Whitify – a practical set for self whitening


Imagine a situation when, having discolored teeth, you lubricate them with a special gel, put on a device with LED diodes and after just a few days you can enjoy a snow-white smile. It seems like a story from a movie or a sci-fi book, but we assure you that it is already possible thanks to a modern set of WhitifyIt consists of a cleansing gel and a light activating cap for its cleansing ingredients. Therefore, you can remove any discoloration of the enamel by yourself, without the need for costly visits to the dentist, and the gel included in the set is also based on natural, completely safe ingredients.

Discolourations on teeth – the most common causes of their formation

Taking proper care of teeth at every stage of life is our duty, both for dairy products, when we are children, and for permanent ones in adulthood. Unfortunately, with this care for hygiene sometimes happens differently, which often results in dangerous consequences of dental diseases, primarily destructive in action caries. Most often, however, we are dealing with unsightly discolourations that cause the glaze to darken and lose its white tint. There can be many reasons for this unfavourable situation, and the reasons for tooth stains can be divided into:

1. external

In this group, containing all the factors influencing the condition of the enamel from the outside, many of them are guilty ourselves, and the most common is this:

  • sediment caused by the colouring of food products, such as berries, blueberries, blackcurrants, and coffee, tea, with the exception of healthier green, red wine or popular carbonated colas;
  • some cosmetic preparations used for everyday care, especially dental rinses containing chlorhexidine, cetylpyridine, sanguinarine or listerine. In recommended doses, they help to effectively clean the mouth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, but if used excessively, they may cause the formation of yellow or brown spots, which are difficult to remove;
  • smoking large amounts of cigarettes, the negative effect of which is accelerated yellowing of teeth.

2. internal

The internal causes of tooth color changes, as the name suggests, have their source inside our body. They should not be underestimated either, as they may indicate developing medical conditions, which may also affect the appearance of teeth. Of course, discoloration can also occur for other internal reasons, such as:

  • natural processes leading to aging of teeth, which change their colour with age;
  • dental diseases causing the nerve to die, resulting in significant darkening of the enamel, sometimes very visible;
  • taking some medicines, especially antibiotics, whose active ingredients, e.g. tetracycline, may cause discoloration of enamel over time, and similar effects may be caused by excess fluoride, which is added to many cosmetics for dental care;
  • improper diet, full of sugar in particular, irreversibly damaging enamel and being a direct cause of caries development, and deprived of mineral components, the most important natural building material of teeth.

Whitify – effective and fast removal of all tooth discolouration

Now that we know why our teeth can change colour, it’s time to restore their lost shine and snow-white shade. We can do it in many ways, such as using Whitify Carbon, toothpaste with active carbon, but the time to wait for the effects of its action will be slightly longer. Nothing stands in the way of going to a dental office where different methods of teeth whitening are used, including the use of LED lamp, which is practically the same as the Whitify set. However, it is necessary to prepare for the significant costs of a visit, reaching, depending on the degree of discoloration, even several hundred zlotys, and on one visit usually does not end.


So it is better to save yourself both the expense and the hassle of frequent visits to the dentist in order to clean your teeth, of course, because check-ups are strongly recommended and you should buy a practical kit. Whitify composed of:

  • a special cleaning gel containing hydrogen peroxide, a substance commonly used in dentistry for teeth whitening, which causes rapid oxidation of dyes settling on their surface. Another active ingredient of the gel is aloe extract which cleans teeth from excess plaque and helps in the treatment of irritations and inflammations in the oral cavity. Two other important substances found in Whitify gel are pomegranate juice, which is another, besides aloe vera, protection against bacteria and menthol, refreshing and perfectly refreshing breath;
  • a flexible overlay on the teeth, which is covered with a portion of gel before use;
  • LED lamp that intensifies its operation;
  • a set of tubes containing the whitening gel described above;
  • a tooth shade template, thanks to which you can adjust the degree of whitening exactly as you want it to be;
  • the exact instructions for use.

Whitify – easy handling, maximum effects

Whitify action is based on the two most important elements, whitening gel and LED lamp, which allows to intensify and accelerate the effects of the active ingredients of the gel. Light obtained from LED diodes is widely used by dentists, and now finally we have the opportunity to take advantage of its unique properties also at home. It acts directly on the tooth enamel, specifically its outer layer and, in combination with the properties of the gel, allows us to obtain results that we have never dreamt of before. Using it is of course completely safe, and the gel itself, based on natural, plant-based ingredients, in most cases does not cause negative side effects, but some people may experience a slight effect of hypersensitivity. In the following composition Whitify We will not find any fluorine, for full effects it should be used for the next 6 days, and the whitening procedure should last 30 minutes. It cannot be used if you have tooth crowns and braces on your teeth, and after the procedure it is recommended to brush your teeth.

Whitify – how to use the kit and what consumers think about its effectiveness


Application Whitify is child’s play and it boils down to performing a few steps recommended by the manufacturer, which will make us enjoy a radiant smile.

In order to be able to effectively whiten teeth and get rid of the entire plaque it is necessary to:

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse your mouth to remove any residual toothpaste.
  2. Connect the supplied cap to the LED lamp and apply a small amount of gel from the supplied syringe, approximately ¼ of its capacity.
  3. Then place it on your teeth, taking care that the gel does not have any contact with your gums.
  4. Hold the overlay in your mouth for half an hour and during this time it does not interfere with other activities.
  5. After 30 minutes, remove the overlay by disconnecting it from the LED lamp, rinse thoroughly and finally brush the teeth.

It is thanks to these two elements, simplicity of use combined with extremely high efficiency, that the Whitify enjoys well-deserved positive feedback. Both the users and the specialists recommending it speak about it in superlatives, praising its speed and effectiveness in removing all, even strong discolorations.

Whitify – price, available sets and ways of order fulfillment


There’s no need to wait any longer and it’s time to start whitening your teeth together with Whitify, which you can order through its manufacturer’s website. The price of the basic set, consisting of the above mentioned ingredients is 39 €, and in addition we can also buy the gel itself, paying for 3 syringes only 14 €. We can pay for the order by credit card, bank transfer, using the PayPal system, or in our country cash courier at the time of delivery. For the privacy and convenience of the recipient Whitify is shipped in a discreet package, and each order is usually shipped within one working day.

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