Ways to whiten teeth from the Internet – why they are dangerous

I started smoking somehow in college – first for company at parties, then to kill stress before exams. And that’s how it stayed – for years to come. A pack a day, a day starting with coffee and a cigarette and so on…
Now that I have finally managed to deal with the addiction successfully, I am starting to fight its effects – I can see that my wrinkles are deeper than those of my peers, my skin has an unhealthy color, and this plaque on my teeth…
I think I’ve scoured the whole Internet in search of effective remedies, treatments, supplements… Of course, one way to get white teeth whitened is at the dentist’s – very expensive. At the same time, however, I encountered stories of people who deal with discolourations after smoking with products bought in pharmacies or on the Internet. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t – you know, you just have to find a good quality supplement.
Still, I started by going to the dentist. I have an appointment to get a picture of the tartar. It cost me 50 € and I won’t say, I see the effect. But in fact, this is only the first step towards truly white teeth. If we have a serious problem with discoloration, other actions, not preceded by a photo of the stone, will not give us anything.
What’s next? I started to read in different “home” ways. Maybe something can be improved without expensive bleaching in the office or using preparations?
Internet users describe whitening… with salt! Yes, salt! However, I only read about it on one page, and ten others warned me about it – that you can hurt your gums.
Any other specifics from the kitchen cupboard? Bleached soda – although it has a whitening effect and can be added to toothpaste once in a while, but unfortunately the high concentration of soda also has a negative effect on our enamel. If we exaggerate, we weaken them and make them even more susceptible to discoloration.
Next method: bleaching with lemon juice. Doubtful effect and even worse side effects: damage to enamel and demineralization, which leads to tooth sensitivity.
As you can see, the Internet is a breeding ground for ideas, but also almost unanimously refutes all of them. It turns out you have to look for something in a pharmacy or drugstore? I already have a few types from Internet forums, but maybe you recommend something?

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