Whitify Carbon – eliminates discolorations and guarantees perfect whiteness of teeth

There are many attributes of appearance and beauty on the basis of which other people judge us, and one of the most important and at the same time most striking are undoubtedly teeth, which should always dazzle with brilliance and perfect white. Unfortunately, the reality does not usually look the way we would like it to, and our teeth often show unsightly and difficult to remove discolorations, which are not coped with even the toothpaste we use every day. It is therefore necessary to use more effective means such as Whitify Carbona toothpaste that cleans and whitens teeth with the power of active carbon.

Discolourations on teeth – why they appear

Healthy and perfectly white teeth without even the smallest spot is a dream of each of us, which is sometimes extremely difficult to realize. Appearing changes in colouring are mainly related to enamel, the outer layer of each tooth, and their proper diagnosis usually requires a visit to a specialist, a dentist. There can be many reasons for this, both external and internal, caused by the dysfunction of our organism, which causes the destruction of the tooth structure, and it is precisely according to this criterion that we divide them.

External factors causing discoloration:

  • shortcomings in oral hygiene, which we are most often guilty of ourselves, neglecting daily brushing or using the wrong toothpaste and toothbrush, which can damage the enamel. These neglects quickly lead to large quantities of plaque with a characteristic yellow or even brown colour;
  • smoking cigarettes, drinking large amounts of black coffee, fruit juices or popular carbonated drinks, which have strong enamel effects, usually artificial dyes in their composition;
  • introduction to the diet of other ingredients that also contain strong dyes, e.g. fruits, such as berries, raspberries or cherries;
  • poorly performed dental procedures, also leading to damage to the external surface of the teeth, usually those using silver nitrate;
  • frequent consumption of sweets and other products containing large amounts of sugar, the biggest enemy of our teeth, the most common cause of caries, also causing a change in the colour of enamel;
  • taking some medicines or dietary supplements, which include e.g. antiseptic and antimicrobial listerine, but in the long run not recommended, or other preparations containing iron, and similar effects may also be caused by some herbs.

Internal factors causing discoloration:

  • mistakes in nutrition, diet poor in mineral components, which are one of the most important building blocks of enamel, which, deprived of them, quickly undergoes demineralization processes, manifested by unsightly, gray-white stains on teeth;
  • an overdose of fluorine, a popular substance, a commonly used additive in toothpaste, causing an excess of characteristic brown discoloration of the enamel;
  • diseases, especially systemic diseases such as hyperthyroidism or pancreatic diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders;
  • mechanical injuries of teeth, their cracking or crushing, often leading to the death of the nerve, as a result of which the enamel takes on a brown or, in extreme cases, even black shade;
  • strong antibiotic treatment, especially harmful to children, during the period when their teeth are formed;
  • age, because the colour of teeth changes with the passage of time and the older we get, the darker they become.

Active carbon – a substance with a wide range of medical applications

The basic active ingredient Whitify Carbonresponsible for its proven effectiveness, is active carbon, a substance that is increasingly used in cosmetics and medicine. It has been known and used since the time of Hippocrates, who himself gave it to his patients for any food disorders or other stomach problems. Active carbon is extracted from the wood pulp and processed at a temperature of up to 900 degrees and activated by steam or acid. Its action is mainly limited to removing dangerous toxins, frequent causes of poisoning, whose molecules, thanks to the absorption properties of coal, are bound to it and then removed from the body. It also accelerates wound healing thanks to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

In cosmetics it is used, among others, as an essential component of creams and cleansing masks for almost all skin types. It has also proved to be effective in combating dandruff and oily hair. The Whitify Carbon was also not accidental, the manufacturers appreciated its numerous advantages, which allow to reduce the number of discolorations appearing on teeth after just one use of the toothpaste.

whitify carbon

Whitify Carbon – other substances in its safe composition

Active carbon is the most important ingredient of this revolutionary toothpaste, but of course not the only one, because it is supported by a number of other, equally valuable substances, so that the action of Whitify Carbon we can boldly regard it as multifaceted and comprehensive. Here, too, manufacturers have relied on the best, proven ingredients that help not only in teeth whitening, but also in everyday oral hygiene, such as:

  • hydrated silica, which, similarly to coal, is often used in cosmetics, mainly due to its gentle cleaning properties, allowing for gradual removal of plaque from teeth without even the slightest risk of damaging the enamel;
  • Menthol, a substance with a characteristic mint and perfectly refreshing taste, thanks to which we will always enjoy fresh, fragrant breath. The antiseptic properties of menthol allow for thorough disinfection of the oral cavity, while the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties relieve pain and prevent possible inflammatory conditions;
  • extract from Mediterranean pine, plants with exceptionally wide health properties, which is influenced by its unique composition full of essential oils, flavonoids, tannins and mineral salts. Whitify Carbon uses it for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as it eliminates one of the main causes of the change in the color of our teeth, dangerous bacteria developing in the oral cavity;
  • chlorohexidine, another substance with a wide medical application, a popular antiseptic agent dealing with many strains of bacteria, both Gram-negative and Gram-positive, and some varieties of viruses. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to treat inflammatory conditions or other infections such as mucous cavity, gums or throat. Dentistry also values it for effective removal of caries, another cause of tooth discoloration and diseases;
  • xylitol, also known as birch sugar, is a healthier alternative to white sugar. As the name suggests, it is obtained from the bark of birch and although it does not differ in appearance from its white counterpart, it has in contrast to it many health properties, for which it is also appreciated in dentistry. It is an important element of caries prevention, being resistant to bacteria that are unable to convert it into acid that destroys our teeth. It also helps to maintain a full acid-base balance in the oral cavity, preventing the build-up of dental plaque and positively influencing the mineralization of enamel.

Whitify Carbon – action confirmed by experts

whitify carbon

Composition Whitify Carbon It does indeed look impressive, and the next thing you notice immediately is the lack of fluoride, the excess of which, as we have mentioned, can have negative effects and increase the amount of discoloration on the teeth. Such a selection of paste ingredients is not accidental, of course, but it was developed by specialists who conducted detailed research before the product was finally launched on the market. Their hard work has given us an effective solution to this not only aesthetic but also health problem, and using the Whitify Carbon has many benefits, the most important of which are:

  • perfectly white teeth, removing all traces of discoloration, even the slightest trace of discoloration and protecting them against reoccurrence;
  • strong, damage-resistant enamel;
  • Effective protection against caries;
  • Disinfection of the oral cavity, giving not only fresh breath, but also full protection against the development of many dangerous, pathogenic bacteria;
  • 100% safety of use, no side effects;
  • no marks on the clothes, despite the black color of the paste.

All this is also confirmed by satisfied consumers who, although initially surprised by the use of black toothpaste, are now delighted with its comprehensive, versatile action. Many of them could not get rid of plaque for a long time, trying various, often invasive methods, and now thanks to Whitify Carbon they can finally enjoy a healthy, white and dazzling smile.

Whitify Carbon – where to buy it and forget about tooth discoloration forever

So it’s time to get rid of the dubious decoration of your teeth once and for all together with the Whitify Carbon, which you can order straight from its manufacturer. All you have to do is go on his websitewhere we can place an order using a convenient form or a phone number. The paste is available in several packages which differ not only in the number of packages but also in the price and we can choose the following promotional purchase options:

  • Start program, one package for 32 €;
  • White program, 2 packages, for which we will pay 58 €;
  • Whitify program, the most advantageous, allowing you to buy 4 packages at a price of 82 €.

We can also choose the method of payment, dotpay system, card, bank transfer or directly to the courier upon receipt of the parcel, sent to us within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order. It is also possible to send Whitify Carbon abroad, but in this case you will have to pay for it in advance.

whitify carbon

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