Zyban – opinions, action and effects (also side effects) of a strong anti-tobacco drug

I decided to write a few words about a drug called Zyban. It is not as popular as the Desmoxan or other over-the-counter quitting products, but there is much talk about its high effectiveness in combating persistent addiction. I had the pleasure to get to know Zyban not from the autopsy (I quit smoking accompanied by another agent), but from the stories of a friend who unfortunately suffered many negative side effects after using it. Before you get to that medicine, you should know some important information about it.

Zyban – operation and composition

Zyban are prescription prolonged release tablets. The active substance of the preparation is a chemical compound affecting the central nervous system called bupropion. It is used in the treatment of nicotine addiction and has an antidepressant effect. It belongs to the group of noradrenaline and dopamine reuptake inhibitors and is also a nicotine receptor antagonist. The Zyban action consists in blocking nicotine hunger and alleviating the symptoms of abstinence syndrome, which appears after smoking cessation or reduction of the amount of smoked cigarettes.


Zyban – opinions

Opinions about the effectiveness of individual preparations in quitting smoking are almost always divided. The same goes for the Zyban. Negative opinions are intertwined with positive and moderate ones. Some people who use this medicine have permanently stopped smoking and consider it to be recommended.

Many smokers consider the Zyban to be average, because they have only managed to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke, but not to quit eventually. There is also a large percentage of people who definitely do not recommend Zyban – some of them have returned to addiction after the treatment, others have stopped using the drug during the therapy because of negative side effects, which I will talk about in a moment.

Zyban – side effects

The first person to tell me how bad she felt after Zyban was a good friend of mine from work. However, after browsing the Internet, I noticed that it is not the only one that has encountered unpleasant side effects of this drug, such as frequent headaches and dizziness, dyspnea, sleep problems. A colleague also mentioned very unpleasant ailments from the digestive system – nausea, vomiting and total lack of appetite. Not wanting to continue to be condemned to ill-health and discomfort, she abandoned the Zyban treatment.

Apart from the mentioned above, other possible side effects of Zyban include: abdominal pain, constipation, body weakness, chest pain, increased body temperature, itching and rashes, anxiety, anxiety, nervousness, agitation.


Zyban – price

Prices of drugs and supplements to help you quit smoking can vary greatly, but Zyban is one of the most expensive. A package containing 30 tablets costs about 200 PLN, and a package of 60 pieces costs about 350 PLN. The dosage of the drug in the first days of treatment is one tablet per day, on the following days you usually take two tablets per day. Zyban is usually used for about 2 months.

Zyban – is it worth reaching for it?

In conclusion, the Zyban quit smoking tablet is a powerful drug that can be an effective weapon against nicotine, but its use is associated with the possibility of many negative side effects. It can have a bad influence on the psyche as well as give a number of typically physical adverse effects.

It is therefore up to us to decide whether we will spend a large amount of money on a drug that we may soon stop taking (due to side effects) and that does not really give us 100% certainty that we will not return to smoking after the therapy.

Nicotine Free

You don’t have to take strong drugs with a whole list of side effects to quit smoking. All you need is a bit of strong will and a good quality nicotine supportive agent, which is based on natural substances. I, for my part, can recommend Nicotine Free – I used it and I don’t smoke yet. The preparation carries no risk of any side effects. You will not feel bad about it, nor will you spend 48 € for 30 pills on it, as with Zyban.

Nicotine Free costs 24 € for 60 capsules when buying 1 pack, but only 20 € for 60 tablets when buying 2 packs at once. The price is even lower in the 3+1 pack free of charge.

The Nicotine Free is distinguished by its good quality and multi-track performance. At the same time, the preparation blocks nicotine receptors, detoxifies, supports nicotine displacement from the body, stimulates metabolism and prevents weight gain after quitting smoking.


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