Weakened immunity – causes, symptoms and ways to strengthen it

Today there will be no entry about slimming and supportive preparations, but about an equally serious health problem, which is undoubtedly a decrease in immunity. It affects us especially now, during the winter-spring solstice period, characterised by sudden, unpredictable changes in the weather. This is a condition that should not be underestimated in any way, and any disruption to our immune system can lead to the development of many dangerous diseases.

The immune system – the function it performs in the body

The immune system, known simply as the immune system, is one of the most important systems in the body, caring at every moment of life for our safety and maintaining full health and vitality. We can safely risk a statement, that if not for him, we would not survive even a single day in the world and he starts to work practically from the day of our birth. Its main task is to continually protect against all pathogens, toxins, bacteria, viruses, or equally dangerous fungi, which lead to infections, sometimes even life-threatening. Another role that the immune system has to play is to help regenerate damaged cells or even tissues, for which nature has equipped it with many powerful tools that are our true line of defense, such as:

  • internal elements, cells specialised only for this purpose, lymphocytes, i.e. white blood cells of which there are several types, distributed in different parts of the body, including the lymphatic system. They are able to identify the type of infection and react accordingly, producing antibodies, proteins capable of eliminating every intruder once and for all. Equally important are phagocytes, another special cell called żernych, found in our lymph nodes. They start to work when an infection has already occurred, increasing the body temperature and releasing a substance that destroys most of the microorganisms;
  • external elements constituting mechanical protection, mainly skin, nose hair, eyelashes, which effectively stop larger contaminants, preventing them from penetrating the body. Some secretions are also important, especially saliva, tears, urine and gastric juices, which have an acidic reaction and bactericidal properties.

Impaired immunity – causes that may cause it

Although the body in most cases copes with reduced immunity on its own, there are situations when this natural protective barrier is at least weakened. There are many reasons for this, and in addition to the natural causes, the lack of immunity can be caused by existing medical conditions, or even undetected congenital malformations. If this happens to us, we should pay attention to whether it was caused by factors such as..:

  • bad eating habits, improperly chosen diet, lacking the most important nutrients, we consume too much processed food with high fat content, which weakens immune cells. Above all, we must ensure that we have the right amount of vitamins A, B, C and E to eliminate free radicals, increase interferon production and have an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect;
  • reduced mental condition, equally important for health as physical condition, life under constant stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and even depression;
  • lack of physical activity, daily exercise, even just a walk in the fresh air, has a positive effect on the production of white blood cells, while hardening the body and naturally immunizing it for most autumn and winter infections. Physical condition is also weakened in the situation of overheating of the body, and the reason for this is often too high temperature at home;
  • improper dressing, not adapted to the current weather conditions. In autumn, winter and early spring it is best to dress in the so-called “onion”, do not forget to wear a cap, which protects your head, through which you lose the most heat;
  • abuse of alcohol and other stimulants, cigarettes, coffee or strong tea, rinsing out vitamins and minerals from the body and increasing the amount of particularly dangerous free radicals;
  • the use of certain medicines, particularly antibiotics, which not only destroy pathogenic bacteria but also weaken and disturb the natural bacterial flora, an important element of a properly functioning immune system.

Reducing immunity – how to strengthen it in natural ways

Our body immediately responds to all immunocompromised problems, regardless of the cause. We become weakened, we do not have the strength not only to work, but also for many basic everyday activities, catching all possible infections and supporting the immune system can be done using the best natural methods. To avoid illness or at least minimize its effects and alleviate symptoms, you only need to stick to a few rules and can help us:

  • providing the body with large amounts of the aforementioned vitamins, especially C and preferably in a natural form, and most of it can be found in fruits and vegetables, which should become an important part of the diet. It should also include honey, full of nutrients and enzymes that positively stimulate the immune system;
  • use of herbal treatments, and the most often recommended herb is cleansing, a natural remedy for colds, increasing immunity, also having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal effects;
  • eating at least one warm meal a day, preferably a warming, nutritious but at the same time healthy soup with lots of vegetables;
  • an adequate amount of rest, relaxation after a hard day’s work, relieving stress, hot bath with favorite oils, meeting friends and above all sleep, at least 7 – 8 hours a day, helps well;
  • limiting, as far as possible, contact with the sick, of course, combined with personal hygiene and frequent washing of hands to avoid the spread of dangerous germs found in public places;
  • organism supplementation with preparations based on natural, also herbal ingredients.

This should become our habit, so that we can protect not only ourselves, but also the whole family, and winter and the first, still rainy spring days will bring us only joy, and not flu, cold and cold.

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