Where do tooth discolorations come from?

The color of my teeth didn’t always bother me. In fact, it’s been a burning problem since I’ve painted my hair blonde. The warm, straw-coloured colour fits my skin very well (much more than my natural brown) and after this metamorphosis I met many compliments. I knew it was a good decision and I didn’t want to go back to natural hair anymore. But recently, when I started to look at my photos in a new color, I discovered with horror that the shade of my teeth does not differ significantly from the color I have on my head! I panicked and began to wonder if it was a question of the right light, if everyone had noticed it before, but I was the only one who stayed in this terrible unconscious. I’ve got an incredible complex. I laugh noticeably less now, and if I do, I try to cover my mouth. I’ve never even thought about my teeth before. I was lucky not to have to wear any braces like many of my peers because my teeth are straight and even. But how could I not pay attention to their color? I went back to the photos from a few years ago. I had a full, honest, truly “American” smile on every one of them. And, strangely enough, I haven’t seen a yellowish tint. Is it really my new blonde that’s so conquering the colour of my teeth?
I decided to do what every normal person does in the situation of problems and ambiguities in life – I started to browse the Internet! I quickly realized what my problem might be. Unfortunately, I am an admirer of tea and coffee. All kinds of things! I hardly ever part with my favorite cup during the day.

As it turns out – coffee, tea or even red wine (I am not hiding that I also like to drink a light for dinner) – they cause discoloration on teeth. The output colour can change by up to a few shades! It is true that good hygiene prevents this, but looking back, did I really take care of their hygiene in the right way? Sure, I brush my teeth twice a day – sometimes even more often. But does it actually last for at least two minutes? I don’t think so… You won’t find dental floss in my bathroom either… Not to mention mouthwash. Unfortunately, my negligence is visible to the naked eye.

Now the situation has become even more urgent, because finally, after a year of engagement, we finally managed to set the date of the wedding together with the fiancĂ©. Six months from now! That’s a lot of time on one side. On the other hand, will I be able to find the right way or means in this period? Maybe you have something to recommend?

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