohydrates and fats into energy and, like the above mentioned components, in protein synthesis, thus promoting muscle growth and regeneration.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – broad spectrum of operation

The numerous advantages of this supplement should benefit everyone who cares about quick muscle regeneration, which is possible even after the most exhausting workout. Thanks to such a composition, Nutrigo Lab Regeneration delivers precisely measured doses of nutrients lost during exercise, immediately filling in all the gaps. It is worthwhile to take an interest in its use also due to other, often emphasized advantages, such as full use of the anabolic window phenomenon. This is the time immediately after the training, usually lasting up to 2 – 3 hours, when our body is able to use all the nutrients supplied to it most effectively, which perfectly affects its full regeneration, especially muscle tissue.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration instantly removes all fatigue effects while giving you energy for further exercise or other forms of physical activity. Its regular use also ensures full replenishment of glycogen stores and avoids muscle pain, which is often encountered in strength sports. All active ingredients are fully absorbed about half an hour after taking the preparation, maximizing the results achieved.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Use and purchase of the supplement

Only one dose is needed to obtain them. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration A nutritious and healthy drink is prepared by dissolving the contents of the sachet in 200 ml of water, preferably mineral, non-carbonated water. The refreshing, strawberry taste will surely appeal to everyone and by drinking it every day, we provide the body with everything it needs, a fuel that supports our body’s capabilities, enabling proper, safe muscle growth, without the risk of injury and giving it strength to take on new challenges. Positive opinions of users and specialists fully confirm the effects that Nutrigo Lab Regeneration gives us, it is also recommended by many coaches and professional athletes who have successfully included it into their diets.

It is definitely worth joining them, and the supplement is bought, like other Nutrigo products, by placing an order through manufacturer’s website. The purchase price of one package is €93, but in this case we can also take advantage of the promotion that allows you to buy three packages at the same time, one of which will be given free of charge.

Nutrigo Lab Strength – Training performance and endurance at the highest level

nutrigo lab strength

The way to the spectacularly outlined muscles is usually long and every now and then we meet on it various, smaller or bigger obstacles that make it difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to achieve the desired effect. The most common is simply our body itself, especially problems with its training efficiency, weaknesses reflected immediately in the ability to perform all planned strength exercises. You should therefore strengthen your condition in an appropriate way, and one of the ways to facilitate this is through proper supplementation, preferably using the best pre-training course of recent years, which undoubtedly is Nutrigo Lab Strength.

Performance of the body – why is it so important

There are many methods of increasing the body’s training capabilities, and people who keep it at the right level at all times can not only exercise more intensively and effectively, but also have fewer health problems, especially cardiovascular problems, which are common among athletes. Increased productivity and durability also helps in many seemingly mundane daily activities, even when climbing stairs or carrying heavy shopping. Properly selected endurance training combined with supplementation has many undeniable advantages, the most important of which are as follows

  • increasing the so-called oxygen ceiling, i.e. the universal physical performance index, differentiated for women and men, which determines the maximum amount of oxygen that our body is able to absorb during intensive training. The higher it is, the better the results we can achieve;
  • reduction of the resting heart rate with simultaneous increase of the ejection volume;
  • intensified production of energy necessary for a large muscle effort;
  • strengthening the muscles themselves and the entire osteoarticular system, minimizing the risk of injury.

As you can see, the benefits of increasing the efficiency of the body are obvious, and one of the preparations to achieve this, and in an extremely short period of time, is precisely the following Nutrigo Lab Strengthrecommended by the best coaches of various sports.

Nutrigo Lab Strength – the highest performance

Nutrigo Lab Strength is a modern supplement, composed of carefully selected ingredients, whose main task is to increase the training capacity of our body and we must admit that in this role works perfectly. The supplement can be successfully used by both professional and competitive athletes, as well as newly-qualified sportsmen, just beginning their adventure on the gym, treadmill or ring. The effects of using Nutrigo Lab Strength will be really surprising and with regular recommended use of Nutrigo Lab Strength we will get, among other things:

  • increasing the effect of the so-called muscle pump, i.e. achieving the effect of “pumping” specific muscle parts. It is obtained thanks to a better blood flow to the muscle tissue, which at the same time increases the level of nitrogen in them, which makes the muscles more visible and harder. Although the pump effect lasts only a few dozen minutes after training, it is an excellent motivation to continue, and the lasting benefit is increased productivity;
  • more physical endurance, which results in an increase in the intensity of training, a force that allows you to do more repetitions in one series;
  • better concentration to fully concentrate on the exercises you are doing;
  • quick removal of fatigue effects, accelerated regeneration of the body after training;
  • support of metabolic processes aimed at faster burning and reduction of fat tissue.

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The Nutrigo Lab Strength is completely safe to use and there is no risk of side effects if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The supplement has a form similar to the one described on our web page Nutrigo Lab Mass, i.e. a powder used for making a nutritious drink. Just dissolve one serving, 2 scoops, about 15 g in 200 ml of water and drink about 15 minutes before workout to maximize the effect, remember not to use Nutrigo Lab Strength before bedtime and together with other caffeine-containing products.

Nutrigo Lab Strength – Innovative, smart composition

The Nutrigo Lab Strength is, of course, responsible for this action, again as a result of research carried out by the best specialists in this field. Each measure of the product contains as many as 18 active ingredients that make our body able to endure even the strictest training regime we impose on ourselves. Most of them are novelty in the field of supplementation, patented and protected by the manufacturer’s trademark, and most of them are new in the field of supplementation. Nutrigo Lab Strength contains substances such as..:

  • revolutionary Strong VASCULAR Booster complex, which is designed to raise the upper limit of endurance, performance and the effect of the muscle pump described above;
  • NEURO Stimulant & Adaptogenic Blend, the entire complex of carefully selected ingredients designed to increase the level of energy needed not only for exercise, but also to facilitate rapid regeneration even after the toughest workout. In addition, it is praised for its action reducing the adverse effects of stress and increasing the adaptive properties of our body;
  • Creatine, or more precisely its two most assimilable varieties combined in one substance CREATINE Cellular Energy Complex, allowing to increase the intensity of workouts, especially the number of repetitions per one series of exercises;
  • synephrine, an extract obtained from bitter orange fruits, a substance more and more appreciated not only by strength sports enthusiasts. It is an organic compound that accelerates fat burning by positively influencing metabolic processes responsible for it. It also intensifies the process of thermogesthesis, i.e. the reduction of fat cells by raising the body temperature, of course, to a safe and healthy level;
  • Cocoa extract is a healthy food extract due to its exceptionally valuable properties. It contains many nutrients, anthocyanins and flavonoids, which remove free radicals and thus protect against serious cancer and vitamins: B and C, as well as minerals: magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper and manganese. Cocoa beans also help to solve chronic fatigue problems by providing high doses of energy, increasing concentration and protecting against heart and cardiovascular diseases;
  • extract from mountain rosemary, a herb classified as an adaptegene, adapting its impact on the body to the current conditions. In the world of sport, it is considered to be a completely legal natural doping, it helps to quickly regenerate weakened forces, at the same time increasing the performance and endurance of the body;
  • extract from the fruit of the annual pepper, the richest source of capsaicin, accelerating fat burning by stimulating the production of dopamine and adrenaline, also reducing oxidative stress;
  • black pepper extract – Bioperine®, full of piperine, alkaloid with slimming properties, intensifying fat burning processes similarly to capsaicin;
  • B vitamins, mainly niacin – vitamin B3, naturally produced by the body and responsible for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. The second is vitamin B6, which in turn supports the work of the heart and immune system protecting us from various diseases, and also takes part in the metabolism of amino acids;
  • a unique complex of other ingredients, thanks to which all the active agents listed above are absorbed much faster.

Nutrigo Lab Strength – Opinions on the effectiveness of the supplement

To be honest, it’s a composition like the Nutrigo Lab Strength can boast of really few other pre-training sessions. It is this supplement, combined with the highest, confirmed by research, effectiveness that contributes to the constantly growing popularity of the supplement. It is very popular among people practicing various sports, amateur or professional, mainly strength sports, bodybuilding, thanks to its strength and ability to build a slim, athletic silhouette with a strikingly outlined musculature. Another advantage of Nutrigo Lab Strength, which is equally often emphasized and important, is the way it is used, its availability not in the form of tablets, which can not be denied that not everyone likes, but more easily assimilated drink.

It is also worth noting the safety of use, which does not bring with it any undesirable effects, such as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Practically one contraindication is the ban on combining it with other products containing caffeine, whose daily recommended doses should not be exceeded. Positive effects, on the other hand, are visible after several uses, and the best results will be achieved by taking Nutrigo Lab Strength regularly until the desired results are achieved.

Nutrigo Lab Strength – where you can buy it at the best price

Among the many methods of distributing this type of product, the manufacturer Nutrigo Lab Strength decided in our opinion on the best of them, which depends on selling it in person through his own website. This gives you a guarantee that you will receive an original supplement that is many times emphasized, with full, 100% effectiveness, and most importantly, at a price that no external distributor can offer for sure. One package will cost us 49 €, and if you decide to buy two at once, you will get the third one free of charge and in a short time you will be able to enjoy the performance of your body allowing you to carry out all your training plans without any problems.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – you will have the muscles you dreamed of

Summer is approaching in great steps, may it only be not as hot as last year, so the long-awaited holiday period is coming, the time for carefree rest, including lying on a sunny beach. Unfortunately, many men do not wait for this with longing, being ashamed to show their body, full of fat rollers and not beautifully outlined muscles. The truth is that their expansion is a long-term process, so it is better to deal with it today by using dietary supplements that support it, in addition to diet and a strict training regime, such as Nutrigo Lab Mass. This delicious cocktail, available in two flavours, most effectively activates muscle growth at all stages of training and is recommended by the best strength athletes.

Muscle mass gain – how to get started

If you do not want to hide your belly and chest under your T-shirt all summer long, but only expose them arousing admiration of the environment, especially the opposite sex, we should learn a few rules, thanks to which our muscles will grow rapidly. An absolute basis is, of course, a healthy, well-balanced diet, which, in combination with a healthy diet, is the basis for a healthy, well-balanced diet. Nutrigo Lab Mass will produce results that we could only dream of so far. The rules drawn up by dieticians in consultation with professional trainers are very simple and just enough:

  • remember to eat the two most important meals of the day, breakfast and dinner, the first one gives us energy for the whole day of activity, while the second one replenishes the calories lost during this time;
  • consumption of five meals a day at regular intervals, and the calories needed are calculated on the basis of daily needs, adding 10 percent to the result;
  • elimination from the diet everything that is unhealthy, including stimulants, especially alcohol, at the forefront of a high-calorie beer, quickly deposited in the form of a rondelles growing on the stomach;
  • strict adherence to the iron training regime, and the use of Nutrigo Lab Mass after some time will significantly increase the efficiency of the body. It is best if the exercise plan is drawn up by a professional trainer taking into account our actual capabilities in this area.

Nutrients essential for muscle tissue growth

However, proper muscle development is mainly conditioned by the nutrients supplied to them, also contained in each Nutrigo Lab Mass portion, and the most important, whose importance cannot be underestimated, is:

  • protein, the basic building block of our muscle tissue. Unfortunately, it is difficult to deliver them only in meals, and possible deficiencies are well supplemented with dietary supplements, in order to reach the total recommended by specialists amount of 2.5 g per each kilogram of body weight;
  • carbohydrates, which provide us with much-needed energy, not only for exercise. Carbohydrates also take an active part in the processes leading to the burning of excess body fat, acting as a fuel for muscles, in the form of glycogen, enabling their proper and rapid growth;
  • amino acids, responsible for accelerating muscle growth, which are also of great importance in their regeneration after even the greatest physical effort. They protect muscle tissue against catabolism, its breakdown as a result of lack of adequate amounts of nutrients;
  • fats, without which the body will never be able to properly assimilate other, equally important components, especially the so much-needed vitamins.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – composition of the supplement

Without such a set of substances that nourish our muscles, we don’t even have anything to think about increasing their weight, so Nutrigo Lab Mass manufacturers have included them in their supplement. This way, taking his recommended daily dose, we deliver to the body:

  • several forms of easily assimilable protein, differing mainly in percentage protein content, the most important of which are: whey protein isolate – Isolac® (90 percent protein), whey protein hydrolysate – Optipep® (90 percent protein), whey protein concentrate (80 percent protein);
  • valuable and equally essential fats, representing 5 per cent of the total composition;
  • high-energy carbohydrates, as much as 22 percent of one portion of the supplement;
  • fibre, a component without which there can be no proper digestion of food, a substance that we must provide with food, the best and most effective help in slimming, also helping to maintain cholesterol at a proper level, safe for health;
  • vitamins, especially B6, necessary for the proper process of protein metabolism, responsible also for increasing the physical performance of the body;
  • zinc, one of the most important minerals for maintaining health, thanks to which every man can count on a high level of testosterone and equally high protein synthesis in the muscles;
  • extremely valuable amino acids, in Nutrigo Lab Mass in the form of a branched BCCA, containing a large amount of l – glutamine, an amino acid naturally occurring in muscles, responsible for transporting nitrogen to all muscle cells and supporting their development. It is necessary to always maintain an adequate level of this substance in order to avoid a decrease in strength, endurance and regenerative capacity of the organism.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – Performance, efficacy and dosage

Analysing the composition Nutrigo Lab MassWe immediately notice that such a thoughtful selection of the substances that make up it automatically translates into high, confirmed by tests effectiveness. Including a supplement in your diet results, among other things, in the aforementioned increase in the efficiency of your body, so you can intensify workouts, for example by doing more repetitions per series of exercises. Thanks to this, you can count on fast, visible muscle mass development, which is maintained all the time, of course, if we continue to follow the diet and the assumed training plan. The body regenerates faster, regardless of the physical effort it undergoes, which is facilitated by the supply of all the above mentioned nutrients in perfectly matched doses. The hormonal economy is also regulated, with a simultaneous increase in the production of growth hormone and glycogen, which is so necessary for strength training to achieve the intended results.

Nutrigo Lab Massunlike other mass supplements usually available in tablets, it takes the form of a powder to make a nutritious and healthy cocktail. We have a choice of two flavours, chocolate and vanilla, so everyone will find the one that suits them best. The recommended dosage is just 1 – 2 glasses per day, drunk between meals and made from four servings of Nutrigo Mas Lab mixed with 200 ml of non-carbonated water, preferably mineral water or milk.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – reviews and buying a supplement

Summing up all the advantages of the Nutrigo Lab Mass, the form of an easy to prepare beverage and the high efficiency resulting directly from its composition, it is not surprising that it enjoys positive feedback. It is praised by users who want to increase their muscle mass quickly, as well as dietetic and sports specialists who recommend the supplement not only to gym exercise enthusiasts. It will be useful for anyone who likes to be physically active and spend time in the open air, and not at home in front of a computer or TV set.

The Nutrigo Lab Mass is available directly at the manufacturer’s websitewho also sells his product. This is another, often emphasised advantage, the best guarantee of receiving a 100% original supplement at a price that no one else will offer. The price of a single package, regardless of taste, is 86 €, the shipment is carried out quickly, so that you can enjoy the effects of the action as soon as possible.