Tribulus terrestris (ground mace) – a herb which should be known by every man

Tribulus terrestrisThe longest possible retention of a high libido is a point of honor for any man who always wants to be able to fully satisfy his partner. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, this is not always possible and sometimes there are unpleasant situations when it is necessary to support the weakened forces properly. You can use various means for this purpose, but make sure that they are based as far as possible on natural ingredients, preferably plant-based, and one that we can recommend is certainly Tribulus terrestris, better known in our country as the ground mace.

Potency herbs – trust in the power of nature

Among the numerous, more or less effective ways to combat potency disorders, the most frequently chosen tablets are still those containing strong artificial chemical substances in their composition. Over the last dozen or even several dozen years, we have almost completely underestimated the power of natural methods, especially proven herbal treatments, known at least for centuries. However, it is definitely worth using them, not only in the process of treatment itself, but also as an effective prophylaxis, protecting against the possibility of such problems. Herbs, including Tribulus terrestris, or the equally well-known Maca root, are characterized by virtually the same effect, we also consider them to be aphrodisiacs, but in most cases do not have strong side effects. In many tablets they are an integral part of the treatment and their components, e.g. the most popular sildenafil, may, if overdosed, pose a serious threat to health.

Tribulus terrestris – herbs with a rich composition

The strength and effectiveness of natural ways to increase libido and, above all, improve erections, is determined by the chemical composition of the plants used, in which we find almost everything that is needed by every man. Ground mace is a paroliform plant cultivated in the United States, Mexico, China and Eastern Europe, among others. Its Polish name comes from the fruit, which resembles a mace shape, a popular weapon in the past and is full of valuable nutrients that positively affect health, and in addition to vitamins and minerals we can also find in it:

  • polyphenols, the best natural antioxidants, eliminating dangerous free radicals from the body, which can cause many diseases, including the most dangerous cancers. Polyphenols also have an antiatherosclerotic effect, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and anti-inflammatory effect, thus protecting the heart and circulatory system;
  • saponins, glycosides being derivatives of sugars, produced in plants with diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiviral properties. They have a positive effect on digestion and metabolism, increasing the secretion of bile and digestive juices, and the latest research has shown that they also lower the level of bad LDL cholesterol;
  • Indoles, which our body cannot do without, as well as polyphenols fighting free radicals, removing all toxins and unnecessary metabolic products. Their most important function is to reduce the production of estrogen, which reduces the amount of testosterone;
  • phytosterols with a similar effect to polyphenols and saponins.

Tribulus terrestris – Health properties

Tribulus terrestrisAs in many other herbs, also here the composition directly affects health properties, making it worthwhile to introduce preparations containing mace into the daily male diet. The positive effects of this will be felt almost immediately, not only in terms of greater sexual fitness, but also in terms of improving overall health. We will find many such supplements on the market, and the most important effects that we can achieve thanks to them are:

  • better functioning of the immune system, thanks to the fact that the mace is an adaptogen and provides excellent protection against diseases;
  • a large dose of supplied daily energy, needed not only for sex, but also for ordinary activities, professional or domestic work or sport;
  • assistance in the treatment of diseases of many internal organs, including liver, stomach and kidneys;
  • improve heart and cardiovascular performance and Tribulus terrestris protects the heart against diseases such as atherosclerosis while minimizing the risk of stroke and heart attack by regulating blood pressure;
  • improving mental fitness, mental condition and concentration through positive effects on the brain and nervous system;
  • faster growth of muscle tissue, which will please all men willing to spend time at the gym.

Tribulus terrestris – a natural potency enhancer

The pro-health effect of the mace seems to be undisputed, and its beneficial properties are also confirmed by studies conducted by specialists. They recommend using this plant to treat and prevent typically male ailments, including impotence disorders, which manifest themselves in the aforementioned problems with obtaining and maintaining an erection. The compounds it contains, especially the steroid saponins described above, stimulate increased production of testosterone, the most important male hormone. Its proper level is the best guarantee of no erection problems and full, 100% sexual fitness in every situation.

Adequate amount of testosterone will ensure this by a proper blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis, and in addition, using preparations with a ground mace, we also increase our fertility. The organism produces a large number of sperm, with a greater vitality and mobility, which makes it easier to fertilize an egg cell.

Member XXL – mace supplement in the composition

As you can see from the above examples, it is worth taking regular supplements from Tribulus terrestris in the line-up, not only when we have problems, but also prophylactically. One of the best, with a complex, almost comprehensive effect on the male body, is Member XXL, tablets that not only increase libido, but also give a clear increase in the length and thickness of the penis.

In addition to the ground mace, you will also find other, equally valuable ingredients recommended to every guy, with a fast action, devoid of, while maintaining the recommended dose, negative side effects. Every effective tablet Member XXL includes, among other things:

  • black pepper extract;
  • extract of Chinese citrus fruit;
  • a sabbatical palm;
  • Ginseng root extract, the legendary aphrodisiac;
  • And arginine;
  • saffron extract.

All of them work almost instantly, the first results of the treatment can be seen almost immediately, and after a further dozen or so weeks the problems become only an unpleasant memory. The supplement goes directly to the source of the problem, the libido will always be at the highest level and the larger member is more fun for both partners. Member XXL can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, through his website.


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