Vita Hair Man – an effective and recommended method of stopping hair loss


Hair loss, uncontrolled and usually accelerated hair loss, is not one of the most pleasant things a man can have. There’s no denying that the current fashion is imposing some of the hairstyles that many of us would like to have on our heads. Unfortunately, reality often turns out to be more brutal, and the appearing clearances at the top of the head or constantly growing meanders just make it impossible. Most of us, however, are not doomed to cut ourselves to the proverbial hedgehog, and hair can grow back, especially if we take an effective treatment with the use of tablets. VitaHairMan. Based exclusively on natural ingredients, they will not only stop hair loss, but will also significantly support the rapid growth of new, healthier and, above all, much stronger hair.

The types of baldness that any man can come across

Excessive hair loss, or, in short, alopecia, may be caused by various causes, sometimes very difficult to diagnose unequivocally, and rarely we are dealing with only one of them. An increasing number of men are exposed to this risk, especially those who live under severe stress, neglect the daily hygiene of hair and scalp, or suffer from diseases, whose important symptom is precisely weakness and, as a result, hair loss. Interestingly, alopecia is also genetic, it can be said to be hereditary and if the father or grandfather shines from a distance with baldness, it can unfortunately also happen to us.

As we have already mentioned, alopecia is not a homogeneous disease, we can come across various varieties of it, some of which are the most common:

  • androgenic alopecia, also called male type alopecia, definitely the most common, caused by the negative effect of the most important male hormone derivative, testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short, damages hair follicles, leading over time to their complete disappearance, resulting in hair starting to fall out at an alarming rate, and no new hair grows in their place;
  • cobblestone alopecia, which usually does not cover the entire head but manifests itself as ‘cobblestones’, small and unevenly spaced areas almost completely devoid of hair, extremely difficult to treat and unaesthetic;
  • Total alopecia, covering, as the name suggests, the entire head, and often also eyelashes, eyebrows and most other hairy parts of our body. Its causes are most often severe nervous disorders, stress or untreated neuroses, hormonal disorders and dangerous autoimmune diseases;
  • telogenetic alopecia, which can last only a few months, during which time most of the hair turns into telogen phase, i.e. resting phase, when weakened hair stops growing. Normally, this period is very short, but sometimes it is prolonged, as a result of which baldness begins to grow on the head. This is due to the inflammation of the scalp, fungal or parasitic infections, and even taking certain medications.

These are, of course, just a few of the many possible types of this onerous disease which, however, can now be effectively prevented and treated by using VitaHairManwhich in most cases can be dealt with in just a few months.

VitaHairMan – what is its strength and what effects can we count on?


Every year on the market in our country there are many dietary supplements that help with various ailments, including those that accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Analysing most of them, however, it can be seen that, with often questionable efficacy, they can also cause unpredictable side effects, especially when based on strong chemical compounds such as minoxidil. Therefore, in our opinion, it is much better to bet on tablets such as VitaHairMan, free from such substances, with 100% natural and safe composition and effectiveness confirmed by both consumers and trychologists, specialists in hair diseases. Taking only two of them a day, morning and evening, we will see the first positive effects after just a few weeks, and after a few more weeks our baldness will be just a bad memory. The manufacturer has risen to the challenge here and, thanks to the regular use of VitaHairMan we can gain:

  • restoration of damaged hair roots and follicles, strengthening them and full nourishment, creating together a perfect environment required for the rapid growth of new, stronger hair;
  • full regeneration, strengthening and moisturizing of existing hair, along its entire length, preventing its brittleness, fragility, split ends and loss;
  • maintaining and even emphasizing the natural hair color, which after a few weeks of treatment with VitaHairMan becomes much deeper and more intense.

VitaHairMan – a composition that guarantees such effects of the treatment

The composition is responsible for obtaining spectacular results that are not to be said here. VitaHairMandeveloped in the manufacturer’s laboratories and composed exclusively of natural substances. Their use is completely safe, we are not threatened by any side effects of taking these tablets, and in each of them we will find ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin A, which enables proper and undisturbed growth of the hair matrix, which thanks to its action grows stronger, thicker and almost completely resistant to all factors that may cause their loss;
  • Vitamin B6, without whose presence it is impossible to prevent many diseases of the scalp, including those that cause alopecia, such as seborrheic dermatitis. Adequate levels of vitamin B6 in the body also help maintain a natural, deep shade of hair;
  • Vitamin E, even essential to maintain a long health of the scalp, without which you can forget about the proper growth of hair. Its main task is to improve the blood supply to the skin, which also results in a good nourishment of hair follicles, and in addition to reducing excessive seborrhoea, also responsible for excessive hair loss;
  • copper, the element responsible for the strong structure of each hair, giving it high resistance to damage;
  • zinc, which takes care of the proper degree of absorption of the nutrients supplied to the hair, regulates the sebaceous glands and is essential in the process of synthesis of keratin, one of the hair building blocks;
  • Pantothenic acid, thanks to which our hair does not lose pigment, which also takes part in the metabolism of many important nutrients, especially amino acids and carbohydrates. It also regulates the production of sebum, a substance that protects hair against moisture, frost, sun and other harmful external factors;
  • l – methionine, building amino acid, responsible for many processes occurring in the body, taking an active part in the production of collagen, building material not only hair but also skin and nails, providing them with sulfur, an important element necessary for their growth and long term preservation of full health;
  • l – cysteine, the second amino acid, without which our hair cannot do without, included in the composition of keratin, the most important building material, providing hair bulbs with all the necessary nutrients, moisturizing hair, preventing its excessive brittleness, delaying the aging process.

VitaHairMan – positive opinions fully confirm its effectiveness


If you decide on a treatment that on the one hand completely stops hair loss, and on the other hand causes rapid growth of new hair, it is worth betting only on proven measures, and VitaHairMan …is certainly one of those. His action has been proven by many men who, while enjoying their regained lush hair, give him positive feedback, also confirmed by the professionals, mentioned above trychologists. The speed of the supplement’s action is praised, as well as its carefully selected and thought-out composition, which is the basis for its high effectiveness. Many men also pay attention to the safety of use and confirm that after taking the tablets VitaHairMan they did not suffer from any undesirable side effects.

In our opinion, this is more than enough of a recommendation and every man who is annoyed by the thinning of his hair should start treatment immediately to say goodbye to the bald hair once and for all in a few months. The supplement is distributed by the supplement manufacturer himself, which is now the rule, giving the purchaser confidence that he is buying an original and effective product and not a counterfeit placebo. An order for Vita Hair Man can be placed by manufacturer’s websiteby filling in the easy-to-use contact form. The order is processed within 1 -2 working days from its placement, the package reaches us in a discreet package and we can pay for it with the PayPal system, credit card or courier delivering the package to us. It is worth to hurry up and take advantage of the currently offered price promotions that give measurable savings and we can now buy the following promotional packages:

  • starter kit, one pack containing 60 tablets for 39 €;
  • a strong set, the most popular among customers, three packs, 180 tablets, for which we will pay only 79 € at the moment;
  • a comprehensive treatment consisting of six supplement packages, i.e. 360 tablets at a sensationally low price of 118 €.

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